When Miley Cyrus Twitter Stalking Zayn Malik

Not only ordinary people, his work was interrupted by Miley Cyrus is also a hobby stalking someone on twitter time line. And that person is one member One Direction: Zayn Malik. THE LAST SONG star admitted that he had spent a full hour for stalking twitter Zayn. This was done during the event to stay with a friend who happens to gay men. Miley wrote on her Twitter. "Feel like hanging out with a 13-year-old girl while doing the show to stay with a gay." Then he continued: "We spend time with Zayn timeline of stalking @ OneDirection. Must admit I love every second of it!" Behold, now who's hobby timeline stalking someone hands up!

Nadya Suleman News

Nadya Sulaeman a beautiful woman who was 36 years old and have 14 kids this is someone the woman who became a world center in the year 2009 because she gave birth to octuplets by artificial insemination and to this day nadya Sulaeman pursue further fame with a pornographic movie with the title octonom. Nadya Suleman (37), the mother of 14 children referred to the owners 'Octomom' has now become a stripper. Nadya previously starred in a porn movie. Just like the reason starred in a porn movie, Nadya would be strippers because they needed money. Since there are 14 children, Nadya broke and in debt up to U.S. $ 1 million. As quoted Dailymail, Nadya paid U.S. $ 5,000 for a 12 minute dance at a club in Florida. Nadya dancing to Rihanna's song titled S & M. But according to another stripper, Nadya is very stiff when dancing. Nadya Suleman danced in two sections. In the first part, Nadya using a black leather bikini with thigh-high boots. In both dances, the costumes by Nadya replace school clothes. Rihanna is still with the song, but this time titled Rude Boy, Nadya dancing while stripping her clothes one by one. Although Nadya looks stiff dancing and toned body that no longer, but the action Nadya is able to attract about 400 guests. Nadya paid U.S. $ 5,000 for a 12 minute appearance. That does not include the money saweran, the signature of U.S. $ 10 and U.S. $ 25 for a group photo. Nadya Suleman to make a scene when she gave birth to octuplets. And dipersalinan both, Nadya back to make a scene with six children gave birth to twins. But after giving birth, Nadya difficulty of having to care for the cost of 14 children. He was declared bankrupt and in debt up to U.S. $ 1 million. To cover the debt and finance his life, Nady has recently decided to star in a porn movie. She also appeared nude for the famous adult magazine in America.

Kristen Stewart Responds Twihard Infidelity

Infidelity Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders is shocking and horrendous. So what did the fans Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart about this? Most of Twihard (call for lovers of Twilight) admitted to not believe the news. But others did not seem too happy with what the Christians. "I did not know Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But I'm sure they are spotless loyalty. Robsten is Unbroken," wrote one of the fans via twitter. Other fans even respond with a different opinion. Some Twitter users are still providing support to the Christian and believes that the news was just a lie. "I BELIEVE THAT CHRISTIANS DO ANYTHING, AND IF YOU THINK AS A CHRISTIAN KRISBIAN DO THAT, THEN YOU NOT KRISBIAN. KRISBIAN YOU FAKE," wrote another user as quoted from Dailymail. However, before Christianity had admitted his affair with director SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman's. He expressed apologies and confirmed that she loves Robert