Beyonce Knowles

in the midst of busy life, Beyonce Knowles appears to plan to take time for yourself. Beyonce wants to enjoy himself, went to Egypt without a bodyguard.

In an interview on a music website quoted Splash News, the star says, "I promised myself when it's time to smell the roses. I'm going to break - hopefully - a few months. I will not make any plans. I will join the class art, I will visit the museum and I'll watch a Broadway show. "

Beyonce (28) will complete the event in February manggungnya. "I will make a visit to a place - probably Egypt - without anyone, without security, and focus on the things that always wanted to do."

Beyonce also revealed about the career sacrifices. "I give life. Can walk freely in the streets and making mistakes and not make a record forever. Having a relationship and a common date. It is normal, things that normal people never even think about. Sometimes it's hard. I have not had a long time other than a few months of my life, ever since I was 15 years. But I grew up with valuable ideas all require sacrifice. And when everything is too easy for me I got scared, "he added.