Rihanna Showing off his latest collection at the Oxford Street Store

After a fashion brand, River Island, took part London Fashion Week, Rihanna is back showing her collection at the Oxford Street Store.

This time Rihanna collections shown include casual fashion collection with neutral colors. Rihanna alone know who determine the material, color, and the model he wanted for this collection.

Want to know what collection? Check out the video below, see if you can inspire everyday style:

Ridiculous Reaction When Drunk Girls Weight

Glare? Use Trash

I do not know what makes a party like this girl chose to put his head in the trash can. Apparently the room lights are too dazzling for the eyes, which is why he prefers to come to terms with the trash.


Sleeping on Toilet

Either this girl just shitting or just want to do it. He seems unable to return to a more feasible. Unable to control himself, he chose to sleep in the toilet is equipped with a toilet seat.
Almost Up Interest

When struggling from fatigue and dizziness produced by alcohol, this girl seems to have a maximum effort toward his bedroom. Unfortunately his efforts are not successful. He just got to the front door and fell asleep there.

Variety Fashion Selena Gomez,

Hollywood film in 2012 and filled with charming characters dressed. From fairy princess character, secret agent, to the equally sexy stripper gives examples of how to choose a dress or outfit that charming.

With clothing designed by renowned designer, the characters in this film like a model. Not only striking from the characterizations, they also steal attention through top-class performances.

There are a lot of characters that are displayed with a beautiful dress, but certainly not easy to choose the best among them. The ten figures who finally elected into 10 movie characters who look like a fashionista.

Amanda Seyfried picture

Amanda Seyfried has a new man in her life, Josh Hartnett.

Citing Showbizspy, Thursday (8/3), the actress was dating Dominic Cooper and Ryan Phillippe in the past, the center underwent a romantic relationship, Josh Hartnett.

In fact, the happy couple is in a relationship since it was introduced by a friend in January 2012.

"Josh likes to keep the relationship remained a secret, so they could get together at any time, without anyone knowing," said the source. [mor]

Cheryl Cole's ex-husband Playboy Girl Caught Fuck

Info from artis A bitter facts about romance Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole revealed. Playboy girl claimed to have slept with the footballer.

According to the woman named Melissa Howe, Ashley often pick up and take her home that was occupied by Cheryl Ashley. That's where Ashley and Melissa satisfy their desire masing.Mantan Cheryl Cole's Husband Caught Fuck Girl Playboy

"We made love in all parts of the house," Melissa said as reported by The Sun.

Ironically, this heat connection occurs when Cheryl is rumored to be back at Ashley. Previously, the issue of the affair is coloring their relationship, so that lead to divorce.

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation of any of the parties concerned. But if this is indeed true, then this fact would have hurt Cheryl.