Amanda Bynes Hina Paparazzi!

Amanda Bynes is being much affected by the problem. Ranging from marijuana to insult case against Rihanna, I wonder if he is distressed by the many media spotlight.

As recorded in the video below, when Amanda Bynes had just arrived at his apartment in New York numbers. Seeing the many media that face, he then insulted one of the paparazzi with a rude word. Fortunately it does not happen when the commotion.

Well, maybe Amanda took the time to calm down.

Lee Hyori Trigger modest shirts Controversy

Lee Hyori released a teaser of the music video of a song called Bad Girl album that will soon release, MONOCHROME. In the teaser photo Lee Hyori look charismatic with long hair and makeup style punk.

Nevertheless shirts worn Lee Hyori invite controversy. Funny pictures on the shirt is the caricature of the middle finger with the words F @ & K Off1!

Lee Hyori shirts controversy.

Despite trying to be covered with a large necklace, nothing can hide the naughty girl impression. While this is in accordance with the theme, not necessarily qualify shirts sensor.

Previously many other Korean artists have also been criticized for wearing a costume that shows a picture of the middle finger. Most of them are directly engaged and apologized.

Cancel Concert, Beyonce Submit Letter of Apology

Beyonce publicly apologized for the cancellation of a concert that he should have a degree in Belgium earlier this week. Through a letter that he posted on Facebook on Tuesday (14/5), he was admitted to undergo the decision with a heavy heart.

"It's so heavy it felt to me. Promise I will make it happen in the near future.'m Sorry I disappointed you," wrote Beyonce.

Letters facebookSurat Beyonce Beyonce @ @ facebook

At the end of the letter, Beyonce said that his condition has improved. In fact he was determined would give the best show.

Which is a series of concerts titled MRS CARTER WORLD tour is canceled because a doctor's diagnosis saying that Beyonce suffered dehydration and exhaustion. Other speculations say that Beyonce is pregnant second child.