Katherine Heigl could finally reach

Katherine Heigl could finally reach his wish again. Not about the job, but his ambition to fight the bad habit of smoking. The struggle was not in vain, as a result he was able to relate to nicotine for a month.

Knocked Up star 30-year-old is desperate to avoid a sense of his addiction to tobacco for months, after he realized that if the cigarettes had been 'robbed' of his life. Not long ago she said, "I started smoking since I was 24 years old, yes because I'm an idiot. I do not really enjoy it now because I feel like a slave kok cigarettes. I do not like my life when I'm smoking.

" But now, all that bad habits are gone. He said, no longer smoking since last July. And of course her health was getting better. Contactmusic quoted a source from Us Weekly magazine reveals, "He (she) felt much better today.