Nadine Chandrawinata

Although as Puteri Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata admitted not as a perfect woman, though in terms of physical beauty. However, he did not want to cover the gap, and instead tried to Yemen to live.

"I feel too many flaws in me, but I do not want to cover, trying to comfort it with what I have," he explained when found after the grand opening held salonnya business, Gluck Salon in Hampton's Park Apartment, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Wednesday ( 11/11).

For Nadine, all women have the right and can show the beauty of each, whether they are inner or outer side. One key is to live a healthy life.

"I'm sure that every woman can look beautiful, so how we can get our side of the beauty of each, one with a healthy life," he said.

Nadine also shared tips on beauty, both outer beauty would even beauty in themselves. Women born Hannover, Germany, May 8, 1984 that invites every woman to think positive every face problems.

"I have to believe the beauty I, which must not be too stressful. I always think positive wrote to beauty from within. If the beauty outside, I usually luluran. Do not be too expensive, can own at home. A week or twice, but if for hair care can be every day, always on call, "said Nadine who claim no special budget to determine the body's maintenance