Katie Holmes promised to have sex wherever with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes reportedly vowed to help her husband, Tom Cruise, to lose weight. Uniquely, Katie suggested a pleasant enough way.

The former Dawson's Creek star 30-year-old suggested a diet of sex to the husband. The reason, she tired of the complaints that Tom kept getting fat.

"Tom complained about the difficulty to lose weight, so Katie's vowed to help Tom," said a source at the American magazine, OK!, As quoted by ShowbizSpy.

"Katie read if we are going to burn 600 calories just by having sex three to four times a week. So he said to Tom to think about how many calories you will burn if they have sex session that they put in their daily schedules," he added.

And Tom is said to feel part of it is the best part of a diet plan that is owned Katie. He also promised to have sex wherever they can just for the sake of ensuring the diet.