Meryl Streep earned a Best Actress Oscar next year's version.

There were rumors circulating about the possibility of going back to Meryl Streep earned a Best Actress Oscar next year's version. Because the judges and officials considered the Academy Awards there was no leading lady who performed well enough this year and probably this trophy again fell into the hands of Meryl next year.

"Actually it's only in the early stages but seems to be no potential candidate for the Best Actress category. Not that they played very bad but not many films that give the main character of the woman," said a source quoted from FemaleFirst.

The same source also explained that the error does not look like the actress who played but more on the director and script writer who did not make a story that allows her to be the stars. Many more women role in supporting roles only.

Earlier this year, Meryl Streep won an Oscar for Best Actress trophies from this film and when to doubt deadline will not have a better candidate, could be JULIE & JULIA'll take Meryl Streep earned a Best Actress next year.

Aktris lanning to move house Lindsay Lohan

Aktris who was trying hard to maintain its popularity, Lindsay Lohan, apparently planning to move house again to get more privacy. Meanwhile, Samantha Ronson, Lindsay's DJ lover of women, will also do the same.

Lindsay rented house in the Hollywood Hill himself had been robbed on August 23 last. But he had called cargo services to immediately remove his belongings before the theft occurred.

It seems that Lindsay will move into an apartment with a higher security level in Los Angeles to avoid the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Samantha's rented house in the Hollywood Hills is also fitted with a sign 'Rent' in front of his house because he was also planning to move to LA. Once launched the E! News by showbizspy.com.

Lindsay wrote on her Twitter this week, "I'm sorry I have not update the status here ... my life as a mess for someone to enter my house and I feel very hurt."

"It made me very sad, and obviously, I'm scared. I hope I find people who do it so I can sleep soundly."

"Finally I know if it was not theft," the next Lindsay tweet. "There's no electronic goods taken ... just certain things that my old friends know it means a lot to me."

"I'm so sick and tired of the drama in the house, annoying ... I had to find entertainment. Finally, I ate chocolate cream pie baked apples made Samantha Ronson."

Woman Of The Year Award in October Beyonce Knowles

Billboard magazine awarded planning Woman Of The Year Award in October Beyonce Knowles later in the show Women in Music is their degree each year. This award is given not only because Beyonce career in the music world but also because of the humanitarian efforts he had made.

So far, Beyonce's career can not be underestimated. Albums always got in the top of a chat and a tour of his campaign around the world title was always filled with fans who want to see Beyonce up close. On the other hand, Beyonce is also active in humanitarian efforts. Some time ago he could give a free concert tickets for those who can not afford and work with General Mills Hamburger Helper and Feeding America provides food for people who could not afford.

"Beyonce is a musician who is always best-selling album and is also a very talented woman and clearly has the qualifications expected by Billboard Woman Of The Year Award," said Bill werde from Billboard magazine. According to ContactMusic, this award is also given to previous Ciara and Reba McIntyre and awards this year will be given on October 2 next.

Angelina Jolie player in 'WANTED 2"

The statement had little confusing when considering ending WANTED movie which seemed to imply the possibility of Fox's character is played by Angelina Jolie will be back when this movie sequel made. But according to the director, it could still tricked and he made sure that Angelina is going to play in the continuation of this movie WANTED.

"If you remember, in the first film was a healing room. The possibility to turn on Fox's character is still there, although this is somewhat difficult to remember Fox was shot in the head. But if there is good reason that the characters could have started up again and we had a good reason, "said Timur Bekmambetov, as quoted from the Empire.

In the first movie, the character played by Angelina was told shot in the head and diminish hope this film will be creating a sequel to the Angelina maintain. Some media had speculated that if there WANTED 2 with Angelina as the film's cast is certainly the first film prequel.

Alicia Silverstone was a penchant for gardening

Alicia Silverstone was a penchant for gardening, but that's not what makes this event so unique gardening. Alicia is usually done without clothing. That way he could feel the heat and immediately plunge into the pool after the event finished gardening.

"It seems that when I first started my love of gardening. I was in the garden and feel the heat so I am off all my clothes. When finished I could plunge into a swimming pool. I always swim without clothes because why should we wear?" Alicia said as quoted by FemaleFirst.

But despite claiming not accustomed to wearing clothes or appear less 'provocative', Alicia admitted never completely naked in front of the camera. "I'm not a nudist. In fact I was among those who shy. I have never appeared naked in a movie, never will be. I do not want people taking my picture while I was naked but when I'm at home, that's another matter," continued the actress who had serve as Batgirl in BATMAN & ROBIN movie this.

Lindsay Morgan Lohan

Lindsay Morgan Lohan, New York, AS, 02 Juli 1986 .After receiving reports of a burglar who entered the house troubled actress Lindsay Lohan finally police were deployed to investigate the theft happened in the Hollywood Hills, according to media reports Monday (24/08).

A police post personnel at Hollywood Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said no one was in the house when the theft occurred and no one is arrested. He did not give further details.

Lindsay's spokeswoman, Leslie Sloane, said that if a lot of Lindsay's personal belongings taken away in police said the theft was reported at about 06.30 local time it was.

The actress was found the house a mess when he came home at about 03.00 local time and called her father, Michael Lohan, who then called the police, as reported by TMZ.com from network news.

Michael Lohan told TMZ.com that a disassembled storage cabinets from the walls of the house and a couple of hours of hands was taken away.

He believes the theft was the work of her daughter in because employees could not turn on anti-theft alarm in the house.

TMZ.com also quoted one source who did not mention who she was and said the three men seen in the video surveillance tape entering the house was Lindsay.

Lady GaGa Selebrities

When Lady Gaga was a little girl, she would sing along on her mini plastic tape recorder to Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper hits and get twirled in the air in daddy’s arms to the sounds of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

The precocious child would dance around the table at fancy Upper West Side restaurants using the breadsticks as a baton. And, she would innocently greet a new babysitter in nothing but her birthday suit.

It’s no wonder that little girl from a good Italian New York family, turned into the exhibitionist, multi-talented singer-songwriter with a flair for theatrics that she is today: Lady Gaga.

In addition, the garments that nyentrik, Lady gaga also known as the favorite to replace bergonta-pair. This time, he wanted to confess to fivesome with the original English boyband, Take That.

Gaga first meet Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange, Howard Donald and support during a tour of this world Take That reveal if he really wants to make with them all.

"I want a fourth person at the same time," said as quoted from gaga showbizspy.com. "They were very sexy. I am single now and I love to have fun."

"I will not seek out people," said pelantun Poker Face when asked how he seksualnya satisfy desires. "I will sleep with the people in the myband therefore the most easily."

Therefore, gaga recording producer, Rob Fusari, to dub it as a girl glutton man.

"Although he dropped out of the girlfriend, gaga will not feel sad," said Fusari gaga about parting with former boyfriend, Speedy.

Cameron Diaz ith the dashing actor Keanu Reeves

Cameron Diaz caught enjoying dates with the dashing actor Keanu Reeves. Incident was only one month after he was seen dating with the other actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law in a different night.

Stars ANGELS Charlie's beautiful, that together with Justin Timberlake and Matt Dillon to drop out of this kekasihnya Paul Sculfor at the beginning of this year.

And in July, he had seen hang-out with the opponents play in GANGS OF NEW YORK, Leonardo in London, before partying with Jude Law in a nightclub Boujis, London, several days later.

Seemingly did not want to be separated from the girl-girl-looking, now Cameron withKeanu Reeves. They enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles, before going to the movies in the cinema together.

During dating, Cameron several times to create a laugh with Keanu with hamburger enter directly into the mouth. Not long after, this pair side by side while leaving the restaurant, the report The Sun newspaper, which dilansir Contactmusic.

Sources told the publication, "Cameron burgernya eat all in one greedy and try to prove it if he really have a wide mouth. Keanu roar - a strange sight to see him laughing while I think Cameron is so serious."

Steven Spielberg had experienced financial

Not a secret, if Steven Spielberg had experienced financial difficulties to continue the project since DreamWorks studio decided separated from Paramount Pictures. Steven can now breathe more relieved because he just got injections of funds from the Indian millionaire named Anil Ambani.

I wonder, DreamWorks gets injection of funds of U.S. $ 875 million of which Anil Ambani has also served as chairman of Reliance BIG Entertainment added with the help of Walt Disney Co. and a loan from a bank. Step fundraising is already started and colleagues Steven Spielberg, Stacey Snider, since years ago. They take this step after DreamWorks decided to end their cooperation with Paramount in the hope that can be more independent in the work.

According to ContactMusic, the agreement signed on 17 August this yesterday said that Reliance will get six right to distribute DreamWorks films in India in one year while Disney get the same rights to other countries.

Step Anil Ambani is not the first time. In this year alone, millionaire embed this stock has been in the studio, including some owned by Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage and Jim Carrey.

Jennifer Aniston willing to go to the gym

syuting newest film, The Bounty, Jennifer Aniston willing to go to the gym three hours early.

The former FRIENDS star is currently residing in New York is not a schedule that would make a solid appearance seksinya damaged. Likewise dilansir's showbizspy.com.

"Jennifer is very concentrated on this film. He really really wants to look fit, but still forming," said a source.

"Syuting really started in the morning, so he had to wake up the morning and 3 hours in the practice gym for two hours before the 5 am hour syuting. He must play as a woman aged 35 years, so he worked very hard not to look like aged 40 years, "he added.

In fact, it made the former wife of Brad Pitt is not just for this film. Section, every time Jen have the role as a mother, she rejected him. He wanted a more youthful roles.

"It is not easy. He combining yoga session with calisthenics and exercises.'s Body is now in talks syuting location because the center of attention. Everyone agrees if Jen looks sensational at this time. The form of the body truly spectacular, he is shining once," say source it.

Britney believes itself, Jason is a sought-carier for this.

The latest news if Britney Spears dropped out of love again. Singer I'm a Slave For You newsis decided by the lovers, Jason Trawick.

Britney appears to be eager to get married with Jason who is the agent. He also wanted to contain child Jason. Britney believes itself, Jason is a sought-carier for this.

Sources said the American tabloids, the National Enquirer, though if Brit feel confident, but Jason felt everything goes too fast.

"All too quickly and too early for Jason," said the source was quoted as from showbizspy.com. "He often says on Britney if she did not want to get married, but Britney does not trust it."

"Britney thinks she can change the thought Jason had a baby with him with," pungkas source.

Lady gaga is Hermaprodit ...??

May be incompetent, but some time ago that was circulating gossip that Lady gaga has two genitals. Rumor is this was a video of the show seems to have Lady gaga male genitals. Some of the photos when he was put on bikini seems that strengthen the allegations.

A 1.5 minute video be uploaded in YouTube The comments that filled Lady gaga suggests that indeed it has, as alleged by sending this video. Some indeed had doubts even though this conclusion is also not rare that even the incompetent to make a comment that can not be correct. One comment said that he is a friend Lady gaga and confirm allegations that the Lady gaga ganda in pairs, though of course it did not prove anything.

E! Online also had other evidence in form submit photos Lady gaga when wear seems minimal and the women who have the original name Joanne Stefani Angelina Germanotta have penis. Some of the comments that had removed Lady gaga also confirm that he was a bisexual even though it does not mean that he has sex ganda. A clear, spokesperson Lady gaga own opportunity to remove the explicit statement that the rumor is absolutely incompetent and do not enter. DOWNLOAD YouTube

Revalina S Temat To Singer

Name Revalina S Temat is known through its role in action sinetron and film in the big screen. But now lovers Ringgo Agus Rahman also widen the wing to pull the vote.

"Create a new experience for me, I have tried one," said actress born in Jakarta, 26 November 1985 when asked for the selection of the world pull full vote.

Reva so he always say, indeed join the Intan Nuraini, Melanie PutriĆ¢, and Asmirandah in Ramadan compilation album released in titel the PENCIPTAKU VOL 2. And in the album that produser by Rossa, the Reva appeared to also create their own songs.

"Yes I sing one song on this album and the creation of their own. Release Usually I can track not only personal experiences, but also the experience, even that which I have created a song about the street children, many do inspiration," he explained

Victoria Beckham will be replace position Paula Abdul as a judge from American Idol

Paula Abdul decision to retreat from its position as a judge from American Idol was the Fox television network to make a loss. Some known was referred to as the alternate for Paula, but when this new Fox to call them instead of just temporarily. One name that is referred to Victoria Beckham.

On this issue, Victoria's own claim because he is very happy, and David, her husband, is much talent search this event. "When I contacted, I almost never trust them. I feel like get a job for life answer me," Victoria said as quoted from ContactMusic.

Victoria is also aware that he will be working with Simon Cowell's famous and have a sharp tongue, it seems Victoria is not a matter of objection. "One thing I like of him (Simon) that he is honest. I think he is a funny man," commented Victoria. But he also confessed regret pullout singer Paula Abdul because this one is one of the favorite Victoria.

Other name which is also called as a replacement while Paula Abdul is Katy Perry. Paula Abdul has news own bids from the other television, So You Think You Can Dance, even though Paula has not been taking their own decisions.

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Model and artist Rianti Cartwright was born in Bandung

Model and artist Rianti Cartwright was born in Bandung, 22 September 1983. Dara was born from a beautiful father and English mother bloody Sunda-Java is known as public VJ MTV Indonesia. Where time becomes VJ, Rianti typically distinctive style with a fun, fresh and speak frankly.

As a VJ since 2005 to early Rianti for entering the world of entertainment. Step in the entertainment world at her steady succession of movie star I'M IN LOVE, Singles, message from heaven, and D'BIJIS, together with the dibintanginya Tora Sudiro Birowo and Indra.

Initially, women who like traveling backpacker style berambisi is not to be movie stars, but the student International Education Program International Business Department of Marketing and University of Tasmania, Jakarta, claim to enjoy and love the work digelutinya.

Not only movies, beautiful young faces of the two brothers also found this video clip as a model Ungu, ello, and Sam Milby.

Although the U.S. has a face and cas-bah-cus English, Bandung mojang this is like Indonesian food, especially karedok, favorite food.

Since small, the owners full name Rhiannon Cartwright Rianti this to work for pocket money. Starting from the model at the age of 16 years and had become a magazine editor language MAXX-M in Bandung, and make Rianti to work hard.

Inamorato actors Banyu Biru (son Eros Djarot) this also involved a successful film star AYAT-AYAT CINTA garapan director Hanung Bramantyo. Film taken from the novel works best seller Habiburahman El Shirazy commend this Rianti figures portray girls who always wear purdah, Aisha Greimas.

Daisy Fajarina

Vonis was 18 months in prison by the court be against France Ibunda Manohara Odelia Pinot, Daisy Fajarina. Women's activist Ratna Sarumpaet also should submit a request to serve a sentence in itself.

"I was 18 months old kok. She should just give up because it will make people salut him as gentle. Wong husband is only a prison sentence, a period he does not want," said Ratna Mabes time in the police, Jakarta, Thursday ( 6 / 8) evening.

Ratna also ask for Daisy is no longer talking about the reasons for his arrest. According to him, all the evidence and the facts are clear that if self is a terpidana. "Do not be grounded again. Get used to it, later after that we continue the next case," said Ratna affirm.

Although as fugitive, Daisy is still can pitch in Indonesia because of the absence of extradition penjanjian both countries. Indeed, French courts have memvonisnya up action never pay salaries and sexual acts.

Singer fenomenal champion Surip close age.

Singer fenomenal champion Surip close age. Owner name Urip Ariyanto bin Soekotjo that mengembuskan last breath at the age of 50 years, according to the medical cause of death at around 10:30 yesterday (4 / 8).

Surip champion died in a trip to the hospital Pusdikkes TNI-AD is not far from the residence of comedians Mamiek Prakoso, place overnight, in Kampong Makassar, East Jakarta.

''When in the room until the UGD, stated that there is no (dead, Red),''said the house was made Mamiek house while mourning before moved to the Theater Workshop WAS Rendra in Citayam, Depok.

Before being taken to the hospital, said Mamiek, hear him call Varid Dwi Wahyu Kristianto, the second son of the assistant leader Surip double the take for this faithful to his father anywhere. ''This is why the father so weak?''Said Varid.

''Once I see, in the mouth water and foam like that. Wah, I say this unconscious. I do not understand the medical so confused. Finally, I try to take it to the hospital accident and would like to have neighbors leave work (drive), transfer, with the merry-go''cat's hair is unique.

According Mamiek, champion Surip visit to her home on Monday afternoon (3 / 8). As usual, he wih Varid with Supra own motorcycle. ''Pale face is visible. Varid says it is not healthy. Lha I say why I even ride motorcycles? Facility where the vehicle is that? Varid answer, 'Om Nggak, increased motor only,'''said Mamiek.

New times that he heard the expression Surip champion who pitched squawk. Known since the early 1990s, said Mamiek, hairy men is not never heard complain. Yesterday''that he says are kecapekan people continue to chase each other. Event, fans, the same journalist. 'Forgiveness government, I am tired. Numpang ngadem I want you at home, '''said the fake greeting Mamiek male birth Mojokerto, 5 May 1949 (data version Jawa Pos), 1959 (the version of the death certificate), and 1969 (listed on the ID card) is.

The evening, the more worrying condition. In recognition that liver champion Surip pain. Throughout the night, said Mamiek, he go back and forth to the toilet on. Nggak''there last waffle. I'm surprised this intervention confused. He is just like syuting ad,''said a member Srimulat then suggest that the guests to relax.

BBQ Emergency Unit (UGD) Pusdikkes Hospital, dr Satyaningtyas, can not provide definitive information Surip champion the cause of death. ''To know, to be done otopsi. But, until this afternoon there is no demand (otopsi). May be very sudden death. Alternatively a heart attack,''he said.

He was allowed, when arrived at the UGD, tap the heart of scholars in the field of chemicals that have been stopped. ''However, he was given the first, ie, pairs of oxygen, check the heart, and lungs. Face looks a bit blue. But, the body still warm. Because of the distance from home to hospital 10 to 15 minutes, he may die in the street. Pupil's eyes are up,''ulasnya.

Matter of saliva or foam that had come out of the mouth champion Surip have not seen Satyaningtyas. According to him, when arrived at the UGD, mouth Surip champion is in clean condition. ''Maybe the rest of the breakfast porridge. Water may be pulp,''tepisnya.

Varid states, champion Surip first complained pain on Saturday (1 / 8) after a drinking ice time in Yogyakarta. Varid feel loses because beyond a doubt, champion Surip want to drink other than coffee.

Sunday morning, the condition has not improved Surip champion. Varid directly with the fast moving to cancel two scheduled events of his father. "I do not see tega fatigue," he said.

When are dying on yesterday morning, said Varid, champion Surip was delirious with continuously repeat one sentence favourite. "He continues to say, I love you full, full I love you."

Dewi Persik Predicate 'rocking saw' it seems quite feasible

One of the performers who participate in events enliven Night Anugerah Kotaku Hijau Sampoerna Hijau Green Hotel Mercure Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (1 / 7) is the Goddess Perssik yesterday. According to this dangdut origin Jember, himself enjoys appearance.

"One of pride for my belief can be given in the event Awarding Sampoerna Hijau, although this is off the water," said Dewi.

Predicate 'rocking saw' it seems quite feasible by Dewi Perssik. According to the Aldi Taher's wife was not himself appear like half not full, because the appearance on the stage at that time was' cut '. Like wood sawi a middle course to be thoroughly broken aliases and not half-broken.

For the Goddess, the audience is happy to be a responsibility. So, himself always want the event to be diisinya gala.

"Yes indeed it is, the climax is not song not enjoy. But this is not something that should be developed, because we do not know that going in there, probably post magger. Should I kan nyanyi langsung 6 songs, but was constrained season 2 errors that they (steering committee). "