Jennifer Love Hewitt Can New Friends Dating

Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt Singles status do not have lasted long. CLIENT LIST star is reportedly already found a new date. A source said she saw Hewitt go out with actor / director Alex Beh (27).

UsMagazine.com quoted a source as saying that Hewitt was attracted to Beh. But these relationships are still very new. An insider said they looked fit, holding hands all night.

Hewitt (31) in March and then just split up with Jamie Kennedy (40). While enjoying the solitude had confessed, Hewitt seems to start dating again. The couple recently had dinner at a trendy LA restaurants, Katsuya some time ago. (SPL / actress)

Kristin Davis Not Convinced It's "SATC 3 '

On the screen, SEX AND THE CITY is a success but unfortunately the series when the series was appointed to the big screen, success did not seem carried. The first section exactly pretty but the second part is instead a story of failure. Therefore, Kristin Davis, one of the main character in this film, not quite sure if the film the third part will be created.

"Apparently not, at least that's what I know. I hope there so we could go on but frankly I do not know," Kristin said as quoted from Splash News. Indeed there has been no official statement from the studio, but Kristin suspect the failure of this film's performance at the box office will be made part of the third resistor.

"We just could generate 300 million from all over the world," said Kristin commented on the failure of the movie SEX AND THE CITY 2, which was launched late May. In addition, many film critics who lambaste the second part of this so that the performance of this film became increasingly look bad.

Of course nobody can be sure in the film world. "I could have one," Kristin said that was not too sure about the future of SATC.

Prospective Bride of Prince William's Pregnant!

When a public lulled by the Century Marriage plans between Prince William and Kate Middleton, a quite shocking shocking news that the British public and internationally. The prospective bride has reportedly pregnant.

As Star reported, a reliable source stated, "She called up William when the crown prince was in the military camp in North Wales. She wept uncontrollably spread the pregnancy." William immediately went home and met Kate, and after two hours of serious conversation with his future wife, they break the news to Prince Charles who was in a meeting at Buckingham Palace.

One person in the kingdom to preach that they will delay marriage until they find a way out of this problem. Until then, William will succeed his father as the most important person in the British Empire will be reported to 'is finishing training to fly a helicopter'. Huh? (KPL / mae)

Sandra Bullock Will not Back On Jesse James

husband would be a painful experience, which is certainly difficult to forget. Something similar must have also experienced Sandra Bullock, who diselingkuhi her husband with several women. Understandable if ultimately Bullock will not receive back the man who was now her ex-husband.

Bullock and Jesse James officially divorced last month. Since the divorce had circulated the news in the media if the actress would give a second chance at her ex-husband is because he missed James.

However, as quoted GossipCop.com, one of Bullock's friends said that if the news was on good terms again is simply not true. And Oscar-winning star had no desire to return to James, whom he married in 2005. (SPL / actress)
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Crista Flanagan bugil Playboy

TV Stars crista Flanagan tried to beat his fear of showing off the beauty of the body in the August edition of Playboy magazine cover. MAD MEN star posing as a form of tribute for the edition in April 1969 and November 1960 in this men's magazine.

In the first pose to repeat the April edition of 69 years, Flanagan posed nude and only wearing a tie was for the November edition of 60 only wearing white gloves. Appears to pose nude was not easy for Flanagan, got nervous when he confessed to the shooting. In this August edition naked pictures will be posted on the eight pieces in this magazine.

Flanagan had his own reasons to accept nude in Playboy, she wanted to test his own courage. "Part of the reason is because this is scaring me, and I think fun if there are things that still scare me."

But the actress admitted quickly overcome her nervous. He thinks the only thing embarrassing is that she hated herself, although she was also aware of everything that ever posed for this magazine is an incredible figure.

Emma Roberts Julia Roberts Not Aware of Fame

Know very close to Emma Roberts Julia Roberts made her aunt was sometimes forget that famous people. Emma said her aunt realized that famous people while viewing a Lancome ad in a magazine, which stars Julia.

In an interview in U.S. magazine, Foam young star said: "I stop and think. I thought, 'Oh yes, you are not the aunt Julia for everyone. You're Julia Roberts." That's really crazy. "

This 19-year-old star was already familiar with the Hollywood film world, his father was also a famous actor, Eric Roberts, the aunt's A-List Hollywood star, Julia Roberts as well as another aunt, Lisa Roberts Gillian. At first she could be kept away from the world of acting, but eventually allowed her mother to audition movies. And since then the entire family support him

Nude, Eva Mendes Want Called Dare

Everyone has their own reasons in every action. For Eva Mendes nude in the film strip is not just for the sake of art but he also wanted to be brave.

Beautiful 36-year-old actress is thinking if she is treated different from other stars when it comes to naked. In an interview in Allure magazine, the actress says that she want to be called brave. "When other actresses who do not want to remove the clothing, perhaps, be more interesting to show the full front, they're called courageous. No one ever says, 'Eva, you are very brave to do a full nude front." Just because I draw this does not mean no scary. Why had not I called brave? " he said.

Mendes is known to display naked in movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious. But besides want to be known with sexy image, she also wanted people to see the side of his humorous and intelligent.

Angelina Jolie to Have Children Again

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seems to really have some similarities that make them survive, one of whom is a child. In an interview, Jolie admitted that her partner wants to have more children.

In an interview in Japanese Elle magazine, the actress said: "Brad and I did not get much time to sleep, especially after having twins. But all parents have this problem, we're used to. Brad wants another child. The most important thing within the family. One day I want to have another one too, but we do not have any plans. "

Jolie and Pitt take care of their own children and do not have a nanny. Couples who love to adoption is now known to have six children. Three adopted children, Maddox (8), Pax (6) and Zahara (5). They also have a biological child, Shiloh (4) and twins Knox and Vivienne (2).

Lindsay Lohan will not be alone

Lindsay Lohan went to jail because of fears he will not be alone. 24-year-old actress is not like the idea he should be alone in his cell. Including those that can not stand Lindsay Lohan was in a small room.

A source close to full star tells TMZ.com problem if Lohan believes that the prison will be pushed to the limits of the edge. Lohan some time ago were sentenced to confinement for 90 days. Decision of this prison as a result of violations of court orders related to the case of DUI (driving while intoxicated) in the year 2007.

According to U.S. celebrity website Lohan could not stand being in a small room. Lohan also reportedly also banned from wearing make-up, hair extension and smoking while in prison. MEAN GIRL star will undergo a prison sentence at Lynwood, California, just like Paris Hilton - who also experienced DUI cases - in the year 2007.

Escaped From Problems, Paris Hilton partying

Relieved after the escape from a misunderstanding about the drug while in South Africa, Paris Hilton was bless with the way he knows: partying. According to some sources, she did not celebrate this freedom itself. There also happened to Leonardo DiCaprio who was in South Africa.

Previously had reported that Paris Hilton was arrested for allegedly storing illegal drugs. Fortunately this problem quickly resolved because a friend of Paris admitted that the drugs belonged to him. With this recognition, the Paris was free from the threat of trouble with the law and he therefore celebrate this freedom by partying all night with Leonardo.

"He looks very relieved. He and his friends were at the table next to Leo and his friends. They were all there partying until daybreak but then they parted," said a source quoted from Splash News. It was unclear whether this meeting was accidental or whether there were plans for Paris was already hanging out with Leonardo.

Helen Mirren: The scene Sex = Wash Plates

The role of Helen Mirren in the movie Love Ranch because it was time to reap the controversy in this film is a senior actress had sex scene with a man much younger. Helen himself apparently did not see it as something worthy of her problematic because not much different sex scenes with scenes of the dishes. Both scenes that must be done.

"Not much different from a movie scene when we had to wash dishes," said Helen, laughing. Helen realized that for people outside the film industry, a scene like that certainly hard to imagine. "It is our job. We put aside our personal. People sometimes confuse the reality with what we do in the movies. That's two different things," explained Helen, as quoted from Splash News.

Although claiming not to feel the difficulties sex scene but Helen Mirren admitted that all was not free from the interference of her husband, who became director of the film. "I feel safe because my husband is a director," explained Helen. "Not just because I'm sure he would not embarrass me but also because I know he wanted me to make it as realistic and sealami possible," he added later.

Julianne Moore jumped into Heat With Annette Bening

The actress who began her career in the year 1983 was Julianne Moore arrives - arrives to be a lesbian. He paired with Annette Bening and have a family.

Oh it was not, this is one role of the film The Kids Are All Right from the actress who had just hit carpal tunnel syndrome disease or tingling in the wrist finger - finger.

In this comedy-themed films may impose both jumped into the Annete romp in bed and wrestled under a blanket. Julianne spends a lot of time behind the blanket and got worried about the film director Lisa Cholodenko for fear of what happened - nothing.

No doubt the director was worried because the blankets provided the material is very heavy wardrobe. Lisa had asked Bening if Julianne feel shortness of breath in there, "I'm good - right here let's go", concluded Julianne.

The film will be released 9 July 2010 is expected to be a hit in playing.