Artis Angelina - Adjie Get Married

The party that was spread out by Adjie this for Angie was the most beautiful gift. "This as the grandest gift from Mas Adjie in my age that to 31." The main thing is surprise really, said Angie that was met in the Penang Bistro restaurant, Kebayoran Baru, Southern Jakarta on Sunday.

Celebration of the birthday to 31, Angelina Sondakh so during that was special in his life. Although without the party and luxurious gifts, the simple party that was drafted fully this love was the grandest surprise for Angie.

Asked by the matter of the marriage, Angie claimed not yet think about too much in, remembered both of them until this was still being together busy. "Yes from January 7 next year." We have begun the campaign, Mas Adjie the East Java territory and I Central Java. So we still could not think about for the affair previously. We just could think about apart from the General Election, yes after the General Election. Around April 9. So now we again the concentration previously for the General Election. For the moment our relations ok, obviously Angie.

Towards the bridal dais has taken place since long before, they only were kept consolidating him. "His process has for a long time gone and the status" of "my widower has been understood by Mbak Angie.from kapanlagi.com " And I also has had two children and the nearness was the same my children has been undergone. Because children were part of my life.

Angel Karamoy planning the new Year 2009

"The New Year pengen the roads was the same the family." But not yet dipastiin, his matter was still having several choices. But kta possibly not could be very far. His matter will have Lovely, said Angel while aiming the view at his baby, Lovely Maria Rumangkang.

Although the New Year 2009 remained in a few days, the artist Angel Karamoy admitted to not yet having the certain plan to fill up the change in the year. However himself hoped could go to a place with the family.

with the change next year, Angel his family increasingly got the love and the happiness from the Lord. from kapanlagi.com say "Yes it is hoped increasingly received the love and the happiness from the Lord," pungkas him.

Condition Artis Sheila Marcia Joseph

"I felt proud of their arrival, with their arrival made Sheila happy, friends Sheila really appreciated, not embarrassed to meet Sheila," said Maria that was seen still was swollen after for a moment dropped the tear.

Today in the Christmas atmosphere, the artist Sheila Marcia Joseph, in the Bambu Hut prison, Jakarta got the visit and the Christmas gift gift from his friends. Sheila that be involved the case of the illegal drugs according to his mama, Maria Joseph, really was entertained with the arrival of his friends, the Patrio Echo, Ruben Onsu and Ivan Gunawan.

Asked whether having the special request from Sheila when his mama will come to visit? , Maria admitted to not having some sort requests from his daughter. However when his friends came to bring the gift, as well as entrusted goods of several friends who could not be present, Sheila was seen very glad. "Sheila was happy really like the small child, asked opened all of his gifts," he explained.

Met right before leaving the Bambu Hut prison, Maria said their presence became the gift that was most beautiful for his child. from kapanlagi.com "In Christmas Day this possibly to the happiest day, that the Christmas gift that really entertained Sheila," obviously him.

Sheila Marcia Joseph that also the former girlfriend Roger Danuartha was sentenced one prison year, after digerebek in a party of illegal drugs with his friends. His case was increasingly long to the reporting infotainment, after being coloured by the 'cold war' between his family and Roger's family. Later afterwards was known by both of them has mengakihi relations.

Artis Carissa Putri

The Biography Carissa Putri
Frankfurt, Jerman, 12 September 1984

"By chance I just knew with him." So at this time I still the process of sounding out relations more in, he revealed.

Carissa that was met in Hard Rock Cafe, in the agenda preskon for the SI BOY NOTE film, on Wednesday (24/12) same denied it if his prospective girlfriend of one of the white person's men. Precisely he revealed the man from the normal circle, not from the artist's circle. "That was wrong the time." He the normal person, not from the circle entertain, he revealed.

The acting star of Carissa Putri claimed was being close to a guy who just was known by him just recently. Nevertheless the film star CINTA articles refused to give the identity was more far the matter of his heart tether of the man.

Carissa acknowledged his girlfriend as the man who understood his activity as an artist and that that uptil now was looked for by him. "My girlfriend understood with my activity and that that I necessary." His person was good, the understanding and by chance one religion, said Carissa claimed knew was not yet so old from kapanlagi.com. From the family according to Carissa has known each other. However denied it if himself was mentioned immediately will take a step to the bridal dais in the near future. "This just walked." Moreover I was also middle active worked. So still necessary the deepening again, pungkas him.


Until this was good Sarah and Rahma did not yet give some sort clarification the matter of his naked photographs, because by chance both of them was being overseas. Sarah Azhari was going on holiday to France with his child until the New Year later, whereas Rahma Azhari was in America because of having the work there.

Learned his naked photographs circulated in the internet made Sarah Azhari shock heavy, moreover the photographs were increasingly strong was discussed in various mass media. He himself knew his topless photographs with his brother, Rahma Azhari, circulated after being informed by his manager, Lihani Leongan.

Not the again new matter if Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari doyan posed the section. If previously, Rahma made was busy with the pose topless him, currently the naked photograph of this brother and sister circulates again in the world maya. Other with the photograph beforehand, this time the photograph of two relatives who more often were friends with the white person's men was seen very natural. In two photographs with the watermark was inscribed with Findley Design this was good Sarah and Rahma posed naked without a sheet of cloth then covered their body.

"I could have reported to Mbak Sarah and he shock, and he was being in the airport at that time, because he wanted the holiday to be the same his child in France until the New Year," said the manager Sarah from kapanlagi.com , Lihani Leongan when giving information to the reporter in the lawyer's office Farhat Abbas, Plaza Basmar Street. Distended Great Mampang Southern Jakarta, on Tuesday.

In two photographs with the watermark was inscribed with Findley Design this was good Sarah and Rahma posed naked without a sheet of cloth then covered their body.

Artis Ririn Dwi Aryanti

"We have indeed known each other since long before." But, just was close yes now-now. Seen by us later how these relations. Hopefully to the side of that was positive, explained Aldy to the reporter in the Indah Hut, Southern Jakarta, on last Tuesday morning.

Ririn Dwi Aryanti went out with Aldy Bragi. Both of them were seen intimate ended witnessed pemutaran first the Kacang Sauce film in the Indah Hut, Southern Jakarta, on Tuesday the night. The widower Ikke Nurjanah this acknowledged had special relations with Ririn.

Ririn was seen still was very embarrassed the road with Aldy. However, the owner of this long hair did not deny indeed there is one that is special between himself and the father of one child. "Yes doain then yes, it is hoped all of them could be fluent in," said from kompas.com the film actor What's Up With Love? This sumringah. On that occasion Aldy admitted that the size family has known this love tie. "Yes, the family together has known," he said

Artis Anindya Alyssa Soebandono

Anindya Alyssa Soebandono

Jakarta, 25 Desember 1991

Met in preskon the ALISA film in the Persari Studio, Ciganjur, Southern Jakarta, on Monday yesterday, Alyssa then admitted that himself rather reluctantly accepted the role of the antagonist.

The noose of Alyssa Soebandono apparently was identical to the role of the good girl in fact became personal that was oppressed. This time once more Alyssa became a girl who was good and independent in the film terbaru him, ALISA

"Yes possibly will not be that once nawarin." It was fastest that the role of the tomboy's girl, that then not the antagonist that how, continue to the role of the good girl but that could oppose if being treated by being not good. from kapanlagi.com say Perhaps only arrive in there, said the hairy girl beautiful this. When being asked if indeed had the antagonist's offer, Alyssa personally admitted to not wanting to receive him. "Possibly not also yes," he replied somewhat hesitant by shaking his head was slow.

Artis Ayu Shita

"In 2008 that was not yet reached was to go to class." I was studying music in the Musik Daya Institute in Kemang. Just the road 1 year. Previously I pengen took psychology in Jakarta, but because of much consideration not so, he said when being met in the Girl's agenda Friendship Festival 2008 in Senayan.

The artist who was known to have the unique style and abnormal, Beautiful Shita, claimed really wanted to step on the lectures bench. His article, the former girlfriend Dwi Andhika that also the leader of the group of music Not Bintang Biasa this ogah was said stupid.

The girl who passed the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL this 2007 said that himself could not indeed go to class because of being affected by the schedule stripping. However because this was Beautiful Shita could have thoughts to leave the world of his place scoop up rupiah this.

Although could gush out on his marrow to leave the world of entertainment in order to get the higher edication, but finally he felt the decision too much hurried. "Almost (ninggalin the world entertainment -red), but I thought again that too much hurried." That I thought now the work while ngumpulin money, from kapanlagi.com say if has was gathered by me wanted to go to class overseas, he said that admitted to being supported by his parents to do that was best for himself this.

Artis Susan Bachtiar

Admitted to being not difficult to live in the environment that in general the smoker. By smiling in the red fashion bandage, he said "was not difficult to ask friends to stop smoked, generally friends knew me the healthy heart envoy, so they appreciated did not smoke close to me."

On Saturday (20/12), When the healthy heart envoy, Susan Bachtiar, that headed his career as cover girl the magazine mode, spoke about the health of the heart, the danger smoked immediately was chosen to the main topic.

In the Red Poets Forever agenda that was held in Palalada Grand Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat, on Saturday (20/12), Susan shared the matter experience of cigarettes. Susan realised fully, the activity and the pattern of the life of the woman at this time almost have matched the man. Of course stress also increased, "but for me this all returned to ourselves was their respective, we wanted to choose to live healthy without cigarettes or not," he stressed from kapanlagi.com.

For Susan, the method that was most appropriate to ask the other person to stop smoked was the persuasive method. Made the person stopping smoked was to make them be aware of his danger and reduced. "Yes, but all that returned to himself respectively", he continued permanently smiled.

Artis Gisela Cindy

The Biography Gisela Cindy
Jakarta, 01 Desember 1994

Although playing in the presentation of the comedy, but the brother pesinetron Gracia Indri claimed more liked roles of the antagonist. This could be understood because he indeed the 'bad customer of' roles' in each presentation that was played by him.

Apart from Tasya Kamila, the youth artist who joined in playing in sitkom CU... CU was Gisela Cindy. Was different from Tasya, Gisela has not been again foreign with roles of the comedy. "Previously I played sitkom, only was not serious, so the comedy was not really startled (Gisela had played in TUYUL DAN Mbak YUL)." Be glad him here many friends who had the surplus, I also improvisation with the new language language like 'emping... crispy', said Gisela, when being met in Kemang, on Thursday (18/12)

"I in fact more the focus to the antagonist, previously this character down to low to the house." from kapanlagi.com say.So while 2 character weeks adhered in me until until diingetin was the same papa -mama. Papa could also speak if the character still take it, better stopped syuting, finally I must study ngontrol, he explained.

Gisela claimed, he could dijauhin his friends, because of the characteristics bawel, narsis, and could not be quiet that adhered to himself. Nevertheless, he stressed continued to love roles of the antagonist when acting. "Anything that, I more loved the antagonist," pungkas him.

Artis Ratu Felisha Get Married with Jules Korsten

Ratu Felisha
16 Oktober 1982

The matter of communication and relations the long distance was felt by Feli not the problem. Indonesia - the Netherlands not anything. "I got ready then, why not." We would has pengen really. There then how come (about the long distance). Cobain deh, he said to the reporter.

Preparations for the marriage of Queen Felisha and his white person's sweetheart, Jules Korsten, remained counted the day. Only 1% that not all that and must be prepared on the end of this year. "God willing in a moment." Already 99%. The main thing is this year end in Bali, said the close actress was greeted by Feli when being met in Awarding Night LA Light Indie Movie, in the Planet Hollywood, Southern Jakarta, on Wednesday (17/12).

Unfortunately, the Feli wedding reception cannot be later enjoyed directly by the media's workers. His article, clearly Feli said that not having the media that was invited. "Later we the video love and the photograph then.from kapanlagi.com says " He the difference. Saw this then (was pursued by the reporter), he complained. But good he not wanted dompleng the popularity. His matter of being married will look for the blessing not looked for the sensation, accused Feli.

Artis Artika Sari Devi

The biography Artika Sari Devi Perempuan Islam
Bangka Belitung, 29 November 1979

Be present in the agenda launching the TALC-INC book the work of Becky Tumewu, Edwin Parengkuan, and Alexander Sriewijiono, this Baim sweetheart claimed to be the other benefit from public speaking was to expedite the speaking method in front of important officials. Whereas about the identity school, definitely him brought the change spread everywhere in the matter have an attitude.

Public Speaking not only was used for the world of the celebrity then. For Artika Sari Devi, the benefit of this mass communication could to expedite all the affairs that were dealt with by him. "I felt very useful during studied public speaking and the identity school when becoming the Indonesian Daughter and when competing in Miss Universe then," said Artika when being met in the Niaga House, Jakarta, on Tuesday (16/12).

Personally, Baim also had the profit personally faced the style of speaking about his wife that kelewat fast. from kapanlagi.com says "Yes so good if we telephone-teleponan became more frugal because of speaking him was fast." And his pulse was frugal, said pelantun like Yang Kumau this.

Artis Maia Estianty the Pasto song

According to the acknowledgment of the mother of three children, memproduseri music for a long time ditekuni him. "In fact from his time the" Queen "I has was the producer." From his time of Pinkan, Mulan and finally Mey Chan. I has was the producer. By chance the Pasto management asked for me. Berhubung I was looking for the man, so not had mistakenly the co-operation, obviously Maia that was met in the place of the production of the Pasto musical video, in Street. The Mutiara temple, Cipete, Southern Jakarta, on Sunday (14/12).

The Maia Estianty capacity in the world of music indeed ought to be pointed out the thumb. The former wife Ahmad Dhani this not only skilled sang, but also a producer jempolan. Currently, Maia was believed memproduseri single newest duo Pasto.

Maia had several reasons personally the matter ketertarikan him memproduseri the group of this music. "Pasto gokil, his voice was really good." If I ngambil the artist not because look him but because of the quality. Like Pinkan, Mulan and Mey Chan. They his voice bagus. because I never memproduseri the male artist.

So this my first project to handle the male artist. So by chance duo Maia was dismissing single, the Traitor Cinta. by chance duo also must dismiss single, so was glad, promo him barengan, he added. Single just Pasto this, also was the work maia >from kapanlagi.com "the Song I that for." The song in fact from the guy for the girl. So my pass wrote the song, he said a guy who advised his girl. When I met the man, oh agreed really was brought by Pasto, obviously Maia that claimed more liked to use the ring tone the Pasto song than the song duo Maia.

Artis Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti
Jakarta, 06 Juni 1986

Although four years not time that for a moment, not meant the two of them has felt bored together continued uptil now.

Love relations between two artists who together had a background the model that cleared to the world of acting and music, Lucky Wija and Ardina Rasti, not was felt step on the fourth year. However now apparently still did not have the clarity will be brought to the more serious or not level.

"Would just four years." Many that went out 8 up until 15 years also were not yet married, I would still was young, said Rasti. "We this his relations the" sergeant". The main thing is we jalanin, added Lucky.

"We each year must be the new project, so we not bored." Nah, the project terbaru him I will be the producer the Rasti for the second album. There also I singing together, said Lucky that evidently must be forced-had previously by his sweetheart in order to want to perform a duet. from kapanlagi.com "I want to really like Anang and Krisdayanti and Melly - Anto Hoed." They will be able to make the project together, hoped this VIRGIN film actor. Although admitting to still not wanting to marry, evidently Rasti continue to thought about this serious level.

We no matter what still was busy projects, still together were uniting our creativity, so not yet mikirin there. But if has had the clarity yes must be contacted by me friends. Not possibly I diem-diem, pungkas him.

Artis Jane Shalimar

The Biogrphy Jane Shalimar Jashkilka, Perempuan,Islam, Jakarta,02 Juni 1980 . The meaning of casualties was an obligation for that could. This also as a part of eliminated as part of our fortune, said Jane when being met in the Sentiong shrine region, Jakarta Pusat, on Monday (8/12).

Welcomed the Idhul Adha public holiday of several celebrities tried to bring about the feeling thank heavens in a sacrificing manner. One of them was the artist Jane Shalimar that was willing to be smeared blood from the discount of casualties's meat. This was not uneasy the implementation as part of the sacrifice. The widow had one children this indeed took the interior of casualties's animal of the piece agenda that carry out by in the residence of the Volunteer SBY of the manager's council, HM Darmizal in the Sentiong shrine region.

Welcomed the Idhul Adha public holiday of several celebrities tried to bring about the feeling thank heavens in a sacrificing manner. One of them was the artist Jane Shalimar that was willing to be smeared blood from the discount of casualties's meat. This was not uneasy the implementation as part of the sacrifice. The widow had one children this indeed took the interior of casualties's animal of the piece agenda that carry out by in the residence of the Volunteer SBY of the manager's council, HM Darmizal in the Sentiong shrine region.

According to Jane, berkurban has been the tradition in the size family. Moreover, according to his parents the obligation berkurban necessarily for that was well-off. For Haji Lebaran in 1429 Hijriah this, the size family then berkurban 1 cow and two goats.

Artis Nikita Willy

Met in the LA Plaza of Codefin Kemang Southern Jakarta, on Sunday (7/12) Nikita claimed indeed uptil now he must follow the demand of the appearance, especially the matter make up that pushed his appearance became more mature than the age he actually.

However, he refused to be said mature before the time. "I gak felt rich gitu yes, because if indeed make up full gak daily gitu, but if grooming every day, except the school indeed we gak make up full." Possibly from hair then that was tidied up, would if our hair was messy what the person's words. Because I would entertainer. Each one of my appearances was seen by the person and what the person saw became not better if being seen orang,“ said the normal girl was called by Niki.

For an artist or that often was mentioned selebritis, the appearance always became the main matter, because that of each artist must maintain his appearance in order to appear impressive in front of the public. Even so with Nikita Willy. Although his age was still being classified as the adolescent, but the Jakarta birth girl, this June 29 1994 was prosecuted to have an appearance was proper for the adult, at first the matter make up.

Artis Nafa Urbach

Nafa Indria Urbach
Magelang, Jawa Tengah, 19 September 1980

The world entertainment always demanded many matters, including the interesting appearance because that part of the value sold the artist. So that at this time was striven for with by Nafa Urbach. He want to again appeared the section like before he married and afterwards absent from the world entertainment.

He admitted to uptil now having the sexy body and could be called as J-right him Indonesia. However since he married and his career meredup he often was not in charge of his body. Therefore, at this time he want to returned imej the section in a fighting manner hard from the tight diet to fitness the routine since five previous months. "If the matter" of the "section indeed from sono him I already like this." So if being processed by me the body just a few will definitely return again like previously. To fitness now has gone five months. But in two weeks more has the goal, I hope, he said.

Moreover, he also produced personal trainer in his house. Trainer was told to sleep in the Nafa house in order to be able to arouse him more the morning and guarded the pattern of eating him so that more discipline. from kapanlagi.com "There is personal trainer that was produced by me in the house." That from the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL previously that was told by me to sleep in the house although he could get up I more the morning but also jagain my food. So if the second videoclip was still must be good-looking, explained the wife Zack Lee this.

Artist Marcella Zalianty

The pretty artist Marcella Zalianty was still undergoing the process of the inspection in District Police Jakarta the related Centre of the case of mistreatment against Great Setyawan. The status of the Marcella law will be determined today.

The best star the Indonesian Film Festival of the artist's acting (FFI) 2005 answered approximately 23 questions that were put forward by the investigator. Up to now the inspection is still continuing to continue and his status still as the witness. "Still in the inspection, yes his matter was begun with other witnesses, there were approximately five witnesses." Marcella now this still as the witness, said Minola responded to the process of the inspection that took place old.

Marcella was acknowledged as the 'mastermind' in the case of the violence with Great casualties Setyawan, that also his business partner. He was mentioned ask for helped to Ana you Mikola and Moreno Soeprapto to resolve the case of his business In A Great Manner through the bypass. However this was denied by the daughter's lawyer of the Tetty Liz Indriati film artist.

In relation to the act of the available violence in the Marcella office, Minola mentioned this still in the form of assumptions that must be proven legally. For him, still was too early to give the statement that judged that was relevant, his process still really displayed. Now the matter of your Ana's status of Mikola that has been identified as the suspect, of Minola revealed if his client could became the suspect.

However his side has been ready to give defences legally. "That could, what not possibly (was the suspect, red) but we were ready," obviously him. from kapanlagi.com s"With the presumption principle was not guilty, might the investigaay tor" of the "suspect of the status love, but his process was still long, too early for the statement love that judged someone that was or not guilty," pungkas him.

Artis dea imut

Claudia Anissa
Jakarta, 29 Februari 1996

Dhea Imut prepared the strategy so that henceforth was not acknowledged as children. Understand Cute words, at least have adhered and always had connotations children for Dhea, so as he meant in place of the name. "My name will be replaced, although not looking Cute exclusively." My name later Dhea Anissa. Cute personally will become a memory, said the owner of the original name of Claudia Anissa.

Not only that, in the career then Dhea that was met in preskon the concert penetrated Batas 3, in the Menara Building 165, Street. The Simatupang EXECUTIVE BOARD, Southern Jakarta, on Wednesday (03/12) same planned to release the youth album. Certainly when himself has entered the age of the adolescent later.

At least according to Dhea, when sitting in the class of three junior high school. Article from Kapanlagi.com "Possibly if the class 3 junior high school also I made the album, because if now still the transition between children and the adolescent, no matter what just wait his change," pungkas Dhea. Dhea that at that time imposed the Muslim fashion, was scheduled to support the concert to penetrate Batas 3, that is the appreciation concert that was aimed for the man of letters Taufik Ismail. Dhea that sang the Dan Cinta Pen, gathered with Krisdayanti, Ahmad Albar, Bimbo

Artis Vanessa Angel

Vanessa was the newcomer's artist in the world of the film industry. Played a role in the new M.B.A. film (Married By Accident), the young star of Vanessa Angel even admitted to being motivated. His article, in this film according to Vanessa gave the valuable lesson for the adolescents. However, the star born in this December 1 1991 was enough to know whatever that was true and whatever that was wrong in the association, until what happened to the leading figure in this film will not happen to him.

For Vanessa this new film gave the moral message to the matter community was pregnant and unmarried. But for Vanessa personally he had personally to deal with wrong the road like this. from kapanlagi.com say "This Film gave the moral role to the community, the child SMU ought to study." During saddening now has had the dirty video children SMA. Aku were so hard-working saja prayed then, strengthened faith. Chose-chose the friend, restricted the association, if being wrong to choose the friend yes will be wrong the road, he revealed when being met in MPX Pasaraya Grande Blok M, Southern Jakarta on Tuesday.

Vanessa personally took care of himself well in order to matters that were not wanted not happen. Apart from also he always was open in a second manner his parents. "Not, I wanted to maintain the honour for my couple then if I dah was married." If MBA already the school ancur, had the child. I ama papa was open, related any, moreover papa was still young, so he ngerti the young child, said the sweetheart Dwi Andhika this.