Fear Wrinkles, Kim Kardashian Reluctant to Share a Smile now

Not only beautiful, Kim Kardashian is also known to have a very friendly face. But in fact, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is very reluctant to show a sweet smile while posing in front of the camera.

Investigate a investigate, it is not done without reason. He admitted reluctantly smile, let alone laugh in front of the camera for fear of his face would be wrinkled.

This was expressed when uploading a photo some time ago. He showed a very sweet laughter, but also noted that very surprising.

 See, I was also able to smile, even laugh in a variety of occasions. But not often because smiles and laughter causes wrinkles, "he said via social media accounts.

Kanye West's wife believes that the curve that occurs when smiling or laughing will harm the skin beautiful. In addition, the make-up as well so messy if the face is too much driven.

Well, the time anyway laugh and a smile can cause wrinkles? Roughly where Kim get such a theory? What do you think yourself about this? (eon / ris)

Drew Barrymore Once Again Completely Be Artist

Beautiful star of Hollywood, Drew Barrymore reveal at the age now, work as an artist is no longer the main option. Currently star 39-year-old was busy with his business.

Besides Drew has two cute kids, Olive and Frankie from marriage to Will Kopelman. Drew plans to focus on raising business Flower Beauty makeup, and care of the child.

World lifestyle like people who say, 'I'm very good in many ways. Let me show you how

  "I make up line leader, and I like doing business make-up. Today I felt the conditions were more favorable than when I play the movie," he said.

Drew also can not tolerate itself if it gets too busy and do not have time for children. Furthermore BLENDED star was not feeling itself is such a lifestyle diva Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow or Blake Lively.

World lifestyle like people who say, 'I'm very good in many ways. Let me show you how, ". I do not like things like that. I'm not a great man in every way," he said.

Even Drew Barrymore had doubted himself whether he would constantly be successful in the world of lifestyle. Therefore he chose to do something else, which also invites interest.

"I'm not sure if I will be successful with the lifestyle. What I really like is actually the curation of art. I'm interested in many things and I want to make wine and I also love beautiful things," he said.

Face beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley At Wake

When just woken up, most people will find themselves in a very messy. But apparently, this does not apply to the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Just look at the photos through Instagram diunggahnya on Wednesday (22/10) and then this. The 27-year-old took a picture of himself while still in bed, complete with bed clothes.

Despite the appearance of fresh from the bed, as if her beauty is not diminished. He did not even need to wear make-up to look as perfect as it is.

  Blonde hair even still look beautiful without combed and arranged beautifully. Plus, it also faces TRANSFORMERS star looks pretty and clean with no stains.

This does not pose selfie diunggahnya without reason. This image is a form of support for the campaign #WakeUpCall, which is a form of awareness to the crisis in Syria.

The campaign is organized by Unicef ​​who fight for the rights of children who were kidnapped in Syria. Not only Rosie, a number of other stars are also involved in this campaign.

Kim Kardashian's Sexy Girl

The last few months, Bruce Jenner always be in the spotlight because of rumors that he was planning to turn himself into a woman. Plus, Kim Kardashian's stepfather showed a performance as reinforcing the issue.

Came up with smooth legs like women, now Bruce again showed striking appearance. The 64-year appeared with longer hair, thus making it look more feminine.

Bruce, who usually appears with bangs that covered almost the entire forehead, now looks much more fresh. Hairstyle thick and fluffy also makes it look different, so it makes a lot of eyes directed to her.

Riley Keough Officially Engaged

This time, Riley Keough completely exhausted crush rumors proximity to Robert Pattinson. The problem, now he has officially engaged to another man. Who? Of course it is a lucky man Riley, Ben Smith-Petersen.

The pair announced their engagement through a Facebook account Ben. In the photo, Ben and granddaughter of Elvis Presley by side it looks posed. Ben posing shirtless in the state, while the gorgeous Riley now shows a circular ring on her ring finger. "Finally going well," he had a caption written by the bloody Australian stuntman.

However, there is no certainty when this pair will move on to a higher stage. However, this engagement is clear so the news is surprising because of the proximity of the couple is not yet public knowledge long. The couple first met while filming MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Previously, Riley had a relationship with Alex Pettyfer, but that relationship apparently foundered in the middle of the road.

Lana Del Rey denies Mileage 'Shortcut' To Success

Flawless and sexy, Lana Del Rey is often associated with negative things about him. Some people consider this singer song Summertime Sadness short-cut to be as successful as this.

Yup, the assumption that the new artist has to pay with her ​​body to penetrate the contract is still quite strong in the community. And because of that, Lana Del Rey dismissed the allegation tilted about him just because he had a charming physical appearance.

Lana was admitted to the affair with some people in the music industry, but it did not help him to get a contract. Therefore, he felt if Raihan 7 million digital album sales came from his own efforts.

 Singer tasteful music 'strange' is declared more like a love affair that involves more physical. He said love should be something pleasant, although sometimes also be fought.

Just this beautiful singer broke up with his girlfriend stated, Barrie-James O'Neill. It seems quite difficult for him to adjust the time due to their busy musical career, respectively.

Meanwhile, opportunities for achievement incise return earned by Lana Del Rey. Single West Coast his MTV VMA nominated in 2014 for Best Cinematography. With shades of black and white, this clip does seem tempting. 've Watched the video?

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Valeria Lukyanova? It turns Banget Beautiful smile!

Valeria Lukyanova life Barbie figure is certainly very impressive in your heart is not it? Yes, the appearance of these women really had a tumultuous media some time ago. How not? He is willing to undergo a massive operation to get the perfect look that he wanted.

His figure is very controversial indeed invite any criticism and negative comments from the public. However, as if indifferent to it all, he still live a normal life and even with aplomb.

Peeking his Instagram account, you will see clearly how the Ukrainian-born woman was greatly admired himself. This is evidenced by the number of photos that adorn selfienya its timeline. However, there is only one picture that appears on the digital album. What is it?

Valeria no smile without a smile @ @ Facebook.com/ValeriaLukyanovaValeria Facebook.com/ValeriaLukyanova

Valeria is a woman who rarely smiled. I wonder what he had in mind, each posing in front of the camera, he always displays a flat expression with the mouth slightly open. Her eyes were too cynical, adding to the impression snapped in him. From here then a new question arises, what if the woman dubbed the Human Barbie show wide smile?


Well, now you do not need to wonder anymore. The reason is, there is a photo that could answer the curiosity in your heart. Just look at a photo that is uploaded in the following Valeria Instagram account.

  In the photo, you can see clearly how Valeria looked very pretty face with a smile that showed her teeth. Wearing makeup looked overdone and seem not natural. Obviously, this is very different from the previous key performances.

This is quite surprising, some of his followers even if his face did not think it could be as beautiful as if smiling. What do you think Valeria facial appearance when smiling broadly like this? Come, share your opinion in the comments below! ;)

News : Beyonce Wins MTV VMA Nominations Most In 2014


It seems that Beyonce deserves to be called a super diva that dominated the great music in the music industry today. The former Destiny's Child is put his name in nomination eight 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Beyonce more shine when deciding to pursue a solo career. In 2003 he launched his debut album as a singer. Despite a lot of praise, but when it works yet too prominent. 

The number of nominations that describe betapaBeyonce has achieved an extraordinary charisma. 32 soloists this year even more hot with age and maturity in music. Stalking the glory Beyonce are two rappers who influensial.

 They are Eminem and Iggy Azalea which is phenomenal thanks to the buzz they create. Both get seven prestigious nominations that they might win. One of the most awaited award is Video of the Year which carries five nominations, among them Drunk In Love (Beyonce & Jay-Z),

 Fancy (Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX), Chandelier (Sia), Happy (Pharrell Williams), and Wrecking Ball belongs to Miley Cyrus 'naughty'. 2014 MTV VMA awards night also have included some famous names that will appear. In addition to Ariana Grande that has been confirmed since a few weeks ago, there will also be a cool performance of Usher, 5 Seconds of Summer, and a host of other big stars.

Info :Sleeping Beauty, Sandra Bullock Not Aware Her home was burglarized

What happened to Sandra Bullock this is practically very scary. How not, this beautiful star entered the home intruders, while its owner was in the house. What's the story?
As reported by the Daily Mail, a man had been arrested on Sunday (8/6) morning. He was arrested while trying to enter the house that is located in Los Angeles.
The incident occurred around 06.30, when the star was fast asleep. Certainly he was very tired after attending the event Guys Choice Awards, where he received the award Spike TV.

Although the time to make a panic, fortunately there were no fatalities in this incident. Currently, offenders already in police surveillance for further questioning.
Until now, it was unclear what the reason actors trying to break into the house Sandra. There is a possibility he intends to steal, but maybe he was just trying to stalk idol.
Unfortunately, up to this writing, there has been no official comment from the parties concerned. Well, it looks like Sandra did need to tighten the guard house.

Before Sick, Undo Miley Cyrus concert!

Miley Cyrus is currently undergoing his tour , Bangerz , suddenly had failed one of his concert in Charlotte . The concert was supposed to be held on Monday ( 7/4 ) yesterday .
21 -year -old singer was allegedly being sick with the flu , so it is not possible for him to perform while. Announcement of the failure of the concert was announced quite tight , which is 30 minutes before the event starts , as proclaimed Aceshowbiz site .
" One of the tour schedule Bangerz are supposed to be held this evening , April 7, at the Time Warner Cable arena must be defeated . Cyrus recently had the flu and doctors advised him to rest , " wrote an announcement on the venue website .
It is not yet known , whether Miley will replace the concert the other day . But for those who have already bought a ticket , they have the right to return the tickets and get the money back .

HOLLYWOOD: Shocking! Miranda Kerr Admits He Biseksua

During this time, people think of Miranda Kerr as the figure of a woman with a dream body. But now, he reveals a surprising statement about his sex life. 

This was revealed when he was interviewed by GQ magazine. Without a doubt, the former Victoria's Secret model said that she is a bisexual.

He did not say directly about his sexual orientation. But the woman from Australia is interested in both women and women. 

"I appreciate both, men and women. I want to explore everything. Never say no," he said as reported by Showbizspy. 

Miranda is currently the mother of a son, marriage to Orlando Bloom. Unfortunately, the couple decided last split in 2013.