WIL 'and Arnold's wife Got So Curhat Friend

The affair made ​​Arnold Schwarzenegger is apparently very painful for his wife, Maria Shriver. How not, another ideal woman allegedly gave birth to a child who also Arnold not only his family housemaid, but also friends confide in Mary!

A U.S. media also said that she 'always tries to calm down on her husband's affair'. As reported by the media, the mother of a child out of wedlock this Arnold, Mildred Baena, had become 'lean on' for Maria every time I feel sad, when Baena become employees in their homes.

"Patty (Baena close calls) never told us how she always cried to him every time Arnold had an affair. He also always tried to calm her by saying that this is the real Arnold and Maria have to accept his shortcomings," said Nora Vella, the former daughter-Baena.

Vella also said that although Baena menghandar and denied that her son's father is Arnold, but his family members were convinced that Arnold's confession was true. "They also argued that he was the son of Arnold. tenuous front teeth, jaw, and no family members blond,"said Vella.