Delevingne Birthday, Miley Cyrus

Delevingne age had just turned into 23 years on Wednesday (12/8) yesterday. As one of the young stars, and easy to get along, of course, How to get a lot of words from the fans and also his friends.

One who congratulated the British star is Miley Cyrus. He himself say by uploading a photo on Instagramnya account. But, arguably ways by Miley is quite controversial. How come?

How come? Wrecking Ball 'singer when he was uploading photos and the middle way' kissing '. Though the kiss was not in the real sense, but the lips of both were very close. The tongue of both was even seen sticking.

Coinciding with the photo of Miley also put a caption. "Happy birthday Cara Delevingne," he wrote short.

As usual, before uploading them, Miley edit the photo first. In the photo, it appears there was a rainbow that ran where it is a symbol of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender).

As you know, Miley and How equally rumored as a bisexual. Well, it looks like Miley wants to slip a message yes KLovers? If according to you, what is it?

Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewart will be played Britney?

Until now Britney Spears is still regarded as the Princess of Pop. Since a career in the world of music through the single Baby One More Time in 1999, Britney has also issued a number of hits that is still worthy to be heard.

Success in the world of music coupled with all the controversy in his personal life, no one seems if there is a film producer whose life story Britney interested lift to the big screen. According to the magazine OK! already since a few years ago the mother of two sons, was offered to make a biopic about him.

Biopic that is offered to Britney that will focus on the destruction of the superstar wedding. Lucky singer is also reportedly refused to manufacture the biopic. But the latest news says that Britney and her father, James Spears, was looking for a story idea for the film biography of him.

Still according to the magazine, has not explained how the story about Britney biopik just that he will be made as similar films RAY and WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT. Britney also wants that portray himself later is Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, or Natalie Portman.

This news certainly makes Britney fans happy and excited. Unfortunately, according to Gossip Cop the site, all the news of Britney's biopic mere hoax. A source close to Britney said if the news of the film had never existed.

Well, suppose that Britney is a real movie would be made. You think between JLaw and KStew, who is the most suitable and Criminal Toxic singer plays it?