Emma Watson

Although only 19 years old and only the last ten years to his movies, but Emma Watson is listed as an actress with the largest income in the last ten years. All that could not be separated from the popularity of the Harry Potter series that catapulted her name.

Emma Watson first went into the film through the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the year 2001. At that age she had just ten years. Since then, the character of Hermione so inherent Emma and irreplaceable role to Harry Potter entering the seventh.

It is said, according to Splash News, any movie starring Emma average produces about 554 million Pounds Sterling. This fact raised the name of Emma Watson to level with the actresses on the Hollywood board as Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts.

Reportedly, since the first played the film to this point, Emma Watson has collected no fewer than 10 million just from her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. Just below the name of Emma Watson, actress Keira Knightley after the popular through films Pirates of the Caribbean.