Artist Dewi Sandra

Dewi Sandra likes to experiment when it comes to fashion. Commenting on what happened to her own floral, Dewi said that every day he was flowery. "Must keep cheerful," he says firmly.

"It's simple but I think an interesting band. So the woman a flowery now," he said commenting on his clothing which was sprinkled with flower motifs. Sandra Dewi himself later admitted that he likes fashion that tends toward the feminine and one of them is that he was wearing when found in the Strikes on RCTI Studio, Jakarta Barat (23/02/10) this.

Dewi was aware that he can not be too feminine, so he tried to define the feminine side of themselves. "I can not wear a dress that was really a dress. Just a girl la Dewi Sandra," he said explaining the concept of feminine according to him personally.

Furthermore, Dewi Sandra also explained that the accessories are a part of him because he always claimed to have collected accessories. "I love accessories.

Remove the clothing for Lady GaGa

Remove the clothing is not new stuff for Lady GaGa. Before the album THE FAME catapulted his name, this singer could be a dancer in a burlesque club. And reportedly he had just received an invitation from the artist Spencer Tunick called to appear naked in front of the Opera House, Sydney.

"I invite Lady GaGa to fly to Australia and participate in my next art installation at the Sydney Opera House on March 1," said Spencer Tunick who previously had made a similar installation art involving 700 naked people in a theater in Belgium.

This invitation came from the emergence of the news that Lady GaGa is one of Spencer and fans had to make a thick 80 page thesis on United States-born artist is. Spencer did not want to tie Lady GaGa and give allowances to appear in secret or by publication.

"I was thinking when he came in the midst of these people secretly and no one would know he was there. I myself will not tell anyone. Or maybe he wanted no publicity, maybe he wants people to know that he will be part of this event so that people will be looking for her in the crowd, "continued Spencer is quoted from Splash News.

Sarah Azhari =Artist beautiful and sexy

Artist beautiful and sexy Sarah Azhari bodied entertaining show in Medan. Located at the Delta Spa & Massage, Jl. Ir Juanda, Medan, Wednesday (17 / 2) night, he was really able to shake and the heat of the visitors who attended. Although his voice is only somewhat mediocre, but his appearance was so sensational a separate magnet for hundreds of visitors who were present at the time.

Wrap robe with red and open, Ayu Azhari's younger brother was hit the stage at approximately 24.00 and get immediate Wib applaus lively from the audience who attended the evening.

Sarah who looked good at winding liukkan body makes the visitors continued to try to get closer and photographing the action on stage. Occasionally she allows some visitors to climb onto the stage, singing and dancing with him.

Not only the songs that rock, but she also sang dangdut songs that provoke the audience to participate rocked. Some rock songs like Starlight owned by British band, Muse, and Oh Sweet Child of Mine Guns N Roses, also owned Slank virus, as well as pop songs sound (Kuberharap).

In his stage act she took time to greet visitors who can take pictures very close to Sarah. "Want to track what else? Do dangdut keep dong. The rather slow to go," said Sarah with a soft voice.

In the evening the audience instead asked that she rocked. "Rickety, dong!" asked the audience. As if he was unable to refuse a request spectators, she even responded to it by the song of welcome Terajana viewers to catch up Rapuh.

Sarah appear entertaining audiences for about 1.5 hours. However, duration 1.5 hours did not seem enough to quench the thirst of the audience. At the last appearance, she had asked to bring two songs again. But, she only brought one last song, Holy In Dust's a group from Malaysia, and then excused himself from the presence of spectators.

Renée Zellweger to show off the beautiful body

Renée Zellweger to show off the beautiful body with sexy pose on a magazine cover Californian style. To cover, Zellweger wore a sexy red dress. And on the inside of the magazine she posed semi-naked with wearing a corset and high heels.

In the interview, 40-year-old star is said that if he does not really matter for gossip. "You know what? If Michelle Obama pregnant, I just would not care. I want to talk about it, and I want to read about it. But I, not more important."

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Bridget Jones star was also told about the move from LA to New York. He claimed to prefer to live in New York, which made him more involved with myself.

Jennifer Lopez Having children seems

Having children seems to be a new joy for Jennifer Lopez. The actress / singer admits that he was ready to add momongan. 40-year-old star is now having twins, Max and Emme from her husband Marc Anthony.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, which cited Splash News, Lopez said, "I want to have more children. As you say, 'This is what I wanted to do and this is how I want to do, and this time everything will be more perfect." That's not the life you lead now. All was not always like that, you just have to accept what happened. "

Speaking of twins, Max and Emme, the actress says, "They're like someone else, and they love the music, they love to laugh and run. They were living life as it is, they do not know anything. Like traveling, dancing , singing, that's their life. "

Jennifer Lopez is currently promoting his new movie THE BACK-UP PLAN, in which she plays a woman who did insemination to have twins.

Catherine Zeta Jones

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation) has just released a list of worst dressed celebrity by the size of this animal protection organization. And one name that had skyrocketed into the first position is Catherine Zeta Jones is said to like wearing clothes made from materials from animals.

"With shorts from cow skin that looks scary, fox fur coats, and crocodile-skin bag, Catherine Zeta Jones seemed to be trying to climb into the ark Noah with a knife in his hand," said PETA spokesman said as quoted by Splash News.

Catherine was not the only celebrities who get 'slaughter' this time. Jennifer Lopez received his 'Jenny from the slaughterhouse' as a way to dress Jessica Simpson got comments, "Everything is the same as his career - to die." PETA's is one of the major organizations that can reach to become a celebrity among their supporters and activists organizations one of the most popular is probably the Pamela Anderson.

Back to about Catherine Zeta Jones, with a cynical comment on PETA, "Maybe he was deeply in his new film role as a serial killer or a carpenter skinning animals."

Katherine Heigl Can Play In bid 'ONE FOR THE MONEY'

When finished working on a project together Killers director Robert Luketic, Katherine Heigl is now rumored to have received an offer to play in a film entitled ONE FOR THE MONEY. As might be expected from its title, this film will take the theme around money.

ONE FOR THE MONEY itself adapted from the novel by Janet Evanovich series with the same title but there is a media speculated that this film will be a spin off of three Janet Evanovich novel which tells of an adventure character called Stephanie Plum.

According to Splash News, Heigl will play as Plum, a lingerie crazy woman and had just laid off from his job. To finance his hobby to buy lingerie, Plum finally working as bounty hunters. It is said that this character had been offered to Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway, but after failing in the negotiations, Katherine Heigl is the candidate who seems to be the protagonist of ONE FOR THE MONEY it.

Eva Longoria mistake when trying to invite fans

Because not too understand the technology, Eva Longoria made a big mistake when trying to invite fans to visit a site that was covering Tony Parker, her husband. Because of a typo, the link actually included Eva Eva even took fans to a porn site.

Eva Longoria was not too long ago and intend to cultivate Twitter follower invite him to become familiar with Tony Parker. Eva then include a link to a site that was discussing Tony but because one type, the link was actually brought to the follower Eva porn sites.

Conscious has done wrong, Eva quickly add posts and write underneath, "Oh Nooo! I enter the wrong address Twitter! Links above go to porn sites! Do not click!" Eva writes half panic. If in the field of Eva relatively new technology, another about acting. Until now just Texas-born actress, 34 years ago has been collecting about seven awards including the People's Choice Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Emma Watson's paid the most expensive in the year.

Emma Watson's name could be the person who got a lot of extra coffers in the year 2009. The reason, large-screen series star Harry Potter's so-called Hollywood actress who paid the most expensive in the year.

Although 19-year-old, Emma has won 20 million pound sterling or the equivalent RP290 billion more! for two movies only, as quoted by Splashnews, Friday (5 / 2).

On the other hand, she is pursuing fame with a role as Hermione Granger was also one of the prestigious brand advertising star, Burberry.

Meanwhile, according to rankings compiled by the magazine Vanity Fair, Daniel Radcliffe, partner in the film Harry Potter series became an actor with the biggest revenues in the same year with the acquisition of 25.6 million pound sterling or the equivalent of Rp360 billion more!

Info About Madonna and Jesus Luz

A year's Madonna and Jesus Luz establish romance and is now reported if the couple is very much different age has finally decided to end their relationship. The reason, obviously because of the age difference. Although they have not released a statement, but some sources say that their relationship was over.

"Their relationship ended properly Luz and Jesus is the one who initiated this separation," said a source quoted from Splash News. It is said that this relationship had not been approved by the mother of Jesus Luz is 14 years younger than Madonna.

"The problem is obvious is not it? The age difference. Jesus was only 23 years. Madonna is 51 years. How long this relationship can last? Even be up to one year was enough surprised many people. Jesus is good, a gentleman and very intelligent. But they both were at different points in their lives, "said the same source.

Madonna and Jesus himself met Luz in December 2008 and then when they're in a photocall. Since contact with Jesus, Madonna's career as a model rises rapidly, but unfortunately the same thing does not happen in their personal relationships.

Elle Macpherson

Former supermodel Elle Macpherson was already familiar with the camera. After trying a career in acting, now dubbed the model of The Body is going to be trying out a career as a television host. Still not far from his first career, this is television talent search show new models.

The event, entitled Britain's Next Top Model was originally hosted by a British model Lisa Snowdon, but after four years of the program is Lisa seems no intention to continue this career. Lisa reportedly intend to pursue his new career as a presenter on a radio station called Capital FM.

"I'm glad to be involved in the search for the next generation model," Elle said as quoted briefly from Splash News. This event was itself originally hosted by model Lisa Butcher, but decided to leave this model only one year after that. Britain's Next Top Model was first aired on Living TV in September 2005 and so far has produced as many as 55 episodes.