Actress Jenny Cortez

Incessantly homeland entertainment world was shocked by the circulation of hot pictures of celebrities. This time, hot pictures of model / actress Jenny Cortez, one circulating in Indonesia hot site. Unmitigated, ten images of hot and open-openings of Jenny appearing in it.

Jenny started their work in the field of the model. His name was lifted as the third person rumored to be a relationship breakdown between the couple and Kalina Corbuzier Deddy.

He also played in several soap operas. Finally, gait can also be enjoyed acting in the film PENGANTIN Waterfall where Jenny played with Mirasih Tyas Endah and Tamara Bleszynski.

In the film Rizal Mantovani's work does look a little vulgar enough scene like a bikini. I do not know whether the pictures Jenny is part of the film or other photocall.

Unfortunately, until now Jenny Cortez could not be contacted to provide confirmation of the vulgar pictures of himself.

When validated, the pictures are vulgar Jenny's original photo except for one that looks at the photo-retouch.

Penelope Cruz

Although repeatedly urged Penelope Cruz, but still will not comment on rumors of an engagement between him and Javier Bardem. The reason only one, this Spanish actress did not want to talk about personal.

"I do not feel comfortable discussing personal issues in public," he said with a laugh when David Letterman hold up Penelope directly with questions about this engagement. But David does not seem to give up and try to probe further about the relationship with Javier Penelope's two-year-old. Unfortunately once again Penelope would not answer.

"There's one thing I do not like. I do not like talking about personal problems. This problem is sacred for me. This is my life but I do not want to talk about this because I am allergic to things like that," said Penelope, as quoted by Splash News .

David Letterman finally gave up and did not continue the 'interrogation'. Rumor engagement with Javier Bardem Penelope was started when someone saw Penelope wore a studded ring sapphire and diamond on her finger in October

Nadine Chandrawinata

Although as Puteri Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata admitted not as a perfect woman, though in terms of physical beauty. However, he did not want to cover the gap, and instead tried to Yemen to live.

"I feel too many flaws in me, but I do not want to cover, trying to comfort it with what I have," he explained when found after the grand opening held salonnya business, Gluck Salon in Hampton's Park Apartment, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Wednesday ( 11/11).

For Nadine, all women have the right and can show the beauty of each, whether they are inner or outer side. One key is to live a healthy life.

"I'm sure that every woman can look beautiful, so how we can get our side of the beauty of each, one with a healthy life," he said.

Nadine also shared tips on beauty, both outer beauty would even beauty in themselves. Women born Hannover, Germany, May 8, 1984 that invites every woman to think positive every face problems.

"I have to believe the beauty I, which must not be too stressful. I always think positive wrote to beauty from within. If the beauty outside, I usually luluran. Do not be too expensive, can own at home. A week or twice, but if for hair care can be every day, always on call, "said Nadine who claim no special budget to determine the body's maintenance

Jane Fonda Younger Sex Blessing

Impressions of age did not appear clearly in the face of Jane Fonda, who is now 71 years old. This veteran star admitted that a good sex life, which makes his appearance remains youthful.

As quoted by Splash News, Fonda admitted a charming appearance formed from several factors, one of which is sex. "I owe 30% of the genes, 30% on great sex, 30% on sports and healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, and for the remaining 10% - I have to thank my beauty surgeons," says this veteran star.

"I'm 71 years old and physically uncomfortable because I felt sick. But I'm more happy, sex feels better and I understand life better. I do not want to be young again," he added.

Fonda won fame after playing a role in the 1986 film Barbarella. Although he is still hot for love affairs, but not just the love he's after, the actress also wanted to conquer the Himalayan mountains, which would plan next year didakinya

Paul McCartney

One of the frontman of legendary British group, The Beatles, Paul McCartney said that if the Beatles were not too good at the beginning of their appearance.

Owner's full name, James Paul McCartney was not too surprised when record signing their first contract takes time. Not only that, even then the required Beatles honed their vocal in the early 60's so they can attract more fans.

"We are obviously not very good (at the beginning of his career). But we create a formula, in order to look good. You would not think if it could eventually become so large. If you're a record label owner, you also will deny us that time, such as Decca, who refused to us, too, "said Paul in an interview with British radio, as quoted from Splash News.

Decca, a record label that rejected The Beatles, producer George Martin before signing the Beatles to EMI's Parlophone label.

Information about Artist Leona Lewis

Artist Leona Lewis Not necessarily a fan attacked a deterrent Leona Lewis. British singer was still feeling positive about what had happened.

Bleeding Love chanter was attacked by fans who made him bleed a while ago. Talk about the incident, event dropout THE X FACTOR is said that the incident was merely a side effect of success.

"I could have had worse things. I'm still alive. It's just things to handle in line with fame - and positive thoughts drive out negative things. I do not like to crouch in the negative. I am a positive person," says the singer .