Fear Wrinkles, Kim Kardashian Reluctant to Share a Smile now

Not only beautiful, Kim Kardashian is also known to have a very friendly face. But in fact, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is very reluctant to show a sweet smile while posing in front of the camera.

Investigate a investigate, it is not done without reason. He admitted reluctantly smile, let alone laugh in front of the camera for fear of his face would be wrinkled.

This was expressed when uploading a photo some time ago. He showed a very sweet laughter, but also noted that very surprising.

 See, I was also able to smile, even laugh in a variety of occasions. But not often because smiles and laughter causes wrinkles, "he said via social media accounts.

Kanye West's wife believes that the curve that occurs when smiling or laughing will harm the skin beautiful. In addition, the make-up as well so messy if the face is too much driven.

Well, the time anyway laugh and a smile can cause wrinkles? Roughly where Kim get such a theory? What do you think yourself about this? (eon / ris)

Drew Barrymore Once Again Completely Be Artist

Beautiful star of Hollywood, Drew Barrymore reveal at the age now, work as an artist is no longer the main option. Currently star 39-year-old was busy with his business.

Besides Drew has two cute kids, Olive and Frankie from marriage to Will Kopelman. Drew plans to focus on raising business Flower Beauty makeup, and care of the child.

World lifestyle like people who say, 'I'm very good in many ways. Let me show you how

  "I make up line leader, and I like doing business make-up. Today I felt the conditions were more favorable than when I play the movie," he said.

Drew also can not tolerate itself if it gets too busy and do not have time for children. Furthermore BLENDED star was not feeling itself is such a lifestyle diva Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow or Blake Lively.

World lifestyle like people who say, 'I'm very good in many ways. Let me show you how, ". I do not like things like that. I'm not a great man in every way," he said.

Even Drew Barrymore had doubted himself whether he would constantly be successful in the world of lifestyle. Therefore he chose to do something else, which also invites interest.

"I'm not sure if I will be successful with the lifestyle. What I really like is actually the curation of art. I'm interested in many things and I want to make wine and I also love beautiful things," he said.