Artis Sheza Idris

The Biography Sheza Idris, Female, Moslem,Jakarta, 14 Oktober 1988

Sheza also claimed startled to see his father's acting. The "newcomer nyampai how come was told to come home." Narrow kesel also, completely resentful I that disalahin. Like that knew dikerjain and was embraced by mama, immediately was cool, said the former girlfriend Ruben Onsu this.

Who will definitely be sad and cried when hearing the raging the father, and so that was felt by Sheza Idris. Just because of coming late because of being syuting exact in the birthday of his mother who was spread out in the Pulau Dua Restaurant, Senayan, of Southern Jakarta, Sheza then was hit by the 'syringe' by his father, in fact until was expelled.

Touched on by the matter of the gift, duo Idris this has had the special dedication. Sheza, Shezy, with their youngest child's brother discussed and gave mutual input together. "We nabung the three, trus was added by Papa," said Sheza. "It is hoped (Mama) healthy." Mama was the mirror for the two of us. Pengen eventually if being old could like Mama, hard-working religious duties and the cooked champion, he added.

Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono

Early February 2009, Tian has acknowledged his marriage news with the artist walked on Kamal. He and Walk On will carry out the related press conference on the news of his marriage in the near future.

In the meantime Walk On tell about if the marriage that was experienced by him this was one something that was amazing. "This my life that was new." In fact could not believed, deg-degan also ngejalani him, said Walk On

Tian explained if having several matter stories of his privacy with Walk On that could not be explained to the public's public. "We pengin related all of them, but according to me this not consumption" of the "public." I apologised to all of them, said Tian. As the figure public, still Tian words, himself indeed had an obligation to not open all the secrets of his matter. "I and Walk On would also pengin lived normal," he said.

Rosillia Octo Fany wife from Aris Idol

The choice came to terms with his husband, Aris Idol became the stipulation for Rosillia Octo Fany. So as in the near future, himself will immediately pull out the related report on the case of the violence that had been carried out the star.

The step in peace that was followed by Aris and Fany then was reinforced with four agreement letters. Where each one had responsibility, and the role of staying constructive the conducive situation. The "hem must promise to not repeat his action and to be the responsible husband." If for me was the good wife.

And the letter was signed by Roy (the person who played a role when Aris was Idol). I and Aris the intention of referring indeed was available, because I indeed wanted to repair all of them, he stressed. Asked about the plan again gathered in one house, Fany admitted to not yet knowing, and up to now himself was still living with his parents. "That not yet, I was still being kept being the same my parents," say him.

Artis Krisdayanti

When putting on the crown, KD admitted to experiencing few difficulties, the reason for the amount of his hair that just a few. So as when the crown was installed was felt rather heavy in the head. However for the sake of maximal results, all that was realised by him as a risk of the work.

When underwent syuting the song videoclip waited Cinta, Krisdayanti must impose three sorts of the marriage fashion. One including being a marriage clothes of the tradition from Aceh, coloured pink that awakened appetite to be owned by him.

The Menanti Cinta song was soundtrack the film WHEN CINTA BERTASBIH directed by the director Chaerul Umam that was appointed from the Habiburrahman El Shirazy work novel with the same title. This film was middle in the process of the production and in the near future immediately will circulate. "I was attracted by these clothes, I wanted bought because something that was compared to the other area different," stressed the woman from the Stone, East Java that was accompanied by his child.

Aura Kasih Trauma

Whether because of the trauma was reported was involved in the conflict with Luna Maya or another thing, that was certain, the tight guarding of appearance in front of space gathered the artist in basement Serpong Plasa, Jakarta, Yes, on that day Aura Kasih became one of the INBOX SCTV stars of the agenda filler that was presented each morning.

However when pewarta the media will enter this space, the official did not permit entered on the basis of that was unclear. This was different during in the agenda that was same in Bandung some time before could easily approached the artist's space at the same time the interview with the artist of the agenda filler although on the end of the agenda.

By relying on the camera, the media's reporter only could immortalise jawilan the hands of the lover to the side of hair, the face, and Aura arms when heading towards Avanza black bernopol B 1466 BFF under the official's guard without being given by the interview opportunity.

Angeliq (Angel Lelga) in Pop Music

The change in the name of Angel Lelga to Angeliq evidently he considered only as the 'exciting-call' factor'.' Angeliq faced all these changes by means of natural. He also enjoyed changed pop music currents. Angeliq stressed if he really enjoyed this change. Pedangdut that changed course was the singer pop this intended genuinely with his leap.

The matter of the appearance and the image of Angeliq hand over to the community. "If I was so flexible saja, saw the atmosphere then." Don't depended event him. From me enjoy. I was so grateful saja then on what was given by Allah. If the problem of the image although ngalir then, the community that considered. I would the newcomer in pop. It did not yet have anything him. Pingin continued to study. It was important that I best singing so still could not nyiptain the image, he added.

Artis Wanda Hamidah

The Biographi Wanda Hamidah,Female,Moslem, Jakarta, 17 September 1977.

Some people considered, the Legislatif Candidate (Caleg) a calibre of Wanda Hamidah has been known widely, because of his profession as an artist. So as without the 'campaign' then, definitely the person has known the mother of three children. Busway this time can overcome the impasse or precisely increasingly aggravated. That his route could receive the hard protest from the resident

Wanda Hamidah already the normal person, because I not want to mencalegkan himself by capital of the popularity doang, he stressed. Moreover Wanda still refused when being said the composition keartisan remained at 50%. He precisely wanted the composition 10% as the artist 90% as the normal person.

Marcella Zalianty

Marcella Zalianty The meeting of the case of mistreatment with the artist's defendant Marcella Zalianty immediately will be spread out by the Court Jakarta Pusat. At this time was middle in the process of the compilation of the accusation, that at the same time will change the status of the film star as the defendant.

Tris Sumardi promised will not give treated special to that who, including to that was relevant. Including also to the other defendant, the racing driver Ana you Mikola.

The head of the Attorney General's Office Jakarta Pusat, Tris Sumardi to the reporter, on Thursday (19/2), stressed results of the accusation will against Marcela be handed over next week.

Artis Shahnaz Haque

The artist's family Shahnaz Haque claimed always to be attention of the matter of food, in order to maintain the health of his three sweethearts. Because from food, according to him, could result in fatal to them in afterwards the day.

that appeared as the guest star in the Nestle Dancow Peduli Gizi Anak Sekolah agenda, in Ritz Calton Jakarta, on Wednesday (18/2) admitted to making agreements with his children. The agreement trained them to choose that was best for himself. They could decide personally good food and not more appropriate food were consumed.

Hahnaz gave an example, in his family was not permitted too much often ate noodles instant, because of the family from his husband, Gilang Ramadhan had the descendants of cancer. Everything of Shahnaz had personally suffered ovaries cancer before marrying. The mother of three same children claimed not sepenuh could avoid his children from pollution of food, but prevention efforts early it was hoped reduced the bad risk as a result of the impact of food was unhealthy this.

Mahadewi Grup

The biography Mahadewi Grup, Two Female 01 Januari 2009The success in the musical route made two women pretty nan the section that was united in the Mahadewi group wanted to spread his wings to the other world, acting for example. Like when being met in syuting the advertisement smsed Premium to mobi.kapanlagi.com in the studio belonging to Ahmad Dhani in the Indah Hut, Southern Jakarta, on last Tuesday (17/02), they said was waiting for the offer to be in films.

Acting not a work that was easy. However Mahadewi said that they did not feel the difficulty in acting, in fact they had the big intention to menekuni him.

They claimed because the frequency acted in the videoclip, they had finally been not again uneasy to play various characters. "But if in the film, our acting could be more dug up," said the Order that had acted in FTV MATRE GIRL.

Artis Tessa Mariska

Artis Tessa Mariska Valentine Day became the blessing for pedangdut the section, Tessa Mariska. Took place in the Discovery Plaza, Denpasar, Bali, pedangdut from Medan was successful created 'Unsteady 1 Trillion'.

Met in the Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, on Sunday (15/2), Tessa admitted to experiencing few difficulties of creating the fluctuation. His article now already many of various tigers of the fluctuation kind, while himself must it was demanded be different, but continue to sexy and hot.

The agenda launching unsteady 1 trillion personally according to Tessa took place very exciting, where himself appeared sensually with clothes very sexy. Besides this the owner of the company also was fluctuating, was accompanied by all of his employees. "Because of the noisiness, and so owner wet because of the fluctuation", I was wet", but I gak knew his intention that was wet what him?" Pungkas Tessa while laughing.

The Personal photograph of Julia Perez

There were five photographs, that apparently the photograph of Julia's personal collection. This was seen from the Jupe photograph when putting on blue colour socks with cardigan short the white colour.

Julia Perez quite sexy and was full of the sensation, not only in each one of his roles in the film like when being the section's ghost in the GHOST the GENDONG HERBAL TONIC that was released in January set, but also in each one of his actions outside the world of entertainment.

As being seen in several photographs that recently circulated in mailing list the internet, the owner of this Duren Crack lyric was seen by the section and relaxed with several people of the friend and when posing was alone.

In the other photograph, Jupe was seen more relaxed put on the coastal sarong with a man and a woman, apparently was the holiday. To the fourth photograph, the wife Damien Perez this the photograph was together male that was same in the photograph beforehand that was seen by his age was far more younger from Jupe. In the last photograph,

Jupe like middle in fashion photography pengantin, was seen from the gown pengantin and a man who appeared to be organising the fashion that was imposed by the artist who was born by the name of July Rachmawati this.

Artis Melanie Putria

The couple selebritis Melanie Putria with his girlfriend of Angga Maliq & D Essentials had two wishes that still could not be brought together. Was different from Puteri Indonesia 2002 that wanted to carve the career more previously, Angga like that wanted immediately to marry.

While Melanie that was somewhat startled to hear the Angga sentence, admitted to respectively enjoying his career. So as still needed long time to hold the marriage.

According to Angga, himself needed a formula that was exact to bring together between the career and the life in having a family eventually. In order to have the view harmony so as the concept of a family could go equally. As avoiding the pressure to marry, Melanie will precisely see the process of the marriage eventually not because of the force who. The wish to marry must come from himself, and not because of the person's other pressure.

I not wanted to be forced. If that happened, must because of my wish. Not wanted because of a situation, like often diwawancara, when being married? Then hurriedly was married, pungkas Melanie.

Artis Melanie Putria Dewita Sari

Melanie Putria Dewita Sari, Female, Jakarta, 17 April 1982

Maintained a relations in order to continue to be awakened and durable indeed not the matter that was easy. Many matters that happened that could become the obstacle in passing these relations. However Melanie Putria admitted to not surrendering to carry him out.

For the person indeed rather was difficult, many really that was dealt with by us. But we had the commitment to mutually loyal and believed mutually. Alhamdulilah the belief still was awakened, said Melanie when being met in Jakarta Theatre.

We for 4 years went out has plenty of exams. But if we were convinced, definitely to the aim that we wanted. Must be able to maintain communication and the belief, moreover he his background the band child, added Melanie.

Artis Risty Tagor

The Biography Risty Tagor was the bloody Acehinese film star and Batak born in Jakarta, on April 12 1989. Risty was also known as the cousin from pesinetron and the presenter Inez Tagor.

Risty Tagor claimed that until this he was not yet ready to go out. Beforehand, he admitted to be able to be thought about to marry young, but after being considered again, he changed thoughts. Risty indeed did not restrict the man to approach him although to more than just was friends, he not yet be prepared.

About the partner, he claimed still much consideration. "Honestly I was not yet ready in a mental manner to go out." Everything was married young, he stressed. He acknowledged when the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL could taste his comfort went out. At that time in fact the shadow was married young apparently also pleasant. But now all of them are different. "I did not restrict myself to be approached or approaching." But that was clear not to go first out, he stated.

Artis Tere

Artis Tere Care about women and the world of politics, the pretty singer Tere wanted to fight for the representativeness of women who were equal to the opponent of his kind in the government's affair and the country.

Last year Tere gathered with the Democratic Party, pelantun the lyric hits the Termanis Sin is now registered as the legislative candidate in the area of the West Javanese election. Tere said, female equality must be fought for because till now still was felt not all that.

Then, what was the Tere reason for wanting to enter in the world of politics? "I in fact more liked to be acknowledged as the artist who expressed the aspirations" of the "community." But expressed the aspirations not only could be carried through the vowel out, replied the musician who in 2005 criticised the Iraqi War and the RI-GAM conflict through the love song was entitled me Membencimu.

Artis Luna Maya and Pasha Ungu

With the reporters, the icon this could be considered to be quite close. "I was friends with the reporter also." And if already the friend, we released their respective profession. So close gitu, obviously him. Not only Luna Maya that could be friends with the reporter who often hunted selebritis, Pasha Ungu admitted to being happy also was friends with the reporter.

Pasha narrated was not possible to be able to do the same thing like the reporter. "If sitting idle in front of the house could remain from the morning to the morning again to can the news," he explained.

Artis Ardina Rasti go valentine

The biography: Ardina Rasti or complete him R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani, was born on June 6 1986. His noose was known as a film star but also the presenter TV. Rasti had brought the Buta Love agenda that was presented in Global TV and the Indosiar PARTY.

Valentine Day in a moment arrived, many of the sweetheart's couples who prepared welcomed this affection day. But, not everyone went along celebrated valentine. Ardina Rasti and his sweetheart Lucky Wija including the couple who did not go along celebrated velentine.

To valentine this time, Rasti also would Miss valentinan with the girlfriend. "And in valentine this time, I show promo my newest album that his title the Rainbow," added Rasti.

Artis Dian Sastrowardoyo with Suplemen Skin

The lamp told originally himself did not know whether the benefit of the supplement that was given by his mama and according to then. However his benefit just he felt especially to skin.

Beauty and the health of skin that is owned by the artist the Sastrowardoyo Lamp currently more or less owing to his mama's interference. Moreover he could be filled the colleague's food took the form of vitamins by the mama that time. This matter he admitted in Senayan City, on Thursday (5/2), in front of several medias.

Added when consuming the supplement to the addition that time the Lamp did not know the content what inside. But evidently this substance was very useful to protect his skin from the free radical.

Catherine Wilson

The Biography Catherine Wilson Perempuan Islam Jakarta, 25 Februari 1981

Berat Badan :52 kg,Tinggi Badan: 177 cm

Around celebration ultah him that was 27th, Catherine Wilson not the courtesy admitted that himself was indeed looking for the partner. The player the film this DARI SURGA MESSAGE claimed was being close to a businessman.

For the partner's affair, he claimed often sharing concerning the partner with his parents. "With the older brother and the other family also sharing." That most was remembered by me was their words about the period went out. He said if going out very sweet then available. But if has was married could change. Therefore not wanted hurriedly merit trus separated, yes what for, he explained.

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Lucy Rahmawati Mengajukan Cerai

Rarely was jumped at by the gossip, the household Lucy Rahmawati and the director Jose Purnomo of the singer's couple evidently middle in the separation threshold. The couple who married in 2001 decided to be separated after separating the house since June 2008.

Apart from the lawsuit submission separated, Stupid words, the registration of the lawsuit at the same time became the request this former AB Three personnel in the right to take care of their two sweethearts; Keitaro, 5, and Kimiko Luci Belle. Already since almost last year Lucy consulted Stupidly in relation to the problem of his household. "Counted in June 2008, Jose has returned Lucy to his parents's house," said Mada.

Peace efforts have been carried out since long before. However, results nihil. According to Stupid, the point of view and the mission of Lucy-Jose in the household were not reached and only produced the dispute.

T2 (Tika & Tiwi)

Tika AFI or that also was known by the name of Tika T2 to be ready to release the period remained single him. Preparations for the marriage that his plan will use the Sundanese tradition and the reception with the Yogyakarta concept as far as this is concerned already 80%. Would T2 that was increased by him with the friend.

Tri Aji Raharso that came from Cianjur, very supportive the work that the implementation uptil now. So would not many changes when undergoing the life of the household eventually. "Before having him, I also restricted myself in the association." The main thing is maintained relations, but yes with the existence of my association not free like beforehand, he accused.

And because of his understanding, when being touched on by the matter of the child, the Charm said that all that must be matched with his prospective spouse's schedule. The "child later previously, disesuaiin was the same his schedule of Tika," said the man who claimed did not worry had the wife of this artist.