Sarah Azhari seems more busy with the world's voice and bussiness

After finish studies, Sarah Azhari seems more busy with the world's voice and immediately pull the release a new album. However, who suspected, that ibunda from Alabany Ray was berancang preparations for bussines.

"There is also a business, small-scale aja. Now there are so many artists, too. Yes I do not why, though still learning. Hopefully there hobby," he said.

"If I have hobby, therefore I get to help people. I take a job that does not take, not just for my child if gitu. Hopefully promises, PD. I need a person experienced," added the vision in business.

It's a matter of think work office. But I work for office must have experience, I have to learn a little bit more I learn. Aja try again, but not here (Indonesia, red), but there are opportunities abroad, there are relationships that I invite. So I go back and forth aja. For the small, than I have fund

Victoria Beckham at this time really did not want to leave the United States

Say, Victoria Beckham at this time really did not want to leave the United States for any reason. Section, he considers his career are on the top and did not want to dissipate this golden opportunity. In fact, shortly faces Victoria akan decorate a magazine cover in the country.

"In fact this secret. He will become the magazine's fall later. Call as big a success is still less likely. Make Victoria can achieve it all with the same means to be a superstar. He was more than just excited," said a source, such as made ContactMusic.

In addition to business problems, so that consideration Victoria Beckham is the third child. Victoria's third child already feels like living in this country while their value was good in school-good. With this consideration, the move is not a good solution for them all. Even when David Beckham, must remain in Italy because they had to play for AC Milan Victoria also chose a round-back Los Angeles - need to Milan rather than move to Italy

Alice Norin have hobbies that are unique

Each person is certainly not foreign to the fotgrafi hobby, a hobby that is now more and more that like it. However, Alice Norin have hobbies that are unique, ie, lomografi. Lomografi is a part of photography, which uses a special camera, called the LOMO camera.
Justify Full
LOMO stands for Leningradskoye Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation), the lens is a factory which is located in St.Petersburg

Alice for a little over two years love this hobby, omografi more exciting than photography. Because lomografi not have rules and more freedom. Peminatnya albeit still small, but Alice confess club are reluctant to participate.

" if there are events like a community, sometimes like absen. That program is only cuman party. Aja fact can, but must exist, this because just play. Pas if dapet. Can actually, if a relic analog. Indeed, to more fun and if emang long-long-, "he said at the Plaza Semanggi, South Jakarta (26 / 7).

"Despite blur, but can get an interesting picture. one which can be expensive, can be expensive of the picture. And a lot of option and now have again a Polaroid. So I live in I am a regular camera. This additional kayak accessories," said DJ Riri this wife.

The award for Favorite Female Artist in Indonesia Kids Choice Awards

Thanks and thank you many times spoken Luna Maya. How not, it can be pleased to receive the award for Favorite Female Artist in Indonesia Kids Choice Awards this year. Moreover, Luna successful competitors who can beat heavy spelled as Laura Love, shireen Sungkar, and Agnes Monica.

"Alhamdulillah seneng banget. Thank you for everything, especially this is Kids Choice Awards, which have most certainly children. Terus coincided with National Children's Day also. Thank you also for children who have participated I choose," said Luna.

Found in the award after reaching the Tennis Indoor Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday (23 / 7) night, the artist who has a hobby of chatting and foreverglo on this blog a bit surprised because not only the adults who love it.

"Yes is not necessarily the children who have. Kan have his mother or his father, but the average child. It's nice, happy," he said.

"Yes anything for me, thanks for this award. Anyone that wants ngedukung, both parents, adults, or children," said Luna.

Adjie Pangestu Official Sign accusation Divorced

Adjie Pangestu officially register the claim on divorce his wife, Nadia Al Khalifi, Thursday (23 / 7) afternoon, at the South Jakarta Court Religion. Divorce claim was registered by the power law Adjie, Ferry Firman Nurwahyu, SH.

so found by earlier in the afternoon to eat a house in the area of Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Ferry justify the registration Adjie Pangestu divorce suit against Nadia Al Khalifi with the number of 1389/PDT.G/2009/PAJS. Ferry also said that the first hearing will be held around the date of 7 August 2009 to come.

Signs of cracks household Annisa Trihapsari former husband had the terendus journalist infotainment some time ago. When the journalists who wanted to ask for confirmation in Adjie kediamannya, Andara Town House, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (21 / 7), were unable to find.

However, through Yudi, guard house Adjie, information obtained at that time that Nadia has more than one month not to go home. There are two possibilities have been living separately, or pisah bed, but do not know Yudi own condition more master of the household

Brad Pitt Berharap 'MR. & MRS. SMITH

secretly hoping Brad Pitt films MR. & MRS. Smith, the film that opened the way for the story asmaranya with Angelina Jolie, made sekuel. The reason is simple. She wanted to film the life of love can make a pair with six children back enthusiastic.

"They hope that lightning will strike in the same place twice, and can be re-kindle the fire of love that unite them five years ago," said a source close to the pair confessed pesohor this. Not just a hope, they say even Brad is blandish Simon Kinberg, the film script author MR. & MRS. Smith immediately made a script for the film Brad sekuel expected this.

FemaleFirst also mentioned that this was the desire of the love affair that Brad and Angelina started a little.

Gigi: Not Achievement Award Jamaican

Awarded titled Khas Anugerah Planet Muzik in Anugerah Planet Muzik event in 2009 which was held in JCC, Saturday (18/07) and make teeth feel proud. However, they do not feel this measure as a decline.

"This is the first time we have the achievement award, in Indonesia it has never been. But this is not reject the measure, we still need more encouragement," said Armand, vocalist Gigi.

"This could be offered to the victims of bombing in Jakarta. Because the bomb was also all so disorderly as MU so that I come. We are sad. We hope MU would still come as a form of support to victims and fansnya here," he added.

Thomas, bassist Gigi also deplore the existence of things like that. He said that if peace should actually happen, even in play.

"Music Literature, or Malaysia, we are Serumpun, so the case tipikalnya. Music is taste, so no need to hate each other. Music is universal. Many of the good things that can be gained from music. Music is never wrong and I do not have mutual dislike between musicians, "he said

Trio Macan aunching a new album

After a while has not released an album, the trio Dangdut unique with this seksinya will be launching a new album. Trio Macan that by Lia, Iva, and Dian confess this album will be released in a time not too long.

Asked about the possible release a new album, Lia and colleagues found in LP in order to reassure the Nusakambangan there napi Saturday (18/07) yesterday, said the middle of preparing a new album to be released around the coming Hari Raya Lebaran.

"There is, and now the process is 50%," he said.

According to Lia, a new album that will consist of 12 songs that recycle its repertoire creation Ahmad Dhani. However, Lia can not Ensure what the title of the new album.

"Hopefully what has come out," said Lia hope new album has been released at what can wait.

In addition to the entertaining with napi Trio Macan, social activities to devote GMAI is the main Planting 1000 trees to plant and back part of the forest environment on the island of Nusakambangan.

Sissy Priscillia fact that trigger adrenalin sports

Young stars like Sissy Priscillia fact that trigger adrenalin sports. Besides diving, Sissy confess now addicted to bungee jumping. Sports craze started in the role of Krazy new film, CRAZY, KREZY ... landing Rako Prijanto.

Sissy admitted that he love sports and diving are now like bungee jumping. "Like diving again yesterday but try bungee jumping behind the rich taste of life in the top but fun," said Sissy found in Restaurants Sing! FX Plaza

However, although challenging to do sports, Sissy impugn his extreme sports fans like this. "Nggak like extreme sports, but enjoy the longer races and the feeling of adrenalin-deg degannya it. This is related to the film syuting in Bali, because there are scenes have to do bungee jumping. Syuting When I'm not brave, but after I try," he added.

Picture Aminah Sholihah Era

This is Picture New women from Indonesian

Foto Aminah Sholihah Era

Britney Spears more people say seriously learn Jewish religion

For the love of Jason Trawick, the sweetheart, Britney Spears more people say seriously learn Jewish religion, religion of the Jason. It is reported, Britney has even come to a rabbinical (Jewish religious Priest) to learn more about this belief.

This news was when Britney visible wear Star of David necklace while the album promotion tour. This fact is also supported by the people close to Britney said that Britney wanted to know more of the trust this new boyfriend.

"Britney would like to recognize the religion that is held by Jason," said sources, such as made by ContactMusic. The same news also mentioned that this was not the first time Britney is trying to move to other religions. In 2005, Britney dikabarkan are steep Kabbalah, a belief held by Madonna.

Unclear how far the relationship between Britney and Jason, but with this big step this can be suspected that the marriage had been in this list pop stars.

Channing Tatum finally release the single

Stars STEP UP, Channing Tatum finally release the single. On Saturday (11 / 5) afternoon local time, and Tatum girl who is also an actress, Jenna Dewan to promise sehidup semati church in Vineyard Estates, Malibu.

Tatum did not take long to say the pledge pernikahannya. Fair 15 minutes, the pair first met in 2006 at the time, while making the film STEP UP has become a husband and wife pair.

With attended by 200 invitations, wedding ceremony with the theme of white, beige and pink is also attended by stars Entourage, Emmanuelle Chriqui as wedding witnesses Haylie Duff also appears to be present there.

Darryls, the father of the Council can not hide the look kebahagiannya. "They really love each other. We can not be more happy again without Channing. He was a great man," he said to UsMagazine as quoted from the OMG

Rihanna vs Jamie Foxx

-There have only Jamie Foxx. Whether intentionally or not, is now a list musuhnya increased again after he mempermalukan Rihanna in front of the visitors who attended in a night club in Las Vegas.

The story, the actors spend a night this collateral in the Tao, LA. The accidentally saw Rihanna also there. Simply, Jamie gurauannya-orbit flat on the stage. He also invites Rihanna join and sing with him.

Rihanna refused. But Jamie is not running out of understanding. He then asks for a song Umbrella DJ rotate through the speakers, gossip column PageSix report in the New York Post dilansir FemaleFirst.

Rihanna feel ashamed and want to go from that place, but Jamie ongoing call. Rihanna sum bitch all night.

The tabloids have interviewed said, "Jamie took the microphone and began shownya. Half way, he rose to ask Rihanna on the stage. I'd like Rihanna, but Jamie mengerjainya continue."

"As DJ began to play the song Umbrella," added the source. "Rihanna start go away, Direct and Jamie told the DJ to stop. (Jamie yelling) 'You can not go if lagumu being played. Santai aja lah."

"Rihanna and remained ostensibly enjoy music, but he was really irritated and continues to sputter. Lagunya When finished, he immediately pull out of there," said the source.

Previously, Jamie was also berulah. In the April interview at the time one of the radio stations in the United States, Miley Cyrus make it as a heroin user and have sex recordings

Coupled U2 Black Eyed Peas tour around the United States

For the band U2 that sekaliber acid salt has been eating the music industry, create new surprises and blow apparently is normal. After the overt campaigning for Aung San Suu Kyi at the opening concert of them in Barcelona 31 May, Bono et al are now with Black Eyed Peas.

In their series of concerts titled 360 degree TOUR, U2 is scheduled to the United States, in October future, and coincides with the entrance to the United States, will take U2 Black Eyed Peas.

If this plan takes place, a fusion music that does not commonly occur akan. Black Eyed Peas even had its own feel grogi with the band for berduet Irish origin, such as expressed by the frontman, Fergie.

"We all certainly need to work hard, the audience will mengernyitkan the forehead at the time we launch a new show, even though they (U2) are the first start," he said as dilansir by Contactmusic.

Nia Dinata

Finally, the program KidsFfest alias film festival for children which is since 2007 also can be held back. Nia Dinata, one of the spark event is found in over gladness joy of him at Burger King, Senayan City, Jakarta, Tuesday (07/07) ago.

"From 2007 the new realized now," he said. "Pasti akan ada Continuity program. Reaching dreams We see what, for example. If you find that success, oh that cool animation and Indonesia can compete with foreign animation."

In this first event KidsFfest, Nia own target audience will have 6,500 children who came. Section, even if held for a week, this event was held in only two cinemas in the Blitz Grand Indonesia and Pondok Indah Mall 1.

Disinggung problem children tend to prefer to watch movies for adults, Nia very miris confess.

"Yes I forbid my child is. I am also the mother with two children. Bagamat I once heady with my child not to be watching a ghost movie or what, but the poster is everywhere. So I'm not concerned because we can ngelarang. So , for we can compete and make alternatives that do nothing

Events last homage to the late Michael Jackson will be running all over the United States

Events last homage to the late Michael Jackson will be running all over the United States on the same day. Not less than 37 cities in 20 countries will participate in the tribute show last event held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this.

Petinggi Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp.. will show the event live from the Staples Center to 37 cities in 20 states and is estimated to be witnessed by around 17,000 people all over the United States. This event will be shown live in high definition quality on the big screen that has been prepared previously.

One movie theater that will not participate in this event is to show Mann Six Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Building was originally scheduled to participate in this event to show but due to security considerations then this plan was canceled. Six Mann Chinese Theater is located not too far from the location of 'stars' Michael Jackson in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to ContactMusic, Time Square in New York and Apolo Theater in Harlem, where Michael had to appear while still with Jackson 5, will also participate in special events to show this

Michael Jackson is dead so Kathrine Hide Jacko 3 Children

Since Michael Jackson died, the third son of Michael Jr. (12), Paris (11) and Prince Michael (7) never appears in the media. People say they do not appear because of hidden and protected by Kathrine, her grandmother. Really?

Not like Jacko relatives who often appear in various communication media, tabloids began to TV, the third child Jacko is never shown,

Katherine, the ibunda who has rights to foster-grandchildren and grandchildren since the death of Jacko 5 June 2009, as dilaunching msnbc.msn.com confess, that he is the reason why children did not appear Jacko and hide it from public.

Kathrine only want to protect the grandchildren's grandchildren-ray media. Kathrine says, "They still have not been able to process all the events that occurred. It may take several years for that. But this time they feel OK.

Manohara Odelia Pinot has a debt of less than Rp5 M on the husband, Tengku Fakhry??

Some time ago glad to hear if Manohara Odelia Pinot has a debt of less than Rp5 M on the husband, Tengku Fakhry. However, when confirmed, Goddess, the older brother, disputed the harder it is.

"It's slander, nggak bener. We do not care Fakhry's spiel because I have evidence," said Dewi time in the Studio PERSARI, Jagakarsa, Cilandak, accompany the Mano syuting sinetron MANOHARA, Monday (06/07).

When the hour hand disinggung be that, if the Goddess menuturkan watches that should not be problems

and vocalist Alexa Group, Aqi get Married

Relationship status inaugurate a couple for every person certainly has a different understanding of the restrictions, without exception Band vocalist Alexa Group, Aqi. The former band vocalist group ticket, the principle of mutual trust have each other, according to him is the capital to move more. In opinion Aqi, himself married only once for a lifetime so a pair of belief that, is absolute.

"Really need to trust one another and that most poll dah do, if I do I know also. Married once was enough for life lo so sure yourself first before marriage. I want to do, but ntar aja," Aqi time in row Penta met in the studio, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta (4 / 7).

However, when urged himself whether this time have ready married. Aqi confess, it is not yet ready herself as still need to find a fortune but if it has met married Aqi ready to marry anyone with female.

Artis Sissy Priscillia more content, road 3 months

Happiness about the middle Lukman Sardi and his wife, Pricillia. After the marriage 28 March 2009, the middle Priscilia now 3 months. Uniquely, the wife of her husband crave face.

"Wife more content, road 3 months. God I love the same. Indeed, from before I married pengin be the children. Eh, married a new wife is content, "said Lukman Sardi, looked happy at the press conference in LA Indie Movie 2009, in PPHUI Building, Jalan HR. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Saturday (4 / 7).

Top children's first pregnancy, Lukman confess very happy. Uniquely, the wife crave face.

About Ariss Jessica Iskandar

Establish links with people from different cultures, of course, will find some fairly serious obstacles. As in Jessica Iskandar, who recently dropped out of the descendants of Dutch boyfriends - United States. After the first experience together with bule, Jessica future he hopes to be able to find the beloved of a match with it.

Asked what he wanted to drop out once again looking for girls bule, Jessica did not even claim to get the boyfriend objection people of Indonesia. "I notfirst time the person foreign court, if the front of the Indonesians to do what-what," said Jessica found in Studio Penta Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta Thursday (02 / 7).

However, Jessica for the artist not to enter a list of options to be lovers. "not girls want the same artist, equally busy," young stars insist this time is about options for potential new lovers.

Marcella Zalianty

The truth seems to be starting terkuak a twist in the case of national Ananda Mikola and actress Marcella Zalianty, at least, this is the case disclosed by Marcella try the freedom that has been associated direngkuh by Ananda.

"Alhamdulillah, this might be the best. Now I can see what digembar rant yesterday was not evident. The most important decision with this heart be sincere Ananda," said Marcella.

Found after the council decision Ananda Mikola in the Central Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (1 / 7), Marcella is also just get kebebasannya, assert experience, if occupying the hotel cost will be used as lessons for life and for Ananda.

"I dipas-pasin with the prisoners. We consider this exam as a mental or spiritual training. Whatever happens we become more understanding of life and freedom," he said, responding to vonis chamber judge pass sentence of 7 months imprisonment to Ananda Mikola.

As already known, although dijatuhi vonis guilty and decided violated Article 333 paragraph 1, in which he stated legitimate criminal conduct to help provide facilities for doing a crime experienced Agung Setiawan, Ananda

have been entitled to free, because it already meets the punishment.