news Want to See Madonna Nude? Prepare Rp74 Million!

As a young man, Madonna was known as a role model is hot but fascinating. Now, 53 years old singer gave greater opportunities for anyone who wants to peek at his past.

As reported by the Dailymail, nude photos of Madonna in the era of the 1990s are now auctioned with an opening price of 5000 pounds (about Rp74 million). In the photo, Madonna looks hot posing in bed while smoking a cigarette.

With the chest was left open, Madonna just cover his private parts with a blanket. Blondenya hair is cut short in black and white photo that really makes everyone was stunned to see it.

Nude photos of themselves taken by photographer Steven Meisel in 1990. By structuring the style and the right lighting, image size 21.5 inch x19 is certain to be excellent in the auction.

Although his career has been a lot of posing hot for many photographers, but Madonna photo that is considered to have a different taste. Acting as executor, the auction house Bonhams auction will open on May 8 in New York.

"This is truly amazing picture and all looks so beautiful with shades of gray. This is not just black and white, but gray and silver," said one of the executors of the auction.

This figure of Ukrainian origin girl Barbie in the Real World!

Perhaps because so infatuated with Barbie figure, a girl from Ukraine named Valeria Lukyanova change her body so perfect like Barbie sculpture.

The 21-year-old girl really looks like a barbie doll. With his big blue eyes and tapering, Valeria has a beautiful long blond hair. Not to mention her body is so sexy and perfect is very similar to the barbie.

But there is this girl accused of plastic surgery spree, hmm, what do you think?

Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie Officially Engaged

Public curiosity about the shimmering rings that are used in the present moment Angelina Jolie Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) some time was finally answered. The ring is proof that he has been engaged to Brad Pitt.

As quoted from Aceshowbiz, the couple finally announced the happy news via his spokesman. This news came shortly after the rumors about their wedding preparations widely heard.

"Yes, it confirmed. This is the promise of the future and the children they look very happy," said Cynthia Pett-Dante on a media crew on Friday (13/4) afternoon.

Pett-Dante also revealed that Brad Pitt was the one who designed the ring to be happy for the moment. Collaborated with Robert Procop, he also managed to create a spectacular engagement ring for Angelina Jolie.

"Brad had a clear vision for this ring, which is a manifestation of a long-term collaboration. He wants perfection in every aspect ...," said Robert Procop who claimed to have been designed in such a way because of the ring finger Angelina looks beautiful in it.

Although news of the engagement has been announced, but they have not announced exactly when they will marry. Previously, the couple had vowed not to marry if it has not legalized gay marriage around the world.

Although it looks like they will be violating their own oath, but we should be congratulated for this couple.

Kendra Wilkinson's Beauty Tips: Sex As often as may be

As a former Playboy model, Kendra Wilkinson is known for its beauty and pesonya. But you know what the secret behind it? Sex as much as possible.

As reported by Bang Showbiz, a woman 26 years to encourage fans to make love as much as possible because this activity has many benefits. In addition to providing fun, intimate relationships can also make a person look more beautiful.

"Sex is fun, that's for sure. But do you know that sex is also very useful? Sex makes you beautiful. Really!," Kendra wrote on his official website.

"Sex makes the lips, cheeks and more radiant skin. In addition, sex also increases blood flow, which can pump oxygen and nutrients to the skin and organs of the body. In addition, every time out to have sex women tend to hold your head up and shake your hips, so they will look more attractive eyes. Note: Sex is a grower confidence that magical, "he continued.

Besides it can make someone so beautiful, the husband-wife relationship is also useful to boost immunity. Because the sex can lower blood pressure, thereby reducing the level of stress suffered by a person.

Kendra himself also admitted that his sex life with her husband, Hank Baskett, is very varied. For them, sex is not to be done in the room, but could in other places that allow such a car.