Celebrity-Celebs Sexy Beast That Appear in Front Screen Glass

Being an actor / actress, totality is an important requirement for the artist to animate the character portrays. Therefore, some artists are willing to change their appearance so that it looks ugly in front of the screen for the role he played it.

Here are the 10 women whose physical appearance looks bad on TV, but in everyday life they are hot and sexy woman.

Tina Fey

This photo is one of the scenes in the series 30 Rock as Tina Fey impersonating her mad. In this sitcom, she played a character named Liz Lemon the head writer of a fictional sketch comedy series.

Below is a photo of Tina Fey as a model in a magazine. Believe?

America Ferrera

This photo was when America Ferrera as Betty role in the series "Ugly Betty". "Ugly Betty" is a drama TV series United States who won a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award. "Ugly Betty" starring America Ferrera as Betty Suarez named the main character in the film adaptation of the series telenovela "Betty La Fea" from Colombia this.

Engineering Model Underwear Pictures Doutzen Kroes.

Advertiser products often make the mistake of excessive photo manipulation so the result looks like not real.

In most cases, photo manipulation is more subtle applied so often missing from view. Examples like photoshopping by the famous fashion brand Victoria's Secret revealed by Jenna Sauers of Jezebel.com this.

It appears that the changes applied to the color, transparency, and long products "Tankini" worn by a model named Doutzen Kroes.

Not only that, the body Kroes did not escape sebih manipulation to make it look perfect. Designers photo "conjure up" the image is to remove the lines of the face eksperesi Kroes and removing skin folds under her arm.

Overall, the picture brightness level to be raised. Some lighting error correction is also applied.

In addition to the beautiful light obtained from a Photoshop fake, much of the difference between the raw images and the final result is not too obvious, "Sauers wrote, as quoted by Bussiness Insider.

Sauers get two dozen raw photo files yet retouch from Victoria's Secret, which published a series of pictures that inadvertently August.

Shortly thereafter, the version of the photos that have been polished up in Victoria's Secret catalogs. Want to see it all

Too Erotic, Nicole Kidman Out Project 'nymphomaniac'

Shocking news came from Nicole Kidman. Ex-wife of Tom Cruise is rumored to come out of the project nymphomaniac erotic films.

According to rumors, the release of THE OTHERS star because real sex scenes he would do. This beautiful actress was not prepared for it.

Whereas before Lars Von Trier, the director, has confirmed that the scene is going to use a stuntman. If later they would be naked, it would be special effects like motion blur.

Before Kidman, Shia LaBeouf also was frightened by the demands of this scene. But he dared to accept the challenge from the director to do hot scenes in front of many people.

NYMPOMANIAC will release in 2013. The film will be shown in two versions namely hardcore and softcore versions. (sun / abs)

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Cheryl Cole More Like Underwear Cheap

Who says an artist is always synonymous with expensive clothes. Evidence, even Cheryl Cole prefers wearing cheap underwear. Cook anyway?

It was revealed when Cheryl was in Liverpool. Beautiful singer is on tour this time to ask employees to buy underwear to wear during a concert.

"Cheryl had run out of knickers while at Liverpool. He asked the employees to find clothes to wear for the next concert," said one source told the Daily Star.

Finally, the employee found a proper shop. Unexpectedly, it turned out Cheryl instead choosing clothes in a cheap, but good quality.

"Cheryl right choice. He booked a cheap, Stringy and small," said the source.

Rihanna Will Marry With Chris Brown?

Breaking news Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran seems so fresh air for Rihanna. The singer's 24-year plan even married to Chris. Really?

As reported by Contact Music, the woman who has appeared with the iconic bright red hair conveys the intention is to one friend. Diamonds' singer was even promise never to leave Chris.

"It's not surprising. Rihanna had told her friend 'I'm going to marry Chris'," said one source at Star magazine.

The source added that they had promised to go through all the obstacles together. They want to forget the beating incident in 2009, and a fresh start.

"Rihanna even said that he would not leave Chris despite the news media asking any sepedas. They are very passionate. Even when drunk, they always talk about the wedding," the source added. (cmc / ris)

Finally Jennifer Aniston Show Engagement Rings

Two months after announcing engagement, Jennifer Aniston finally showing an engagement ring in public. Like what their engagement ring?

As reported by Aceshowbiz Tuesday (9/10), the couple Jennifer and Justin Theroux appeared in Sante Fe, New Mexico. At that time, Justin was visiting Jenny on the set of WE'RE THE Millers.

  Large sparkling ring on the ring finger looks circular Jenny. Throughout the meeting, the couple was always laughing and sharing the warmth. It seems clear aroma of happiness among them.

The pair both appeared with casual clothes. Both wore jeans, t-shirts and jackets. Jenny wore a white jacket, while Justin chose black.

Justin and Jennifer got engaged on August 10. The date was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of Justin's to-41. But until now, they have not announced the wedding news.

This time Lady Gaga Not Dressing "Weird"

At Harrods London, England, Sunday (10/07/2012) local time, when it arrived and launched her first perfume, Fame, vocalist and songwriter Lady Gaga was dressed in a "strange". Makeup and good hair too. But, look at his hands.

Yes, Lady Gaga long dress simple design - black; follow the shape of her body, but not too tight, and without arms; pleated bottom and cover the soles of its feet, which is usually "strange" and diperlihatkannya.His hair - the hair extensions and light brown - hung up waist. The upper back is bulging like hairdos "beehive" style of the late singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who inspired hairdo in the 1990s. His hair sometimes disibaknya and saw the golden earrings adorn her ears. For her, dressing her contrived stand out, such as dressing "cat's eye" is synonymous with Winehouse eye makeup.

Apparently, Gaga has a specific purpose with the clothes, hairstyle and makeup that. He wants the attention of the people drawn to the gold colored accessories on both hands, which is in line with giwangnya. On the left, there is a bracelet and a "claw" like that worn by traditional dancers several countries in Asia, such as Indonesia and Thailand. Meanwhile, on the right, no bracelets, and ornaments, and finger nails simpler.However, outside accessories that draw attention, in the chance that Gaga has upset many fans, who called the Little Monster. Why not? Gaga arrived an hour late from the scheduled time. Gaga also stepped in only black carpet spread out, not from the base to the tip, so that the fans, who are waiting for hours, can not be satisfied greet and immortalize. In addition, the accessories on his hands, Gaga certainly can not greet the fans.

One of his fans, Luke Reader (18), from central London, said: "It is ironic that the perfume name Fame, because it really shows how fame has changed him." Advanced Reader, "He can not even give five minutes to talk and be photographed."

Lindsay Lohan: I Dibully Small Current

One more artist who claims to be a victim of bullying as a child. Lindsay Lohan claims to have unpleasant moments while sitting in class 11.

As reported by Digital Spy, MEAN GIRLS star condemned his friends while trying to exist with his film career. As a result too often left school, his friends always cast a cynical.

"Actually I also dibully at school when I left a lesson for the film. They also make fun of me because of the situation at home, where my father was incarcerated at the time," he said.

Lindsay continued that treated his friends worse over time. As a result, he was ruled out of the school.

"They shouted something ... I moved into home-schooling ended, currently sitting in 11th grade," he continued.

Really Oh In Hye Undergo Breast enlargement surgery?

Artist Oh In Hye talked about the rumors of plastic surgery menderanya. Save the name stuck when wearing an open shirt in the Busan International Film Festival is a conversation because the photos of her past.

In the photos it appears that the body is not the same when it debuted and while at the Busan Film Festival. That triggered the issue of breast surgery.

"In the photo, I just wear a tank top without anything else in it. There is a big difference when I wear a bra, and when it does," he said.

Oh In Hye then denied breast surgery. Implicitly, he revealed that the only plastic surgery on the nose area.

"Many were discussing a picture of me. One plastic surgeon said that my tits 100% false. Nevertheless, gene big impact on me. All aunt has a beautiful body. I do not even nothing," said Oh In Hye

Emma Watson, Artist of the Year The Most Dangerous!

One more award given to the Harry Potter star. As reported Aceshowbiz, Emma Watson was named the Most Dangerous artists on the Internet. You know why?

According to McAfee, the desperate search for actress beautiful long hair cut into a short piece of extremes is quite high on the internet. However, 12.6% of the search will lead to websites that contain viruses, spyware and other threats.

Besides Emma, there are a number of other artists in the list of McAfee's. In the second place, there is the name of Jessica Biel, who was followed by Eva Mendes.

The 22-year star is not the first artist crowned as the most dangerous. Last year, the predicate is pinned on supermodel Heidi Klum.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson or Emma Watson is popularly known, was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK, 15 April 1990. He was a popular British actress who plays Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter sequel.
Emma Watson himself is the son of Chris and Jacqueline Watson's lawyers are now divorced. He has a younger brother named Alex. He spent his early years in Paris, France, and Oxford, UK. Watson attended The Dragon School, a private preparatory school, until June 2003.
Since 2008, Emma is often targeted magazines to be a Covergirl. Such as Flare magazine (November 2008), the Sunday Times Style (December 2008), VS. Magazine, and Italian Vogue. Emma reportedly was in a relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter role as Cedric Diggory.
In 2012, Emma Watson announced her new boyfriend, Will Adamo-wicz to the public. The relationship became public after the two began Emma and Will show off affection at Coachella event in August. According to reports, the couple has been in a relationship since the end of 2011.

CAREERPrior to his role in the Harry Potter film, beraktingnya very little experience. In addition to school activities such as writing a poem, he had never attended a poetry competition. At the age of seven, he won the first rank for his age level.

Watson's first appearance on TV shown through his small role as a child lying in bed at Norwich Hospital in the movie Knowing ME, Knowing Yule.
His career soon dashed when he managed to get a role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter sequel, where he beat out thousands of other participants in the audition. As another Harry Potter film actor, she also contracted to play a character in the film until the end.
However, rumors had circulated that the appearance of Emma in the sequel only until the fifth sequel titled HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHOENIX. But in fact, Emma, ​​who plays the character of the most talented girl in the story of Harry Potter until the last sequel titled HARRY POTTER AND Deathly Hallows: Part 2.
Save The Tale of Despereaux (2008) realized that he could not rely solely on his film career. Therefore, she would move to America. This is related to Emma plans to continue studies at Brown University, Rhode Island.
Filmography2001 Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone2002 HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS2004 Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban2005 Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire2007 HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX2007 BALLET SHOES2008 The Tale of Despereaux2010 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - PART 12011 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - PART 2MY WEEK WITH MARILYN 20112012 The Perks OF BEING A Wallflower