Rihanna Open ....??

Rihanna seems to know exactly that something that smells will surely sell sensual. That's evident from the picture itself is plastered on the cover of the single has just been released. Single titled Russian Roulette is part of the album RATED R was due to be released in late November.

In a single envelope that 'surprise' was seen Rihanna wearing only a corset with a matching color of his skin as her chest was left open and only closed by the loops 'barbed wire' that seemed made of plastic. As a complement, Rihanna also wore blindfolds pirate style but with a hole in the middle.

Single Russian Roulette Rihanna is starting exhibited on his personal website last Tuesday to coincide with the launch day of this first single. Russian Roulette itself, according to ContactMusic, is the work of Ne-Yo. Until now there has been no leak of any song that will be on display in this Rihanna fourth album. Clear Def Jam plans to distribute the album on November 23 next