Angelina Jolie camp in Dadaab, Kenya border

Angelina Jolie made tears while visiting a refugee camp in Africa, on Saturday (12 / 9). Famous actress who served as UN ambassador to spend a day in the refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya border. His visit aims to see 285,000 people who suffer from hunger Somalia.

The camp has only 90,000 homes built to prevent terror from their own country and fled to Kenya.

Jolie is hoping to bring public attention to the problems faced by Somalia. He met with several families in the camp.

As quoted by Contactmusic, the actress says, "If this is a better solution, then why be in Somalia? The toilet began to overflow. There is not enough space for waste disposal so people living in the garbage. What's amazing is the more people who came to the camp, Somalia families continue to receive a sincere little things they have, even if it means having one of the eight water they need so their children do not suffer from dehydration. "

"The families I met Somalia today is filled with warmth and affection. I wish more people could see them because eventually they will have a strong hope to get help," explained Brad Pitt's partner.