Kate Moss is said to be acting up again nosy.

From the latest news as quoted by ShowbizSpy, she plans to spoil the birthday celebrations of the Simon Cowell-50 with the singing there.

British supermodel who has been close friends with the AMERICAN IDOL judges for several years it seems intended to give a surprise appearance for a party will be held at the upcoming October 7.

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However, 35-year-old model was not too confident with his ability to sing.

"So he had a choice to sing in the style section when Marilyn Monroe sang" Happy Birthday or a song that can really sing is Not Fair's Lily Allen, "said a source.

Simon himself has invited 400 friends to enliven celebrity birthday will be held in Hertfordshire's Wrotham Park.

Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, Kevin Spacey, Denise Richards, Kylie Minogue, and many other artists will be invited to the event.

And she had to make sure he could carry the song well in the evening. Moreover, she'll perform with several top singers such as Leona Lewis.