Congrats! Holly Madison Pregnant Children First

Former Playboy Playmate announced the happy news. Not long relationship with his girlfriend, Holly Madison is now confirmed pregnant! Congrats! Holly her first child with her lover, Pasquale Rotella.

 The new couples in a relationship for nine months and even then do not expect will be blessed with a baby soon. "I always wanted to be a mother. But I think it's still a long way," said Holly tells Us Weekly. However, he welcomed the presence of the baby. 

Women 33 years was revealed that she was very lucky because it did not experience any problems during pregnancy. "I'm lucky! There was no pain in the morning, at least just a little queasy. Usually occurs before the show, so I was backstage ginger consumption," it continued Peepshow star.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Sale!

The house was inhabited by Robert Pattinson with Kristen Stewart will soon be sold. Apparently, Robert really wanted to forget all about Christianity. Reporting from Aceshowbiz, the 26-year man had no intention of returning to the house which is located in Los Feliz, Los Angeles is. Though it's been nearly a year into his house. "There are too many memories in that house," said one source at U.S. Weekly. Robert accidentally bought the house in September 2011. But unfortunately both happiness TWILIGHT star was immediately destroyed by Christian affair with director Rupert Sanders. Christians themselves had left the house at the request of Robert. Earlier, the couple had an affair for more than three years. (ace / ris)...

Katy Perry American Idol judge candidate's Most Expensive!

Stock selection of new judges of American Idol is not yet finished. Mariah Carey Having been to ensure joined, this time turn Katy Perry linked to the talent show. Previous speculation that Nicki Minaj has reached an agreement with the organizers. But the news is as Katy approach denied the news. More horrendous again, Katy reportedly offered a huge fee, which is 190 billion rupees. Contract money for it as well as defeating the amount earned by Mariah Carey, which is 113 billion dollars. Though fees earned Carey was the largest number in the history of American Idol. Organizers scramble American Idol was made after two previous juries that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler quit in about the same time. Leaving only Randy Jackson, the organizers continue to hunt the best name to fill the vacant position.

'Dating' Katy Perry??

Katy Perry does have a pretty close relationship. Now there is news that they were dating earlier this week. Approximately how close their relationship? This couple looked together at Soho House, Los Angeles some time ago. Whereas before, Katy has just reportedly ended her relationship with John Mayer. Apparently, bitter parting more unites them both. Katy heartbroken after splitting with John chose Robert as a place to share their grief. Katy himself is the one who is next to Robert when he was injured in the TWILIGHT star Kristen Stewart affair. No wonder if Robert was doing the same thing while colleagues mourn. Robert and Katy himself was known to have a party with a few months ago. Besides them, the couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez also joined.

Intimacy Emma Watson

After several failures in love, it seems Emma Watson has found the right person. The proof, he got it with her ​​lover's sticky. Reporting from Dailymail, she did not hesitate to show affection with Will Adamo-wicz. Couples who are in love seem intimate in the streets of London on Sunday (26/8). With a face full of joy, they always joking along the way. Will it embrace a well-built boyfriend while stepping on the streets. Their appearance that makes them look like a casual partner in general. Emma can not seem to take his eyes of her lover. The couple reportedly had a relationship for 10 months. The relationship became public after the two began Emma and Will show off affection at Coachella event some time ago

Wrap dress in Marchesa : Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria was a loyal customer of fashion house Marchesa. Eva is a few poses in her Marchesa gown

Gwen Stefani Will Marry Again?

Although the long-married, but the love in the hearts of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale has not subsided. That's what makes them decide to get married again. You know why? One close friend Gwen revealed that the couple had planned to get married again. As reported by Contact Music, both thought that love in their hearts could only be represented if they give promise of marriage once again.
"Gwen and Gavin are getting married again next September. They fell in love again and again," said the source. Not only married, the couple also has plans to add a baby. However, because Gwen has reached the age of 42 years, the couple who married in 2002 it would prefer to adopt children. "They also plan to have another baby, but because of age, Gwen thinks that adoption is the best choice," continued the source.

'LOL', And Then Laugh

There is nothing wrong in trying to remake Hollywwod successful films from other countries. But when the remake is actually damaging the original source, for what? LOL is one example of a remake failed to release this year. Adapted from the coming of age as the best-selling French book, starring Sophie Marceau and Christa Theret. The movie itself focuses on the character of the mother and son are busy with their stories in the era of technology has become a god as it is today. LOL But in the latest version, the story becomes not as focused as it is. The movie ran to and fro without a clear purpose. This is compounded by a row of conflict with the completion of the super cheesy cliches and shallow dialogue of pathetic characters. What the h * ll is going on? The presence of duet Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore did not help. LOL they even make it worse off. Miley's acting looks flat, he looked like he was not acting. There was no soul in his Lola. Even with Demi Mooreyang apparently can not choose the role it used to be when his name became the subject of conversation. LOL and then laughing out loud. LOL there to be ridiculed because of this movie is so dry, out of focus and pathetic. Interestingly, the latest version of the film is still handled by people who refine the original film; Lisa Azuelos. But somehow the result can be very tragic like this. So no wonder if LOL is playing a limited basis in the United States. Lionsgate may not know how to pull the recycled original source film releases in 2008 ago

Foto syur Miley Cyrus distributes

The entertainment world often shocked by the emergence of exciting photos of the celebrities that leaked onto the internet, and this time the fate experienced by the young actress Miley Cyrus.

As reported by the Huffington Post daily, the photos were originally made Miley for her lover who has become his fiancée, Liam Hemsworth. But apparently leaked the photo and make the fans excited and internet users in the world.

In the photo, Miley is seen posing naked in the bathtub while covering the breasts and showing off his tattoo.

The photos were taken by photographers who are also friends of Miley, Vijat Mohindra. Mohindra and Miley is known as a close friend. Mohindra even be the one to document his music tour in the spring of 2011 ago.

Blog Life of the Rich and Famous be the first to publish the photo. They claim the photo was taken during the 18-year-old Miley and her fiance are specific to Liam Hemsworth. But now it seems the photo was on display in one gallery collection Mohindra. Until this news was revealed, there has been no response from the Mohindra.

Apart from this one photo, posing naked is not new for the first time the popular star through the series Hannah Montana. Previously he has performed nearly topless for Vanity Fair magazine. And then he was just 15 years old.

Pose it had invited reactions and protests from various circles at her age who are minors and their effects on other teenagers. The controversy eventually died down after Miley publicly apologized.

Victoria Beckham Launches Line Minus Glasses

Appropriate that Victoria Beckham is no longer so enthusiastic about the Spice Girls reunion plans in any event. Understandably, her fashion business growing rapidly, far exceeding the wealth he earned from his career as a singer. Now he seems more confident with his work as designer clothing and accessories.

Latest news about his activities as a designer, women born in Harlow, Essex, England, 17 April 1974, it was developing a line of eyewear. Not sunglasses, goggles for eye but minus. It is slightly surprising, because so far Victoria has always rejected the use of glasses to aid vision. In fact, he was actually in desperate need of reading glasses you know, because the eyes have started plus.

Minus or plus glasses are available in the market less attractive to him. "I do need glasses, but I have yet to find glasses that suit me, or that I like," he said in Women's Wear Daily.

This is the reason why he eventually intends to design its own line of eyewear. "You know, I was always self-conscious, which is why I decided to make it myself," he continued.

There are six models are prepared for the collection of glasses, the result of his cooperation with Cutler and Gross. There is a frame with aviator style, a large frame with a dark color, there is a unisex, some are more feminine. According to Victoria, the husband was very fond of a thick rectangular frame. Incidentally, he is also fond of the frame.

Collections are designed for spring / summer 2013 will be available in retail stores in Paris Silmo, starting in January 2013. The price ranges between 295-340 pounds ($ 4.3 million to $ 5 million). Why it's so expensive, not because Vic made ​​with quality ingredients. Each model is done by hand in Italy, and adorned the form of "V" at the end of the stem.

The product of these glasses will be the first in a line of business eyewear minus / plus, although previously Victoria already has products sunglasses, which is part of his fashion label.

Lady Gaga Announces New Album Title

After a while the news of his new album cultivation discussed, Gaga finally revealed the title. In fact, he had a tattoo for it! Last week, singer of Judas was uploading the photos, showing off his new tattoo. On his arm, there is the word 'artwork' in black ink. In the upload, Gaga also include the status, "New album, new ink," which makes people speculate it will be the title of his latest album. The star enthusiasts to make sure his point by writing a longer message on his Twitter account, "Make sure when writing about my new album / project ARTPOP That you capitalize the title. * It's all in the details * good morning twitter!" he said. Gaga released her third album is expected early next month. When stuck in a crowd of fans in New York last month, he also had a chance to sing one new song. Gaga is currently completing a tour BORN THIS WAY. The flurry of sensational women are still growing with the launch of a perfume Fame and his film debut with director Robert Rodriguez.

Bruce Willis Son Convicted of Social Work

The judge on Tuesday (31/07) Scout Willis agreed to cancel the demand for fake ID ownership and drinking alcohol in public. But the daughter of Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Bruce Willis had to undergo two days of social work.

Scout, who just turned 21 years old, did not attend the Manhattan Criminal Court with his lawyer, who formally approved the agreement on behalf of the Scout.

"This should be completed by the cancellation, and rightly so," said Stacey Richman, who represents the Scout, which existed as a student at Brown University.

Scout was arrested in early June after he was known to drink the beer cans at a subway station not far from Union Square, Manhattan. Scout who was then 20 years later the New York show a false identity card with the name Katherine Kelly, according to court documents.

He was charged with a misdemeanor, which is second-degree forgery crime and alcohol consumption in public places