HOLLYWOOD Helena Bonham Carter, the Best Dressed 2010! What!?

What do you imagine when called name Helena Bonham Carter? Bushy and messy hair? Gothic makeup? Victorian dress is fluffy? Or even a gaunt face and smile sinisnya time role as Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter? But believe it or not, Helena has been named as one of the best dressed celebrities.

Wife of a famous director with the concept gothicnya, Tim Burton, is also claimed to be surprised when I read his name among the other celebrities who also named best-dressed celebrity magazine Vanity Fair.

"This is really a victory! I was laughing because I thought it was a joke when I know. But when I read this article, I thought, 'Oh, they chose the photo as bad as I was named the worst dressed celebrity,'" said Helena.

Some other names that accompany Helena is Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, and David Beckham in the 2010 International Best-Dressed List.

"I think I would feel not care. There is no burden for me to dress well. Maybe when I was younger, I was more concerned with what people than it is now," he concluded. Well, anyway, congrats Helena!

Jessica Simpson rumored to be getting married right on Christmas

Not wanting to be preceded by, Jessica Simpson rumored to be getting married right on Christmas. The only reason why Jessica rush it because he did not want to Nick Lachey, ex-husband first got married and people say that marriage and Eric Jessica and Nick Johnson due to marry Vanessa Minnillo.

"He wants to go up the aisle ahead of Nick. He knew that if this going to be difficult because a short time so this likely will happen the New Year," said a source, as quoted by Splash News. The same source also said that if Jessica Simpson wanted to focus firmly on her wedding because she did not want to say went along with Nick who was married to Vanessa.

Expenses Jessica Simpson is also quite heavy. Besides not want to be preceded by Nick, Jessica also did not want that his marriage will lose glamorous than marriage Nick and Vanessa. From a source close to Jessica Simpson Jessica obtained information that would make a super fancy wedding. At the same time, emerging information when Jessica's father is currently trying to convince Jessica to be willing to make a prenuptial agreement with Eric Johnson.

Willow Smith had a crush on Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber charm once again 'voodoo' a girl. And this girl was none other than Willow Smith, the singer daughter of actor Will Smith.

Willow itself is arguably close to Bieber, in addition to their career as a singer. Because the sister Willow, Jaden Smith (star KARATE KID) is a close friend of Bieber, who also co-duo in a few songs.

Some time ago, Willow also had a chance to accompany Bieber Bieber appeared one stage and called Willow as 'my little sister'. Apparently, this has become very memorable for Willow, to the extent that Willow could not stop talking about this friend of his brother.

"Willow could not stop talking about Justin. He really fancied him," said a close friend of both. "Her eyes glow every time I saw Justin," he continued.

Bieber alone give adequate attention to Willow, as some time ago after the singer of this song Whip My Hair performing in the Ellen DeGeneres.

Justin also wrote messages on Willow via Twitter, "Proud of you, Willow, looks awesome." Wow, certainly more flowered Willow!

Naomi Watts

Maybe this is the risk of becoming an actress but experienced before Naomi Watts plays a role in the film FAIR GAME simply did not play. Just imagine, Naomi to be tortured by CIA agents before he passed the play Valerie Plame, a CIA agent whose identity was leaked by the White House.

"The first half hour they play the movie that shows people who were killed in a very cruel for me to get used to," says Naomi Watts is quoted from Splash News. That's not how because after that Naomi had to deal directly with that abomination.

"After they handcuffed my hands behind my back and threw my body into the truck. My job is to get out of there alive," said Naomi again. Not only that, Naomi also had to get physical and mental torture during the training along with this CIA. Besides encouraged to drop to the ground, Naomi also has to feel pain when his shins kicked one of these CIA agents.

So do not be surprised if the film is Naomi Watts FAIR GAME looks really convincing. There's no way it was Naomi forget this painful short training.