Kate Beckinsale's breasts have problem

There was a problem with Kate Beckinsale's breasts. Although already done a boob job, Beckinsale was less satisfied with his performance today. Yes, about the breasts as well.

"I always had doubts about the appearance. Most women have a problem and I'm one of them, "he said as quoted Beckinsale Showbiz Spy.

Beckinsale expressed doubts about this appearance by saying that he had an awkward moment came the rumors that said, breast surgery done to achieve the high pay in the new film.

"Suddenly everybody discuss breasts, not the brain. I felt at some point people like that just to get me, "complained Beckinsale.

Beckinsale was felt had performed perfectly after breast surgery. However, when all people discuss and exaggerate it, he felt less comfortable

"I began to wonder why everyone is so concerned with things that are not problems at all,"

Angelina Jolie do not hesitate to spend money

The celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do not hesitate to spend money as much as U.S. $ 100 thousand for Christmas presents this year. Who received a Christmas present this is not a family or close friends they were but the children orphaned in the Florida and Illinois.

Money of U.S. $ 100 thousand was handed over Brad and Angelina at the American Foundation SOS Children's Villages, and this money will be used to fund the adoption Justify Fullprogram of children in Florida and Illinois. Not too surprising because so far the couple had also adopted several children from different countries.

"We ourselves have witnessed how the SOS work in raising children orphaned, abandoned children and allow them to feel the warmth of the family," said Angelina Jolie was quoted as saying by Splash News. Brad and Angelina alone until now has three adopted children, Maddox from Cambodia, Pax from Vietnam, and Zahara from Ethiopia. Later even if Angelina had preached mean increasing the number of foster children even though the idea was not approved by him.

Eva Longoria with parfum

not enough just to take part in the world of acting, Eva Longoria plans to spread wings in the business world. He chose to crawl the perfume industry with the product given the same name is Eva, who will be thrown into the market next year.

34 years old actress, actress Gabriella in the famous series Desperate Housewives will be launching her perfume collection in April 2010. While the composition of the perfume is present in citrus, neroli, bergamot tea, and aldehydes.

"I never knew how complex produces a unique scent creations, which never existed before," says Eva told WWD that was launched back Splash News.

"But, I enjoy the process. (I want) to create your own perfume scent, shiny, fresh, and unique. I think the scent of a woman was synonymous with sexiness, and I am sure that this perfume could prove it," said the wife of basketball star Tony Parker is.

Successfully Alicia Keys career in the field of music

Can not be denied, at the age of 28 years had just been successfully Alicia Keys at the height of his career in the field of music. But even many who think Alicia has come to the peak of his career, this singer still has not wanted to foster households because there are many who think he should accomplish in the music world.

"Obviously I want to build the home. Being a mother is certainly the most beautiful moment in life. But I felt if I had not reached the peak. There are many that I can achieve. I still want to grow and express myself creatively," says Alicia Keys was quoted as saying from Splash News.

Until now, Alicia Keys has produced recorded four studio albums and one live album. The fourth album was always produces platinum debut album, and even able to reach six platinum in the United States. In 2005, this singer also managed to steal five Grammy trophies for categories including Song of the Year.

In the world of acting, Alicia also played in three feature films and television series 9 movies. The last singer of New York-born beauty was reportedly were having an affair with a named producer Swizz Beatz.

Emma Watson

Although only 19 years old and only the last ten years to his movies, but Emma Watson is listed as an actress with the largest income in the last ten years. All that could not be separated from the popularity of the Harry Potter series that catapulted her name.

Emma Watson first went into the film through the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the year 2001. At that age she had just ten years. Since then, the character of Hermione so inherent Emma and irreplaceable role to Harry Potter entering the seventh.

It is said, according to Splash News, any movie starring Emma average produces about 554 million Pounds Sterling. This fact raised the name of Emma Watson to level with the actresses on the Hollywood board as Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts.

Reportedly, since the first played the film to this point, Emma Watson has collected no fewer than 10 million just from her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. Just below the name of Emma Watson, actress Keira Knightley after the popular through films Pirates of the Caribbean.

Victoria Beckham Shopping Christmas Gifts

Victoria Beckhammendapatkan police escort to help her during the Christmas shopping in London. 35-year-old star is asking for help aid the police when she visited the store Marks & Spencer in St Pancras Station, London.

A crowd of people watching over the singer who became a designer of this profession as she shopped in the store. And Victoria seem to be bothered.

A police source quoted by Splash News says, "Victoria was a walk in the store when he approached one of the police. They were talking and he asked the police to accompany him to M & S."

A spokesman from the police saying that this star did not ask for the escort, but police escort due to decide at the number of paparazzi that follow.

Keira Knightley Pose Bugil

It's pretty ktris to didaulat nan artistic posing naked in the edition of Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood. With them, Tom Ford joined in the cover of the magazine because he was only as a guest art director for this edition. Initially, the offer falls pose naked on the actress 29-year-old beauty, Rachel McAdams. But the actress who played in the Red Eye's resignation.

"She really wanted to do, and when he was in the picture settings, he suddenly felt uncomfortable do that. Of course I also do not want to make people feel uncomfortable," explained Ford.
Another case with Knighley and Johansson, 2 young actress seems to be comfortable-comfortable posing nude.

If it does not appear in a newspaper story published in English, may be no one will know if Keira Knightley recently posed naked for a painter named Mitch Griffiths. Not yet clear whether this Keira naked painting will be auctioned or will be privately owned.

"An honor to be painted by Mitch. He is a highly respected painter and now he is making a lot of work to be exhibited next year," said a source as reported by Splash News.

According to the same source, Mitch liked Keira would pose naked for painting models. "He liked Keira agreed to be his model," said the same source. According to Splash News, this painting will be exhibited at the Halcyon Gallery, London, although so far there is no clarity whether Keira painting will be sold to the public. To be sure, now Keira is still busy with the play schedule in the West End.

Britney Spears looks birthday to-28 with Jason Trawick

As if to prove that there is no quarrel between them as the media reported some time ago, Britney Spears looks birthday to-28 with Jason Trawick, her lover. Both were seen together at a place on the western side of Hollywood.

"She (Britney) looks happy. He also looked very excited to spend the morning with Jason," said a source as reported by Splash News. Not only myself, they were also brought his two sons Britney moment. "Britney looked happy to be with Preston and Jayden. The children knew his mother's birthday. They also seemed happy to see Britney's birthday cake," continued the same source.

Previously, Britney and Jason dirumorkan fight because Britney wanted to get married while Jason seems not yet ready to build the home. It is said that after the incident upset Britney and Jason, who then drove back to America and did not resume her tour with Britney finish in Australia. Britney refute recent news by releasing a statement through his spokesman

Beyonce Knowles

in the midst of busy life, Beyonce Knowles appears to plan to take time for yourself. Beyonce wants to enjoy himself, went to Egypt without a bodyguard.

In an interview on a music website quoted Splash News, the star says, "I promised myself when it's time to smell the roses. I'm going to break - hopefully - a few months. I will not make any plans. I will join the class art, I will visit the museum and I'll watch a Broadway show. "

Beyonce (28) will complete the event in February manggungnya. "I will make a visit to a place - probably Egypt - without anyone, without security, and focus on the things that always wanted to do."

Beyonce also revealed about the career sacrifices. "I give life. Can walk freely in the streets and making mistakes and not make a record forever. Having a relationship and a common date. It is normal, things that normal people never even think about. Sometimes it's hard. I have not had a long time other than a few months of my life, ever since I was 15 years. But I grew up with valuable ideas all require sacrifice. And when everything is too easy for me I got scared, "he added.

Actress Jenny Cortez

Incessantly homeland entertainment world was shocked by the circulation of hot pictures of celebrities. This time, hot pictures of model / actress Jenny Cortez, one circulating in Indonesia hot site. Unmitigated, ten images of hot and open-openings of Jenny appearing in it.

Jenny started their work in the field of the model. His name was lifted as the third person rumored to be a relationship breakdown between the couple and Kalina Corbuzier Deddy.

He also played in several soap operas. Finally, gait can also be enjoyed acting in the film PENGANTIN Waterfall where Jenny played with Mirasih Tyas Endah and Tamara Bleszynski.

In the film Rizal Mantovani's work does look a little vulgar enough scene like a bikini. I do not know whether the pictures Jenny is part of the film or other photocall.

Unfortunately, until now Jenny Cortez could not be contacted to provide confirmation of the vulgar pictures of himself.

When validated, the pictures are vulgar Jenny's original photo except for one that looks at the photo-retouch.

Penelope Cruz

Although repeatedly urged Penelope Cruz, but still will not comment on rumors of an engagement between him and Javier Bardem. The reason only one, this Spanish actress did not want to talk about personal.

"I do not feel comfortable discussing personal issues in public," he said with a laugh when David Letterman hold up Penelope directly with questions about this engagement. But David does not seem to give up and try to probe further about the relationship with Javier Penelope's two-year-old. Unfortunately once again Penelope would not answer.

"There's one thing I do not like. I do not like talking about personal problems. This problem is sacred for me. This is my life but I do not want to talk about this because I am allergic to things like that," said Penelope, as quoted by Splash News .

David Letterman finally gave up and did not continue the 'interrogation'. Rumor engagement with Javier Bardem Penelope was started when someone saw Penelope wore a studded ring sapphire and diamond on her finger in October

Nadine Chandrawinata

Although as Puteri Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata admitted not as a perfect woman, though in terms of physical beauty. However, he did not want to cover the gap, and instead tried to Yemen to live.

"I feel too many flaws in me, but I do not want to cover, trying to comfort it with what I have," he explained when found after the grand opening held salonnya business, Gluck Salon in Hampton's Park Apartment, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Wednesday ( 11/11).

For Nadine, all women have the right and can show the beauty of each, whether they are inner or outer side. One key is to live a healthy life.

"I'm sure that every woman can look beautiful, so how we can get our side of the beauty of each, one with a healthy life," he said.

Nadine also shared tips on beauty, both outer beauty would even beauty in themselves. Women born Hannover, Germany, May 8, 1984 that invites every woman to think positive every face problems.

"I have to believe the beauty I, which must not be too stressful. I always think positive wrote to beauty from within. If the beauty outside, I usually luluran. Do not be too expensive, can own at home. A week or twice, but if for hair care can be every day, always on call, "said Nadine who claim no special budget to determine the body's maintenance

Jane Fonda Younger Sex Blessing

Impressions of age did not appear clearly in the face of Jane Fonda, who is now 71 years old. This veteran star admitted that a good sex life, which makes his appearance remains youthful.

As quoted by Splash News, Fonda admitted a charming appearance formed from several factors, one of which is sex. "I owe 30% of the genes, 30% on great sex, 30% on sports and healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, and for the remaining 10% - I have to thank my beauty surgeons," says this veteran star.

"I'm 71 years old and physically uncomfortable because I felt sick. But I'm more happy, sex feels better and I understand life better. I do not want to be young again," he added.

Fonda won fame after playing a role in the 1986 film Barbarella. Although he is still hot for love affairs, but not just the love he's after, the actress also wanted to conquer the Himalayan mountains, which would plan next year didakinya

Paul McCartney

One of the frontman of legendary British group, The Beatles, Paul McCartney said that if the Beatles were not too good at the beginning of their appearance.

Owner's full name, James Paul McCartney was not too surprised when record signing their first contract takes time. Not only that, even then the required Beatles honed their vocal in the early 60's so they can attract more fans.

"We are obviously not very good (at the beginning of his career). But we create a formula, in order to look good. You would not think if it could eventually become so large. If you're a record label owner, you also will deny us that time, such as Decca, who refused to us, too, "said Paul in an interview with British radio, as quoted from Splash News.

Decca, a record label that rejected The Beatles, producer George Martin before signing the Beatles to EMI's Parlophone label.

Information about Artist Leona Lewis

Artist Leona Lewis Not necessarily a fan attacked a deterrent Leona Lewis. British singer was still feeling positive about what had happened.

Bleeding Love chanter was attacked by fans who made him bleed a while ago. Talk about the incident, event dropout THE X FACTOR is said that the incident was merely a side effect of success.

"I could have had worse things. I'm still alive. It's just things to handle in line with fame - and positive thoughts drive out negative things. I do not like to crouch in the negative. I am a positive person," says the singer .

Demi Moore

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have a secret about their happy household, which live for the moment and not thinking about the future.

46-year-old actress and her husband, a 31-year-old is now believed that the success of their marriage because it was happy with the time they spent together. They just live today.

When asked what the secret of happiness in a relationship, Demi answered, "I thought it was a big question for now. I like to see where I am right now."

Artis Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich signed a contract to support the new movie titled THE FACE IN Crowd. Psychological thriller genre films will be directed Julien Magnat.

According to Movieweb quoted by Variety, the film is about a woman who survived the attack serial killings. He woke up in hospital with wounds that made him unable to recognize faces.

This screenplay will be written Magnat. And the production process is scheduled to start in March next year.

Rihanna Open ....??

Rihanna seems to know exactly that something that smells will surely sell sensual. That's evident from the picture itself is plastered on the cover of the single has just been released. Single titled Russian Roulette is part of the album RATED R was due to be released in late November.

In a single envelope that 'surprise' was seen Rihanna wearing only a corset with a matching color of his skin as her chest was left open and only closed by the loops 'barbed wire' that seemed made of plastic. As a complement, Rihanna also wore blindfolds pirate style but with a hole in the middle.

Single Russian Roulette Rihanna is starting exhibited on his personal website last Tuesday to coincide with the launch day of this first single. Russian Roulette itself, according to ContactMusic, is the work of Ne-Yo. Until now there has been no leak of any song that will be on display in this Rihanna fourth album. Clear Def Jam plans to distribute the album on November 23 next

Sandra Bullock claim

Sandra Bullock claims raised in two cultures is not a pleasant experience because he frequently been confused by the culture of the mother and father are different. But despite the confusion, Sandra also got a lot of benefits that could not have gotten if both parents come from the same culture.

45-year-old actress was indeed born of American fathers and mothers who came from Germany. Innate cultural Sandra's parents is that sometimes made these actresses feel confused. "I feel annoyed and even sometimes felt schizophrenia. But at the same time I also got to grow profits in a different culture" says Sandra Bullock is quoted from ContactMusic.

Of cultural differences is also Sandra could see things from different sides. I can see the politics, war and the importance of friendship from the amazing view. I learned to deal with differences of opinion with a lighter way, "continued Sandra later.

Britney Spears flew to Mexico

- Rest of the full work schedule, Britney Spears flew to Mexico with his family and girlfriend for the weekend.

As quoted from, Celebrity-gossip.net singer is seen wearing a sexy black bikini on Sunday (18/10) accompanied by her boyfriend, Jason Trawick during a walk on the beach. The second child with Spears was also seen his grandparents.

Spears made a vacation to Mexico after completing his latest video shoot in Los Angeles 3. Single entitled to be present 3 top hits.

About this new video, on his Twitter, Brit writes to fans: "I'm so glad you all like it because I'm doing this all for you. I can not wait until you see the video!"

Sensational Amy Winehouse

Sensational news again came from Amy Winehouse, who is said to now have found a new idol of the heart after parting with Blake Fielder Civil. Chanter hits Rehab was reportedly were making love with a monk, the son of former world champion boxer, George Foreman.

The news emerged, because Amy was in a clinic in London, seen together with George III, son of George Foreman.

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"The name of the man that George Foreman, he also boxed as his father's former world boxing champion. Amy liked him so much because of his athletic body and keep fit," he said one witness who admitted to The Sun.

Meanwhile, Amy's presence in London was really enough to make the news hunters are interested in following him. The reason, singers full name is Amy Jade Winehouse is known to change the size of her breasts in a leading London clinic.

Madonna Expresions

Madonna's expression of concern over 'oppression' that occurs in the gypsy who is known by the name of Rome at the time he held a concert in Bucharest yesterday was not just mere talk. The proof of this pop diva favorite pair of shoes donated to be auctioned and used for the education of Roma.

"Madonna comments on the equality of treatment as citizens shine on the European continent against the gypsy. We were very touched to accept donations Madonna because she is a icon of innovation and high spirit," said Leslie Hawke, Ovidiu Rom president of the ContactMusic quoted as saying.

A pair of gold stilettos made by Christian Dior is owned by Madonna, donated to the Ovidiu Rom, an organization that supports the education of children of Rome. The plan of this high-heeled shoes will be auctioned off in a regular event held Ovidiu Rom and full results will be used for the educational interests of the children of Rome.

Porn star Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi Finally Cancel to Indonesia

Weep, O fan of porn star Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi. Because the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Menbudpar), would prohibit the arrival of the stars 'blue movie' is entered Indonesia. Even Menbudpar would be quickly summoned the producer and film director abducted Miyabi to cancel the arrival of the star from Japan.

It is said by Menbudpar Ad-Interim, Mohammad Nuh who has held talks with various parties, Tuesday (13/10).

"We have been asked to cancel the presence of Miyabi, and the Maxima Pictures, which plans to bring the movie star from Japan was already sure to cancel it," said Mohammad Nuh Menbudpar received, Tuesday (13/10) night.

Above description, Miyabi almost certainly will not set foot in Jakarta. So, how did the film's producers?

"Oh, so yes, I just know it. Who's talking about? I frankly do not know about the cancellation. But we'll try to set the schedule back if it happens cancellations," said Ody Mulya KapanLagi.com when contacted via telephone, Tuesday (13 / 10) night.

Ody said that if all this is done because many people who do not want to come to the Indonesian Miyabi.

"This is all a question not just his arrival he wrote. It's not a feared figure because pornonya star image," said Ody

Katie Holmes promised to have sex wherever with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes reportedly vowed to help her husband, Tom Cruise, to lose weight. Uniquely, Katie suggested a pleasant enough way.

The former Dawson's Creek star 30-year-old suggested a diet of sex to the husband. The reason, she tired of the complaints that Tom kept getting fat.

"Tom complained about the difficulty to lose weight, so Katie's vowed to help Tom," said a source at the American magazine, OK!, As quoted by ShowbizSpy.

"Katie read if we are going to burn 600 calories just by having sex three to four times a week. So he said to Tom to think about how many calories you will burn if they have sex session that they put in their daily schedules," he added.

And Tom is said to feel part of it is the best part of a diet plan that is owned Katie. He also promised to have sex wherever they can just for the sake of ensuring the diet.

Elizabeth Taylor

Tuesday last, the legendary film star Elizabeth Taylor reported that he will soon undergo heart surgery to repair a leak in his heart valve. Via Twitter he asked his fans and friends to come pray for this operation run smoothly.

"I hope you all pray for me. I'll be in touch if this operation is over," said the actress who is now 77 years old. Reportedly, the actress is suffering from a leak in the valve and will undergo heart surgery procedures are relatively new. So far there has been no information about the operating schedule which will be lived a good friend of the late Michael Jackson is.

Several close friends Elizabeth looked provide moral support by replying via Twitter as well. Kelly Osbourne, for example, revealed that he and his mother wished her success through the operation well and pray for her recovery.

People also mentioned that the comedian Sandra Bernhard also provide the same support by writing, "You have been through a lot tougher challenges than this. Our prayer is always with you all."

Salma Hayek go Acting

After about two years away from the big screen, Salma Hayek finally re-emerged to support the film THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT. Although the role that he can sort this small role, but Salma does not seem to argue because he felt needed time to adapt again to the world of acting.

"This role is very important to me because my acting was not long enough. Actually, I had accepted the offer immediately after birth and that Valentina is the first time I declined the offer to play in the film. I was not ready," says this beautiful actress is quoted by Access Hollywood .

In a way, playing in the movie THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT This is a great blessing for Salma Hayek. In addition to the role that he had not too heavy, he was also allowed to bring children and their families to the set. During filming, reportedly, her husband and three children being there so Salma Salma did not need to be too worried about the baby's care.

Julia Roberts go toTaj Mahal India

Although the name Taj Mahal is probably not a familiar name for the palace, located in India and is often referred to as one of the seven wonders of the world but the experience of visiting the palace Julia Roberts is still making this actress in awe. Fortunate to have the opportunity to play Julia in the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE that led to this amazing palace.

"Julia had marveled at the Taj Mahal. He watched the building with amazement as tour guide explaining complex patterns and designs of the marble surface used this building," said a source quoted from FemaleFirst.

Julia Roberts is currently in India to shoot her new film, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Earlier he had also visited the local religious leaders to ask for permission before you start shooting. Lucky again, she did not have to stay in hotels or on location because the actor Saif Ali Khan who is also a good friend of actress Julia was invited to stay at one of the 'palace' during his stay in India

Artist Katy Perry pretty

Artist Katy Perry pretty rumors about his love relationship with comedy actor, Russell Brand, after the action embraced in London, Friday (02/10).

As quoted by ContactMusic, the couple had flown to Thailand alone, spending his vacation time.

They did not seem to cover the relationship established between the two. Even last Friday, Brand could be seen walking in the Katy area residents, in Hampstead, North London.

Wenn photographer had captured the incident, in which Brand's hand affectionately hugged the small body of Katy in a coffee shop near the town of Hampstead Heath park.

"They looked happy, they wear glasses, but no sign of them hide from the camera, they just relaxed," the photographer said.

Also reported that Brand had touched and gently hugged Katy, and Katy attention throughout their journey.

Britney Spears does not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to buy candy

To pamper their two children, Britney Spears does not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to buy candy for his two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Although money is no object, buy the candy is still much to be something quite surprising.

"He spent about U.S. $ 3 thousand and left the store with ten bags. She bought lots of candy and t-shirts for his two children and a lot of lollipops for backup dancers," said a source quoted from ContactMusic. This happened when Britney and her sons visited the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas last weekend.

They say it's not just Britney purchased because shortly after Britney left, the store clerk wrapped and sent sweets worth U.S. $ 2500 to Britney's room at the Mirage hotel.

Perhaps the candy shop is once again to celebrate the success of Britney's tour in the United States that ended last week. It is said that the closing concert was also attended by Barry Manilow and Lance Bass.

Cheryl Cole claimed that Lady GaGa is a role model in a matter of style

Themselves often become the style icon but Cheryl Cole claimed that Lady GaGa is a role model in a matter of style. Him, Lady GaGa is an unconventional artist, and he confessed to the fashion-obsessed singer who often provoked controversy.

"If I may be honest, I never actually had a style icon before but this time Lady GaGa is my role model. I think people do not see Lady GaGa as a style icon or an artist but I am slightly obsessed with her appearance. He really really original, "said personnel are Girls Aloud.

About his appearance that is often praised, especially for a slim body, Cheryl Cole admitted in fact not so maintain her figure. "Actually I do not have time to exercise, but I more often dancing," he added later. As for food, it was her mother who is more often concerned about this one. "My mother always gives a multivitamin.

Jessica Alba

Because his son wanted to be able to use two languages, Jessica Alba had begun to teach their children in English and Spanish and even since her daughter was still small. Looks like Jessica did not want her Mexican blood was passed on to the princess.

"I am a mother who stuffed a lot of information on my kids, sorry for him. I sing a song for him about the colors in Spanish and English when I was cooking. In fact, I sort of put the elements of education in all activities," said Jessica Alba is quoted from ContactMusic.

Not only that, the wife of Cash Warren was also planning to bring her daughter's new 15-month-old was to Africa to get to know the culture there. "Actually I am very enthusiastic about the trip to Africa for the first time with my daughter and introduced a culture completely different and take him to learn from the experience of life," said Jessica later.

Julia Roberts

Do not want to cause controversy, Julia Roberts decided to go to a Hindu priest before he began filming his latest movie, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Fortunately, the Hindu priests responded quite well and even gives a lot of advice for Julia who was also interested in studying the Hindu religion.

Film EAT, PRAY, LOVE this story about the life of a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert who felt depressed since her divorce from her husband and decided to visit three nations, Italy, India and Indonesia to enjoy life. Elizabeth went to Rome for dinner, to India to pray and to Bali to find love.

Fear of things are sensitive religious issues, she then visited Swami Dharam Dev, a high priest in there to ask for blessing. "When she came to ask for blessings, Swami asked Julia to become a sadhvi (woman saint) in real life when he felt the turmoil in his life," said Rajan Zed, one of this film as advisers ContactMusic reported.

Tyra Banks to Porn?

Nudity seemed perceived as a separate comfort for the former catwalk star, Tyra Banks. This sexy star confessed often seek privacy in his own house to get naked.

Banks was determined to maintain the clothing while he was in front of the camera, but he likes his own nakedness while at home.

As quoted by Contactmusic, this announcer says, "I always felt great when I'm not dressed. I always felt comfortable that way."

"Sometimes for certain clothing, when I took it off and did not match fit my desire, that's the point where I choose self-conscious," he added

Christina Aguilera Living with a violent father

Violence does not always produce a child into a wild child or evil. The proof, Christina Aguilera. He admitted if living with a violent father even helped him become a successful singer.

Beautiful chanter is a victim of violence themselves as parents and teenagers have a subscription for him to see his father, Fausto, hurt her mother, Shelly.

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Do not want to lose direction, Christina had 'run away' to the music track in order to treat a sense of trauma. He was so tough that can make life bitter story was the inspiration to reach his dream.

"I witnessed so many things that are not fun. A lot of violence and strife, and a painful thing," said Christina Contactmusic quoted.

"I grew up in an insecure feeling. Do not have the strength was the worst feeling in the world. I was turned into a singer. The pain was in the house I was brought to my music and be an inspiration," he added.

Christina's own mother penah revealed that he had seen Christina, who was 4 years old, his father beaten until bloody. He left her abusive husband's.

In the epic documentary, Shelly said, "I see my daughter and say, 'Oh my God, what is this?" Christina told me, 'Dad pengen nap and I was too noisy.' "

Several years ago, Fausto apologize to Christina. Unfortunately the heart of the diva has been closed. Christina had refused to contact her father again. "I had wanted him with me for a moment, but then I realized he was not important in my life," added Christina.

Queen Latifah the rapper amateur girls

Concerned with the least amount of girl rapper, Queen Latifah makes an audition for the rapper amateur girls to accompany the tour later. If there are interested, they live recording their best results with a duration of about one minute and upload the results to a personal website Queen Latifah, of course, after first registering.

"Throughout my career, I've never had a career dominated by men like this. It's not fair if I did not try to help the prospective new entrants this girl rapper. It was weird if there were no more female voices in hip-hop music," says rapper who had a real name is Dana Elaine Owens.

Can not blame also because once there's enough time rapper, but finally drowned girl shifted by the rapper guy today. "There used Lyte, Salt-N-Pepa, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Eve, and it seems now there's only one person," he said as quoted from ContactMusic.

So far, Queen Latifah has had 25 scheduled in 25 different cities and he wants in the end he will be forming a rap group there was a girl, or at least one successful rapper girl in the world to his rap career.

Artis Wanda Hamidah

The arrival of Maria Ozawa or Miyabi known to Indonesia to kidnap miyabi filming on the upcoming October began seriously the various parties. One of them came from a beautiful model who is now struggling in the political, Wanda Hamida. According to Justice Raoul Cyril's wife or Chiko should not have to accommodate Miyabi obviously porn star in his native country. He also regretted the attitude that the media exaggerate the arrival of women's bloody three countries.

"Not without reason I rejected it. Because it's no secret the country is Indonesia's largest Muslim country in the world. How could the country's film starring porn star? So which our morality as a nation? Indirectly carried portraits and tarnished the country even though he not play pornographic films,

Found in one of the foundations in the region of South Cipete, southern Jakarta, Wanda said the community should give a moral sanction if Miyabi still live filming for the comedy-themed films.

"Even if he was filming, I have put just sanction of morality. Do not watch the movie," he emphasized

Kate Moss is said to be acting up again nosy.

From the latest news as quoted by ShowbizSpy, she plans to spoil the birthday celebrations of the Simon Cowell-50 with the singing there.

British supermodel who has been close friends with the AMERICAN IDOL judges for several years it seems intended to give a surprise appearance for a party will be held at the upcoming October 7.

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However, 35-year-old model was not too confident with his ability to sing.

"So he had a choice to sing in the style section when Marilyn Monroe sang" Happy Birthday or a song that can really sing is Not Fair's Lily Allen, "said a source.

Simon himself has invited 400 friends to enliven celebrity birthday will be held in Hertfordshire's Wrotham Park.

Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, Kevin Spacey, Denise Richards, Kylie Minogue, and many other artists will be invited to the event.

And she had to make sure he could carry the song well in the evening. Moreover, she'll perform with several top singers such as Leona Lewis.

That's what Lily Allen felt

Happy but also scared. That's what Lily Allen felt when he was asked to be the main actor in a stage drama called Reasons To Be Pretty to be staged at the West End. To make sure he does not look embarrassing, Allen was prepared to learn acting from teaching at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

"I've finished my schedule in March and I am ready to do something different," the singer commented about his involvement with the drama production this stage in the UK. Fortunately, the theme of this drama raised not too far from the life of Lily Allen and he was not too difficult to explore the role he played.

"Drama is talking about something that I understand, about the dangers in an effort to look pretty common among girls. They want me to be the main actor and it was fun but also pretty scary," said Allen, as quoted from ContactMusic.

Fearing that Lily Allen also ask for an acting teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to prepare for this new challenge

Angelina Jolie camp in Dadaab, Kenya border

Angelina Jolie made tears while visiting a refugee camp in Africa, on Saturday (12 / 9). Famous actress who served as UN ambassador to spend a day in the refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya border. His visit aims to see 285,000 people who suffer from hunger Somalia.

The camp has only 90,000 homes built to prevent terror from their own country and fled to Kenya.

Jolie is hoping to bring public attention to the problems faced by Somalia. He met with several families in the camp.

As quoted by Contactmusic, the actress says, "If this is a better solution, then why be in Somalia? The toilet began to overflow. There is not enough space for waste disposal so people living in the garbage. What's amazing is the more people who came to the camp, Somalia families continue to receive a sincere little things they have, even if it means having one of the eight water they need so their children do not suffer from dehydration. "

"The families I met Somalia today is filled with warmth and affection. I wish more people could see them because eventually they will have a strong hope to get help," explained Brad Pitt's partner.

Heidi Klum Google Images

Heidi Klum Google ImagesThis German supermodel was photographed with no clothes back by the photographer Rankin for a book titled HEIDILICIOUS. This is not the first time Heidi Klum worked with Rankin and comments for the photographer is only one. "He was always able to make my clothes off."

"It's very naughty," he commented when interviewed briefly LA Confidential. This HEIDILICIOUS reportedly will be released in October next month but so far not clear how the image will Heidi contained in this unique book.

Problem work with Rankin, Heidi says that they've worked together long enough and therefore claimed Heidi comfortable working with this photographer. "I've worked with Rankin for seven years and I think working together is very exciting photographers because he can always make me look different," Heidi said as quoted by OMG

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston for communication is the key to strong relationships. And he said 'reluctance' to be the cause of the failure of romance.

40-year-old actress was divorced by her husband Brad Pitt, he also failed in a relationship with several men, like Vince Vaughn, model Paul Sculfor and singer John Mayer.

As quoted by Contactmusic, the actress says, "Why romance can leave the relationship? I guess because of laziness. Really I think so. I think a good relationship is about collaboration. It's how through a relationship."

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar this, Jen also revealed that he believes the key to strong relationships, and also believed most of the problems faced by the couple, is revealed about what you do not make happy.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock may indeed be a subscription-film role in romantic comedy. But this beautiful actress has advice for young girls not to look for Prince Charming in the real world.

As quoted from Parade.com OMG, Bullock says, "I love a good romantic comedy, but there are many more in life than just looking for the right guy."

Talk about a romantic comedy starring, this actress played some time ago in THE PROPOSAL with Ryan Reynolds, who had earned U.S. $ 33.6 million in its opening week in June. And now he's paired with Bradley Cooper in the movie ALL ABOUT STEVE which began airing in the U.S. on Friday (4 / 9)

Rihanna was close to a man named Travis London

Although the news is still loved Chris Brown start to appear again to the surface, but Rihanna has reportedly been a new trailer.

Latest news mentioning if Rihanna was close to a man named Travis London. Printer hit Umbrella was reportedly spent a romantic evening with London at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica last week.

London itself had previously dated Mary-Kate Olsen.

Meanwhile, the mother Chris Brown, Rihanna's former lover, claiming missed since the tiny singer Rihanna and her son no longer together.

"I love him," said Joyce Hawkins. "He's like my own daughter. He's like our family. Rihanna celebrate Christmas with us two years yesterday."

Katherine Heigl could finally reach

Katherine Heigl could finally reach his wish again. Not about the job, but his ambition to fight the bad habit of smoking. The struggle was not in vain, as a result he was able to relate to nicotine for a month.

Knocked Up star 30-year-old is desperate to avoid a sense of his addiction to tobacco for months, after he realized that if the cigarettes had been 'robbed' of his life. Not long ago she said, "I started smoking since I was 24 years old, yes because I'm an idiot. I do not really enjoy it now because I feel like a slave kok cigarettes. I do not like my life when I'm smoking.

" But now, all that bad habits are gone. He said, no longer smoking since last July. And of course her health was getting better. Contactmusic quoted a source from Us Weekly magazine reveals, "He (she) felt much better today.

Natalie Portman dream to become a queen

Natalie Portman dream to become a queen finally come true. At least in the 'empire' itself after he bought a castle in the plush residential area in Los Angeles.

After paying U.S. $ 3 million for his new property, Natalie became the owner of the house which was formed like a castle, which contains four bedrooms and two guest houses.

Real estate tycoon Richard Stanley reveals to In Touch magazine, "Natalie wanted to have the property in accordance with the character and also his dreams, something really special. This house is so perfect for him ... the most prominent house of his neighbor."

According to Contactmusic reports, its neighbors are also not random. Because the house was located near the home of the legendary Hollywood such as Cecil B DeMille, WC Fields, Charlie Chaplin, and Carole Lombard.

It's not Victoria Beckham is usually seen without make-up

It's not Victoria Beckham is usually seen without make-up. Usually the former Spice Girls personnel who now cultivate the fashion world it's always appear complete with makeup. Some time ago, a photographer managed to take pictures of Victoria when without make-up and now the photograph being hunted by collectors.

Some time ago, Victoria, now choose to live in America seem to feel no need to wear make-up as he headed for a workout gym. Although not enough time but it seems a lot of paparazzi managed to take pictures of Victoria who performed this plain.

Daily Mail announces that includes rare photos now so sought after by collectors even though not yet clear how the pictures 'rare' is appreciated. If the UK is considered rare photographs, the American public itself did not seem too think the picture special. OMG says that with or without make-up, the wife of David Beckham is still looking pretty Victoria Beckham.

Meryl Streep earned a Best Actress Oscar next year's version.

There were rumors circulating about the possibility of going back to Meryl Streep earned a Best Actress Oscar next year's version. Because the judges and officials considered the Academy Awards there was no leading lady who performed well enough this year and probably this trophy again fell into the hands of Meryl next year.

"Actually it's only in the early stages but seems to be no potential candidate for the Best Actress category. Not that they played very bad but not many films that give the main character of the woman," said a source quoted from FemaleFirst.

The same source also explained that the error does not look like the actress who played but more on the director and script writer who did not make a story that allows her to be the stars. Many more women role in supporting roles only.

Earlier this year, Meryl Streep won an Oscar for Best Actress trophies from this film and when to doubt deadline will not have a better candidate, could be JULIE & JULIA'll take Meryl Streep earned a Best Actress next year.

Aktris lanning to move house Lindsay Lohan

Aktris who was trying hard to maintain its popularity, Lindsay Lohan, apparently planning to move house again to get more privacy. Meanwhile, Samantha Ronson, Lindsay's DJ lover of women, will also do the same.

Lindsay rented house in the Hollywood Hill himself had been robbed on August 23 last. But he had called cargo services to immediately remove his belongings before the theft occurred.

It seems that Lindsay will move into an apartment with a higher security level in Los Angeles to avoid the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Samantha's rented house in the Hollywood Hills is also fitted with a sign 'Rent' in front of his house because he was also planning to move to LA. Once launched the E! News by showbizspy.com.

Lindsay wrote on her Twitter this week, "I'm sorry I have not update the status here ... my life as a mess for someone to enter my house and I feel very hurt."

"It made me very sad, and obviously, I'm scared. I hope I find people who do it so I can sleep soundly."

"Finally I know if it was not theft," the next Lindsay tweet. "There's no electronic goods taken ... just certain things that my old friends know it means a lot to me."

"I'm so sick and tired of the drama in the house, annoying ... I had to find entertainment. Finally, I ate chocolate cream pie baked apples made Samantha Ronson."

Woman Of The Year Award in October Beyonce Knowles

Billboard magazine awarded planning Woman Of The Year Award in October Beyonce Knowles later in the show Women in Music is their degree each year. This award is given not only because Beyonce career in the music world but also because of the humanitarian efforts he had made.

So far, Beyonce's career can not be underestimated. Albums always got in the top of a chat and a tour of his campaign around the world title was always filled with fans who want to see Beyonce up close. On the other hand, Beyonce is also active in humanitarian efforts. Some time ago he could give a free concert tickets for those who can not afford and work with General Mills Hamburger Helper and Feeding America provides food for people who could not afford.

"Beyonce is a musician who is always best-selling album and is also a very talented woman and clearly has the qualifications expected by Billboard Woman Of The Year Award," said Bill werde from Billboard magazine. According to ContactMusic, this award is also given to previous Ciara and Reba McIntyre and awards this year will be given on October 2 next.