Kate Winslet Info

Kate Winslet seems to have no taste for longer lived in the apartment once shared with Sam Mendes, husband who will be divorced. Oscar-winning actress is now planning to move from Manhattan. The reason, Winslet could not stand the memories 'horror' during their stay there.

Winslet and Mendes earlier this month made a surprise with the announcement of the news of their separation. The couple has been married for seven years and has one child. Since 2005, the couple married in the house for U.S. $ 6 million in Chelsea, Manhattan, NY. A source said the plan Winslet: "She really wants to move from the apartment. He saw it as a horror house because of the memories he did fight with him there. He was hurt."

Currently Winslet survive living in New York because of filming on HBO mini-series starring, Mildred PIERCE. While her ex-husband, Sam now lives in the building that once functioned as a warehouse, in his office in New York.

Sam denied that they relate to divorce her friendship with Rebecca Hall, the actress who starred in Woody Allen film directed by VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA.

Beyonce not have chid

Several times Beyonce Knowles reportedly pregnant, judging by the increased body fat. Beyonce's pregnancy back in circulation this week. But the representative insists that the singer Beyonce and Jay Z will not have child.

Website MediaTakeOut.com quoting reliable sources said that couples who married in the year 2008 is currently expecting their first child. But this news rebutted by the publicity this pair of Sony label. Through music magazine Rolling Stone's representation Beyonce and Jay Z is saying that preaching is not circulating properly.

Beyonce and Jay Z are always trying to keep their private lives remain to be privacy. Even after her marriage, Beyonce is not wearing her wedding ring

Sacha Baron Cohen

Typically, marriage is the moment most happy and most people want to invite everyone they know to come on this special day. Others again with Sacha Baron Cohen who said only six people invited to attend the wedding alone with Isla Fisher in Paris a few days ago.

Relations Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher's old enough. They had even been engaged since six years ago but never reached the decision to get married until some time ago. From the result of old recently Cohen and Fisher had awarded a daughter who is now two years old.

According to a story that was launched Splash News, the two decided to get married in France in a very private ceremony and only invite six people. Not clear who invited six people who can be sure of this but they are people who 'special' make Cohen and Fisher.

Stefani Germanotta Angelina

Looks like Lady GaGa soon will not be alone on stage to music because there are predictions that younger singer named Joanne original Stefani Germanotta Angelina will soon follow his brother. The difference is, the younger boy did not seem to be following her sister's dress style 'spectacular'.

According to Splash News, last weekend, Natali Germanotta now 18-year-old look 'around' in the center of entertainment in New York with her friends. Natali did not dress weird. He wore a black skirt and said to those who came to celebrate the birthday of Natali is also not much embarrassed.

"Hollywood did not dress the same as Lady GaGa. All of his friends only drink soda because they are all still 21 years old. They all seemed very polite," said one source told the New York Post.

The same story also mentions that Natali is currently taking vocal lessons with the hope of one singer Lady GaGa at concerts later. Natali reportedly also be cameo in the latest video clips and Beyonce Lady GaGa entitled Telephone

Operation of Elizabeth Taylor

Operation of Elizabeth Taylor traveled last October was a success but there has been no further news about this until heart surgery via Twitter Elizabeth reported that she felt like getting a new heart after the operation and hope that his fans always wishing the best for her.

"My heart operation went well lived. I feel like getting a new heart," he said via Twitter. It turned out that the surgical procedure undertaken Elizabeth Taylor is still relatively new, but research shows that this new procedure was more good than heart surgery previously done by the surgeons.

Elizabeth Taylor using a device called a MitraClip. Unlike previous procedures that require heart surgery to repair a heart valve that does not function, these new devices do not require cardiac surgery, so the risks are also much smaller patients. "This new tool is still working repair my heart valve leakage using a clip, without having to dissect my heart," continued Elizabeth Taylor as reported by Splash News.

According to research, this new procedure is claimed to reduce complications after cardiac surgery as common in the previous procedure. This device itself was developed by Abbott Laboratories and sold only in Europe alone

Info :Actress Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating a male model. Uniquely, Lohan's new boyfriend is also called Sam, just like former Lohan, DJ Samantha Ronson women.

23-year-old star was previously dating a 32-year-old DJ was, but now he's reportedly often met with Sam Webb model.

Lohan claims if they were just friends, but a source told British newspaper The Sun, "Sam could not believe it. A few years ago he still lives in Birmingham with her father and mother. Now he's dating a famous movie actress in Hollywood."

"Sam is a humble person," added the source. "But going out with Lindsay could have changed temperament.

Hilary Duff directly undertakes one major publisher

Starting from writing a few songs in dikemasnya third album, Hilary Duff began trying to write in other formats. No kidding, Hilary Duff directly undertakes one major publisher in New York to write a series of novels which will be devoted to consumption of children.

Not yet clear how the novel is written in the contract agreement between Hilary Duff with the publisher Simon & Schuster, but that certainly was the first novel will be released with the title Elixir. The novel itself will be told of adventures of a photojournalist named Clea Raymond and this novel will be released around October next month.

Hilary is also reportedly preparing a non-fiction book that will talk about the struggle of a child his parents divorced. According to Splash News, this book is not too far from the personal story of Hilary that both parents are also divorced. In fact, this story has had it written into two songs titled Stranger and Gypsy Woman who became one of track on the album Dignity.

Tika Putri

Mate is in the hands of God, this proverb is happening at Princess Tika in finding a boyfriend. Starting from a friendship that has the same hobby Tika finally able to give up his heart is touched by a man.

"Ga intentionally, originally temenan, but he could ngertiin me and he could understand my job," said Tika when found on the set in gleaming LOVE Kamila Rempoa area, South Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 3) night.

Yet voters are not looking for qualities in a boyfriend Tika. Student Faculty of Business Management Universitas Bina Nusantara Jakarta was admitted to not think too much about the kind of work in terms of choosing a girlfriend.

"I did not choose to choose, but it dapetnya not the artist, because I used to share and confide to him. So, if from different fields, ngobrolnya exclaimed," said the girl was smiling.

Tika busy stripping the soap opera is making himself rarely meet with her lover's. "Rarely will see, yes because I'm not stripping. He could accept kok, anyways were both adults," he added

Artis Charlize Theron

After the big names like Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L Jackson, and John Travolta, now some top-name celebrities will be re-called Oscar presenters later on March 7. Charlize Theron, Barbra Streisand, and Kathy Bates will join as confirmed Oscar presenters.

The news circulated that also mentions there will be some changes in the annual ritual of Oscar. In addition to the judging system and the number of candidates entering the film's best film, the nominees also reportedly asked to prepare two remarks before the event was held. A reception will include comments about the importance of an Oscar in the film industry as one more welcome is personal thanks as behind the scenes.

Splash News also mentions that this year the name of Sandra Bullock was one of the favorites who championed the Best Actress award this year and while AVATAR THE HURT LOCKER is reportedly competing to gain the best film title this year.

Until now itself been a lot of names attached as an Oscar presenter. Besides Charlize Theron names of young stars like Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner also was destined to be a presenter on March 7, later.