Info : Porn star Jenna Jameson proved negative addictive drugs

Porn star Jenna Jameson proved negative addictive drugs, as alleged former life partner, Tito Ortiz.
I am completely addicted to OxyContin or not other drugs. "

Tito Ortiz, mixed martial arts athlete who is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion, accused Jameson suffered drug addiction of OxyContin. This was revealed by Ortiz responded to allegations of Jameson that he had committed acts of violence against himself.

To the celebrity website TMZ, Jameson said he had not been taking such drugs. "I absolutely never OxyContin addiction or other drugs."

Recognition Jameson justified by its legal counsel. "Results of laboratory tests showed that Jenna Jameson was never under the influence of drugs," he said. "This result has denied any allegations made against another party Miss Jameson."

This lab results released by the American Toxicology Inc.. Lab results include drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and oxycodone which is the main content of OxyContin.

Julia Roberts the most beautiful woman in the world.

Julia Roberts may be a familiar list of the most beautiful woman in the world. This time Pretty Woman star was signed in the list of Most Beautiful Person in the People magazine version. For the fourth time Roberts occupy top positions in the magazine.

Many who might agree calling Roberts as the most beautiful women. Admit it is one of the Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall. "She's as beautiful as ever. He's more focused and calmer now and not too depressed. She is a mother - was a nanny."

This mother of three children now live in New Mexico with her husband, Danny Moder (41). He and his family away from the media spotlight. Double Oscar-winning actress revealed that she prefers her family. "Seeing the family as breathing in, cleanse. I'm very lucky, and I tried to show gratitude I feel every day ...," he said as quoted by People.

Besides the fourth time called the most beautiful in People, Roberts had 12 times this has been named the most beautiful in many U.S. magazines.

Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt

The news about the wedding plans Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continues. Pitt and Jolie are rumored to apply. Reportedly Pitt also both parents, William and Jane give the marriage blessing.

Family Jolie - Pitt and currently resides in Venice during filming Jolie's new film The Tourist. According to a source, Jolie felt this was appropriate for them to marry. Even the National Enquirer quoted a source who said that Pitt's parents, who had reportedly not getting along with Jolie was happy with the decision.

This source said: "Angelina fell in love again with Brad - and he wanted to make this relationship official by getting married. Once he decides, the only thing to do is say to Brad."

The same rumors over and over like a few years ago, calling the wedding will be held at the couple's villa friend George Clooney, on Lake Como, Italy. Four children have their largest - Maddox (8), Pax (6), Zahara (5) and Shiloh (3) have an important role in this great day. Jolie and Pitt have been together for five years. They now have six children, three adopted children (Maddox, Pax, Zahara) and three biological children (Shiloh and twins Knox, Viviene.

Lindsay Lohan thrown out of Club

News Lindsay Lohan's wild behavior getting out of control. The actress was evicted from a night club after pouring drinks in the head lesbinya former partner, Samantha Ronson. Both are now met at a famous LA hotspot, Trousdale.

An eyewitness was quoted as saying Splash News from the U.S. newspaper said Ronson was sitting with a friend when suddenly Lohan came and poured a drink on her head. "Her glass flew everywhere, Samantha looked surprised. The owner of the club to ask Lindsay to leave the place and also says that you should never come again," said this source.

Ronson who seems to not take care of this act of his former girlfriend and then write his unusual experiences on Twitter: 'Recently a glass thrown at my head ... Hmmm - wonder who did this. "

Lohan is currently tangled in a variety of problems. Recently, he was expelled from his new film project, THE OTHER SIDE. He also tangled in financial problems - credit card debt and pay two months rent arrears.

A friend of Lohan's recently also accused him of stealing a Rolex watch, with police checking Means Girl's star. This was not the first time charges of theft directed at Lohan. Now his father, Michael Lohan intends to propose specific rights to control her daughter's problem was, as did Britney Spears's father.

Victoria Beckham able to laugh

Victoria Beckham at the expression on each photograph, the question arises whether this is one celebrity who can not smile. In fact the former Spice Girl was able to laugh, as evidenced when he starred in ads LG with his good friend, Eva Longoria.

According to Splash News, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria recently believed to be the star product advertisement Fashion LG Touch Phones owned and in the ad, the two friends are seen laughing as he talked on the phone. LG alone could give a promise that in this ad they will see the Victoria and Eva from the side that had never seen.

So, if you look at Victoria Beckham never smiles, does not mean it's David Beckham's wife never smiled. This may be the trademark he created so he look more sexy. To be sure, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria did not look familiar to pretend just for this ad. They're both good friends since David decided to stay in Los Angeles.

Vulgar by artist Jenny Cortez

Vulgar photographs artist Jenny Cortez back in circulation. This time a male adult magazine published by OK Magazine named the capital put the photos in a special edition titled Jenny 'Obscene Photographs Jenny Cortez'. As confirmed through personal channels on Tuesday (20 / 4), Jenny did not know nothing about the circulation of these photographs. Although he already knew.

"I am embarrassed by the photos," he said in hushed tones at the end of his cell phone.

According to Jenny, the photographs were mostly old photographs, only one recent photograph taken during the film GHOSTS HUNTER THE MOVIES, and another photo that was not hers. "I do not know why my old photographs can be mounted on it," he said in surprise.

The magazine also mentioned to get a collection of raunchy photographs can contact Hendrik and Hendra that outlines his personal numbers are complete. "I also do not know and familiar with the Hendra and Hendrik," he asserted.

Jenny certainly will immediately take steps in the near future, but first will consult with management.

Cameron Diaz with Alex Rodriguez

U.S. sportsman, Alex Rodriguez seems to be good friends dating famous Hollywood star favorite. Men who are familiar called A-Rod was once rumored relationship with Madonna, this time the singer was still married to Guy Ritchie. He also had with Kate Hudson. And now he's reportedly in a relationship with Cameron Diaz.

In February and then A-Rod and Diaz seen flirting at the Super Bowl event. According to the tabloid Life & Style both are now in a relationship. A source quoted by the magazine asserted that they were both at this time together.

Other sources quoted by Page Six gossip column said that if their relationship will not lead to a more serious level. Both are just ordinary dating, no commitment. Until now representatives of A-Rod and Diaz have not provided feedback about the news of their togetherness.

Oksana Grigorieva with Mel Gibson's

Mel Gibson's relationship with his new girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva did not last long. Gibson is now disconnected from her lover. Gibson and singer from Russia is now on the path respectively.

A close friend of this couple told People.com quoted as if they would raise their daughter together. Although now separated the two will remain on good terms. "They both worked hard for their respective careers. They still remain friends and together they raised Lucia," said this source.

Gibson and Grigorieva was first revealed their relationship April last year. The appearance of both the public only a few weeks after the actor's wife filed for divorce Robyn. Gibson and Robyn underwent during the 30-year marriage. The couple has seven children. Gibson get the eighth child of his Russian lover this. Their daughter, born last October named Lucia

Teri Hatcher looks stay slim and look gorgeous.

With 45 years of age Teri Hatcher looks stay slim and look gorgeous. Obviously it was not without effort but according to his confession, this HOUSEWIVE Desperate stars do not do a strict diet.

Hatcher who recently took part in the Malibu Triathlon event claiming she diligently went to the gym. One child's mother was also told if he did once a week hiking, jogging or bike riding.

In an interview with Australian magazine, NW actress Hatcher opened her beauty secrets, she combines a high protein diet by consuming fruits and vegetables. "I eat healthy food. I do not diet at all. I like the food but I'm one of those who prefer a bowl of pasta from the sweet or dessert food," he said.

Alicia Keys.FREEDOM OF THE Elemen album

FREEDOM OF THE Elemen album had been circulating since December 11 last, but Alicia Keys still plans to release two songs in this album as a single. One is the Put It in a Love Song which is a duet with Beyonce Knowles, Alicia.

"Single was be released after the video Un-Thinkable," explained when asked to comment on Alicia Keys' single, which he recorded with Beyonce's. Alicia itself not to mention the release date of the Un-Thinkable the track number seven in the album's FREEDOM OF THE element.

"We will release first video of new Thinkable Un-Put It in a Love Song, but it seems it will be released ahead of this summer," added Alicia Keys anymore. Problem duet with Beyonce Knowles himself, Alicia Keys commented, "It's nice to have a video clip it was that good with that great artist."

Lady Gaga Imsonia

Achieve fame in a relatively very short time did have a bad impact on Lady GaGa. According to sources close to the singer look 'unique' is Lady GaGa suffering from sleep disorders and many times he was not getting enough rest. Many people start worrying about this condition Lady GaGa.

"Currently he's in tough times. He was always planning what clothes he was wearing next. He also always tried to do more than he can afford," said a source quoted from Splash News. As a result, Lady GaGa having difficulty sleeping or who is known as insomnia.

"He never stops. Never. I'm sure soon he will have problems and we were all worried," continued the same source. Looks like what was said by this source is not far from reality. Some time ago, Lady GaGa said if he had not slept for three days because of work dealt

Singer Avril Lavigne

Singer Avril Lavigne reportedly trapped in a love triangle between her new boyfriend Brody Jenner and ex-husband Deryck Whibley. This 25-year-old singer split up with Whibley in September. And he's already close relationship with Jenner some time.

A source told E! said: "Avril continue to touch Brody, hugged her and whispered something in his ear. He was dancing provocatively while smoking cigarettes."

Another eyewitness said that was all night, and Lavigne's romance and Jenner could not keep his hands from one another. But on the other hand, Lavigne is also still in touch with ex-husband. They still see each other often.

Apart from the news, Whibley recently celebrated the 30th anniversary in Las Vegas unaccompanied Lavigne. The Canadian singer was seen with a brunette while partying at the Playboy Mansion

Info :Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston admitted frankly that he was not including the anti-beauty Questioning technology. Aniston to honestly admit that he would not refuse to do Botox (cosmetic procedures to remove wrinkles).

In the interview with British magazine Harper's Bazaar 41-year-old star said: "I could have done that. Wrinkles-crease even more in it every day."

But Aniston insists that she wants to receive a wrinkle-wrinkle it too: "Wrinkles, wrinkles this is about how to live our lives. See, I eat with a very decent and exercise, but I'm too impulsive when I want. I'm not making myself hungry with extreme way. You will not get rid of coffee or milk products or glass of wine just because I'm going to suffer. "