Demi Moore

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have a secret about their happy household, which live for the moment and not thinking about the future.

46-year-old actress and her husband, a 31-year-old is now believed that the success of their marriage because it was happy with the time they spent together. They just live today.

When asked what the secret of happiness in a relationship, Demi answered, "I thought it was a big question for now. I like to see where I am right now."

Artis Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich signed a contract to support the new movie titled THE FACE IN Crowd. Psychological thriller genre films will be directed Julien Magnat.

According to Movieweb quoted by Variety, the film is about a woman who survived the attack serial killings. He woke up in hospital with wounds that made him unable to recognize faces.

This screenplay will be written Magnat. And the production process is scheduled to start in March next year.

Rihanna Open ....??

Rihanna seems to know exactly that something that smells will surely sell sensual. That's evident from the picture itself is plastered on the cover of the single has just been released. Single titled Russian Roulette is part of the album RATED R was due to be released in late November.

In a single envelope that 'surprise' was seen Rihanna wearing only a corset with a matching color of his skin as her chest was left open and only closed by the loops 'barbed wire' that seemed made of plastic. As a complement, Rihanna also wore blindfolds pirate style but with a hole in the middle.

Single Russian Roulette Rihanna is starting exhibited on his personal website last Tuesday to coincide with the launch day of this first single. Russian Roulette itself, according to ContactMusic, is the work of Ne-Yo. Until now there has been no leak of any song that will be on display in this Rihanna fourth album. Clear Def Jam plans to distribute the album on November 23 next

Sandra Bullock claim

Sandra Bullock claims raised in two cultures is not a pleasant experience because he frequently been confused by the culture of the mother and father are different. But despite the confusion, Sandra also got a lot of benefits that could not have gotten if both parents come from the same culture.

45-year-old actress was indeed born of American fathers and mothers who came from Germany. Innate cultural Sandra's parents is that sometimes made these actresses feel confused. "I feel annoyed and even sometimes felt schizophrenia. But at the same time I also got to grow profits in a different culture" says Sandra Bullock is quoted from ContactMusic.

Of cultural differences is also Sandra could see things from different sides. I can see the politics, war and the importance of friendship from the amazing view. I learned to deal with differences of opinion with a lighter way, "continued Sandra later.

Britney Spears flew to Mexico

- Rest of the full work schedule, Britney Spears flew to Mexico with his family and girlfriend for the weekend.

As quoted from, Celebrity-gossip.net singer is seen wearing a sexy black bikini on Sunday (18/10) accompanied by her boyfriend, Jason Trawick during a walk on the beach. The second child with Spears was also seen his grandparents.

Spears made a vacation to Mexico after completing his latest video shoot in Los Angeles 3. Single entitled to be present 3 top hits.

About this new video, on his Twitter, Brit writes to fans: "I'm so glad you all like it because I'm doing this all for you. I can not wait until you see the video!"

Sensational Amy Winehouse

Sensational news again came from Amy Winehouse, who is said to now have found a new idol of the heart after parting with Blake Fielder Civil. Chanter hits Rehab was reportedly were making love with a monk, the son of former world champion boxer, George Foreman.

The news emerged, because Amy was in a clinic in London, seen together with George III, son of George Foreman.

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"The name of the man that George Foreman, he also boxed as his father's former world boxing champion. Amy liked him so much because of his athletic body and keep fit," he said one witness who admitted to The Sun.

Meanwhile, Amy's presence in London was really enough to make the news hunters are interested in following him. The reason, singers full name is Amy Jade Winehouse is known to change the size of her breasts in a leading London clinic.

Madonna Expresions

Madonna's expression of concern over 'oppression' that occurs in the gypsy who is known by the name of Rome at the time he held a concert in Bucharest yesterday was not just mere talk. The proof of this pop diva favorite pair of shoes donated to be auctioned and used for the education of Roma.

"Madonna comments on the equality of treatment as citizens shine on the European continent against the gypsy. We were very touched to accept donations Madonna because she is a icon of innovation and high spirit," said Leslie Hawke, Ovidiu Rom president of the ContactMusic quoted as saying.

A pair of gold stilettos made by Christian Dior is owned by Madonna, donated to the Ovidiu Rom, an organization that supports the education of children of Rome. The plan of this high-heeled shoes will be auctioned off in a regular event held Ovidiu Rom and full results will be used for the educational interests of the children of Rome.

Porn star Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi Finally Cancel to Indonesia

Weep, O fan of porn star Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi. Because the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Menbudpar), would prohibit the arrival of the stars 'blue movie' is entered Indonesia. Even Menbudpar would be quickly summoned the producer and film director abducted Miyabi to cancel the arrival of the star from Japan.

It is said by Menbudpar Ad-Interim, Mohammad Nuh who has held talks with various parties, Tuesday (13/10).

"We have been asked to cancel the presence of Miyabi, and the Maxima Pictures, which plans to bring the movie star from Japan was already sure to cancel it," said Mohammad Nuh Menbudpar received, Tuesday (13/10) night.

Above description, Miyabi almost certainly will not set foot in Jakarta. So, how did the film's producers?

"Oh, so yes, I just know it. Who's talking about? I frankly do not know about the cancellation. But we'll try to set the schedule back if it happens cancellations," said Ody Mulya KapanLagi.com when contacted via telephone, Tuesday (13 / 10) night.

Ody said that if all this is done because many people who do not want to come to the Indonesian Miyabi.

"This is all a question not just his arrival he wrote. It's not a feared figure because pornonya star image," said Ody

Katie Holmes promised to have sex wherever with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes reportedly vowed to help her husband, Tom Cruise, to lose weight. Uniquely, Katie suggested a pleasant enough way.

The former Dawson's Creek star 30-year-old suggested a diet of sex to the husband. The reason, she tired of the complaints that Tom kept getting fat.

"Tom complained about the difficulty to lose weight, so Katie's vowed to help Tom," said a source at the American magazine, OK!, As quoted by ShowbizSpy.

"Katie read if we are going to burn 600 calories just by having sex three to four times a week. So he said to Tom to think about how many calories you will burn if they have sex session that they put in their daily schedules," he added.

And Tom is said to feel part of it is the best part of a diet plan that is owned Katie. He also promised to have sex wherever they can just for the sake of ensuring the diet.

Elizabeth Taylor

Tuesday last, the legendary film star Elizabeth Taylor reported that he will soon undergo heart surgery to repair a leak in his heart valve. Via Twitter he asked his fans and friends to come pray for this operation run smoothly.

"I hope you all pray for me. I'll be in touch if this operation is over," said the actress who is now 77 years old. Reportedly, the actress is suffering from a leak in the valve and will undergo heart surgery procedures are relatively new. So far there has been no information about the operating schedule which will be lived a good friend of the late Michael Jackson is.

Several close friends Elizabeth looked provide moral support by replying via Twitter as well. Kelly Osbourne, for example, revealed that he and his mother wished her success through the operation well and pray for her recovery.

People also mentioned that the comedian Sandra Bernhard also provide the same support by writing, "You have been through a lot tougher challenges than this. Our prayer is always with you all."

Salma Hayek go Acting

After about two years away from the big screen, Salma Hayek finally re-emerged to support the film THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT. Although the role that he can sort this small role, but Salma does not seem to argue because he felt needed time to adapt again to the world of acting.

"This role is very important to me because my acting was not long enough. Actually, I had accepted the offer immediately after birth and that Valentina is the first time I declined the offer to play in the film. I was not ready," says this beautiful actress is quoted by Access Hollywood .

In a way, playing in the movie THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT This is a great blessing for Salma Hayek. In addition to the role that he had not too heavy, he was also allowed to bring children and their families to the set. During filming, reportedly, her husband and three children being there so Salma Salma did not need to be too worried about the baby's care.

Julia Roberts go toTaj Mahal India

Although the name Taj Mahal is probably not a familiar name for the palace, located in India and is often referred to as one of the seven wonders of the world but the experience of visiting the palace Julia Roberts is still making this actress in awe. Fortunate to have the opportunity to play Julia in the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE that led to this amazing palace.

"Julia had marveled at the Taj Mahal. He watched the building with amazement as tour guide explaining complex patterns and designs of the marble surface used this building," said a source quoted from FemaleFirst.

Julia Roberts is currently in India to shoot her new film, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Earlier he had also visited the local religious leaders to ask for permission before you start shooting. Lucky again, she did not have to stay in hotels or on location because the actor Saif Ali Khan who is also a good friend of actress Julia was invited to stay at one of the 'palace' during his stay in India

Artist Katy Perry pretty

Artist Katy Perry pretty rumors about his love relationship with comedy actor, Russell Brand, after the action embraced in London, Friday (02/10).

As quoted by ContactMusic, the couple had flown to Thailand alone, spending his vacation time.

They did not seem to cover the relationship established between the two. Even last Friday, Brand could be seen walking in the Katy area residents, in Hampstead, North London.

Wenn photographer had captured the incident, in which Brand's hand affectionately hugged the small body of Katy in a coffee shop near the town of Hampstead Heath park.

"They looked happy, they wear glasses, but no sign of them hide from the camera, they just relaxed," the photographer said.

Also reported that Brand had touched and gently hugged Katy, and Katy attention throughout their journey.

Britney Spears does not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to buy candy

To pamper their two children, Britney Spears does not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to buy candy for his two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Although money is no object, buy the candy is still much to be something quite surprising.

"He spent about U.S. $ 3 thousand and left the store with ten bags. She bought lots of candy and t-shirts for his two children and a lot of lollipops for backup dancers," said a source quoted from ContactMusic. This happened when Britney and her sons visited the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas last weekend.

They say it's not just Britney purchased because shortly after Britney left, the store clerk wrapped and sent sweets worth U.S. $ 2500 to Britney's room at the Mirage hotel.

Perhaps the candy shop is once again to celebrate the success of Britney's tour in the United States that ended last week. It is said that the closing concert was also attended by Barry Manilow and Lance Bass.