Jenny Cortez sexy image

Hearing the name of Jenny Cortez comes to the brain is sexy. True, in some films, the actress who began her career as an adult men's magazine model is always the sexy woman. Because of its role in some movie making is inherent in the self-image sexy actress was born in 1986.

Many emerging artists who have capital only dared open without the support of the quality of acting, but not for a movie player PENGANTIN WATERFALL, to hone his acting skills, JCO (so he is usually called, following the theater class.

We found some time ago in a photo studio in the region Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, JCO witnesses telling us why the image attached to him.

* People are more familiar with Jenny Cortez movie player from the soap opera, why?
If you say more consern in the movie, hell yes. Most if for tv shows for events just wrote comedy. If for no bid striping uda actually two titles, but we do not fit maasalah material. Actually better bid in the movie, more relaxed. Kayak schedule, I was on call at 3 in the thes only an hour, when the soap operas he said more ngaret. But if the material is suitable may aja.

* You include the selective role?
If I get a role like that emang first people I know are sexy. So I just follow aja, when requested yes sexy I am sexy. How acting just so I get better again, I was a theater school.

* How long?
I've been almost a month.
It's really different. So, the first time I joined the school theater, the theater is actually harder than filming it. So we only know given the heart of the story continues we make a summary of the story, the script on the stage of initial entry until closing. And I think it's hard.
I exercise 2 times a week, Monday at Wednesday from 7 am to 12 am.

* Science what is obtained from the theater?
Many, many really. To be sure to hone acting skills. In addition, it could be a writer too, because we also have to develop the story.

* Responding to the image sections are attached at Jenny Cortez?
If the image was first I was a little kesel. What's so sexy, biasa aja. Many films that really sexier. But ya udah lah, do not judge others, yet others not know our real personality is like. Yes I think that I managed to portray a character in the movie.

* With this in Jenny's sexy image, in the future so picky about roles?
Sometimes when we play our own sexy aura depends. Sometimes we wear aja polite people say sexy, I also like confused. So, yes I already was if his offer of a sexy run it wrote.

* But if there is an offer to play the movie role as a veiled woman want?
Want to, but I think hard. Because there is not an offer to play like that.

* The role is like, do you want played?
I want roles that psychopaths so, because there is a challenge, how the people of the good turns evil. Itukan really hard, so that was really studying.

* Of the film, what role is most preferred?
On the PSP movies, which so Aisha, a girl of the village. Because there I have to cry then I have cooked Javanese accent, kept the spotlight eyes should be a good girl. To explore the role I always do observas

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