Pamela Anderson Decaptitated Taxes Payable USD 3.5 M

Tax case again befall Hollywood celebrities. This time, turn to Pamela Anderson, who reportedly heavily in debt billions of tax dollars. How can that be?

As reported by Digital Spy, the former Baywatch star is owed ​​about U.S. $ 371,000 (over USD 3.5 billion). Pamela had debts of it because he did not pay taxes since 2011.

In 2009, Pamela had indeed owe taxes to the U.S. 1 million (more than USD 9.3 billion) to the IRS. But he insisted that the IRS was wrong to do the calculations.

At that Pamela is going through a financial crisis. It is not clear whether the tax debt was experiencing at this time due to the same problem or not.

This sexy career woman is seen to decrease in recent years. Most recently he had starred in the arena of DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS, unfortunately he was eliminated in the first week. (DGS / ris)

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