Artis Julia Parez Go New Purpose

In fact only love can make a drop Julia Perez. Love also, water has become dry eyes. Now pelantun songs that try to split Duren mengikhlaskan the lalunya, for a period which according to him very promising.

"It's very complicated, in which I can only lie down for 3 days and can not move. Now I have many to forget everything. It is no more tears. I tried to just single-minded," he said.

When found in Ancol Dome, Sunday (29 / 3) said, every time there is a problem and he can accept with sincere there are always the best way out.

"And I really did not want to have more with him, so lepasin only. I did not want to see again, see the past is painful. Akan course I can be better again," his him

Artis Marshanda is fat?

Marshanda the days seem increasingly big only. Some people suspect that chacha experiencing stress. So as a result he melampiaskannya through eating. But it be debated by kekasihnya Ben Kasyafani or familiar VJ called Ben, now found at The Plaza Senayan XXI Lounge recently.

Said Ben, chacha is a madness to eat. "Sometimes I be more women than he is this one problem," said Ben.

Ben is more often to remind chacha sports more often. If the time Ben did not make at all or not chacha tembem.

"If the word can be fat if she happy omen, and indeed to this day he continues to be seen laughing," he said. "I lagian seneng see women eat a lot," Ben connect again.

Artis Asti Ananta

Artis Asti Ananta Day pencontrengan 'alias elections that will soon arrive disikapi positively by Asti Ananta. Presenter impressions for children in the STAR KIDS ANTV that, whoever is selected will be people oriented.

"For me, whoever that person sitting to be number one in this country must think of the people. Kandidatnya All I have is ugly, good-all good. So I am confused, which would have, and I want tuh nggak inget orangnya-inget that yesterday, I to believe that future definitely better, "said Asti, in STIE Nusantara, Cawang, East Jakarta, Wednesday (25 / 3) morning.

Thank you to the parties that have been offered to me. But I do not accept because I still need to learn a lot about politics. Because for me, the party has many responsibilities that extraordinary and should be held amanatnya, "specifically.

How to bid manggung during the campaign? "Yes, it is a form of support for a party. For I support his politics aja outside and not go directly," his him

Artis Agnes Monica get gossip

Star teenagers Artis Agnes Monica gossip struck down again. In a program called infotainment Agnes-call has been engaged with a foreign man. But gossip is directly be debated by Agnes hard. Even some of the images show evidence Agnes with the way that the man who as Dr. Neil, in a place in Singapore, is also not recognized by pelantun Matahariku this.

Once again, Agnes asserts that all personal matters such as court or things that others are private, will not want it membahasnya the media because it is not public consumption. "Because to unify mind and take the principle of life," while say Agnes.

Artis Julie Estelle

In the world of the wide screen the homeland apparently made Julie Estelle be reluctant to spread the wings in the world attracted the voice. Although often became the videoclip star for many musicians, but the full brother Cathy Sharon did still not want to sing.

"If I myself still consen in the film, not yet kepikiran for singing, we wait and see what happens, but indeed from small I liked singing, actually was the singer the work that was good, because of could express conscience as you wish also," said the birth virgin February 25 1981 that.

Julie that was met when becoming the 'fairy's' noose, in the videoclip William Gomez of the newcomer's singer, in the Garasindo Workshop, Street. Abdullah Safe'i South Jakarta, on Monday (23/3) admitted to loving music, but did not yet have the wish to serious in the field attracted the voice.

GiGi get launching book 15 YEARS GIGI

Although only celebrate birthdays simply in its base camp in Jalan Tebet in IVF, Tebet, South Jakarta, Sunday (22/03) yesterday afternoon, but the teeth have been preparing for a big event on 31 March. According to the plan, they will launch a book and the concert is supported by several musicians of the country.

"Later on 31 March event is launching a book, book 15 YEARS GIGI. It's not been disclosed previously ungkapkan us all here. This book is 420 pages setebal, here we also love a bonus concert DVD 11 JANUARY 1, and there is only a single in this book. (Date is March 31) also have a concert to invite 15 artists at Djakarta Theater, "said Dewa Budjana.

The concert itself will invite some big names such as Afgan, Pasha Ungu, Ariel Peterpan, Nidji bell, David naive, Tria Changchutters, Kaka Slank, and many more. "The plan we will invite 15 performers in accordance with the numbers back us," added Armand Maulana.

Books that will be released on March 31 itself contains the things that were never disclosed by Gigi. For example about how out Budhy (Haryono, former drummer Gigi-red) and how the inclusion of the previous Gusty Hendy is a member of We Gigi (Gigi fans-red) but can be part of the teeth.

Artis Shireen Sungkar

Together busy syuting evidently did not make the artist's couple Shireen Sungkar and Adly Fairuz lost time to go out. Both of them then investigated to fill up the emptiness syuting to go out. His choice then ate dinner at the edge of the road. More "again exciting if we looked for edge food" of the "road that not once we welcome," said Shireen when being met in the Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, on Friday (20/3).

The activity both of them then did not make relations both of them became parted. The two of them could anticipate if having the problem with their relations by visiting each other to the location syuting respectively.

"If suddenly missed, I came to the location syuting." Was finished met, yes went again, said Adly was met after the Panasonic Award press conference. In the meantime, Shireen acknowledged that his relations with Adly not always smooth. From time to time they the difference in understanding and caused emotions. But, the Fitri player of the LOVE film regarded as the previous wind then. "If still was tired Adly his person emosian." Tolerable if still was tired I diem previously, said Shireen by Adly.

Artis Chelsea Olivia

court was not pairing artists and Chelsea Olivia Glenn Alinskie not Pro. Both also have to compete to win a tight one award in the Panasonic Award.

"We both are each other. What, Glenn sinetronnya collide sinetron same impression on me. But it's not much we make, even make us both to close and spirit," said Chelsea.

Surefire trigger competition between them to be able to berakting better. "This is really spur us to keep our plane akting. Not only that, we both love each other feedback," said Chelsea.

Finally a reality, not a surprise if Chelsea finally get the support and congratulation from Glenn himself when entering nominations as best actress award XII Panasonic compete with Naysila Mirdad, Luna Maya, shireen Sungkar and Alyssa Soebandono.

Artis Cici Paramida

Two years and know each other after the new intimate lebaran yesterday, Cici Paramida finally officially become the wife of Raden Ahmad Suhaebi, widower with four children. They have been married at an 12 March 2009 in Masjidil Haram.

With a dowry of money and real prayer of 1200, Cici's wedding - Ebi attended relatives of both parties with the family to witness Konjen RI Saudi Arabia, Avif Malik.

Apart from the wedding lancarnya way, such as described Cici, turns up at this time the artist home Mandar, South Sulawesi, was not the children of her husband. In fact, from the fourth eldest son Ebi already aged 18.

"Maybe because the girls that we are not very long, I have not the opportunity to get to know the children of the husband. But everything will go through the process of time. So while the way we will know each other," said Cici in Payon Resto, Thursday (19 / 3) .

Cici not so worried as to this matter. She believes that her personality and according to him have a good insight can be better. Ebi own support and Cici.

Artis Ratna Damayanti

After divorce with Rizki The Titans, Ratna Damayanti seemingly does not want to lose out to develop a career as her husband is the former. In fact, Ratna decided to go to 17 + in Management, an artist management, in order to accelerate his career.

"This I consider a new opportunity, thank God a lot of activity already," said Ratna when launching the event in the 17 + Club Bvlgari Management in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/03) night.

Ratna menuturkan that with the entry into artist management, she is claimed to be able to do various things. "Here we must be all, or nyanyi akting," answered.

Ratna was actually wish to work behind the scenes, but he eventually imprison intention. "Was like working behind the scenes, but is not currently afford. Nggak have the time," he said.

Artis Sandra Dewi

Meet with a star idol, who did not want. Pain deg-degan coloring mixed sumringah of time in which to worship side by side with the heart. Feeling that the winner merasuki 8 dinner with stars major film Tarzan TO CITY, Sandra Dewi and Ajul Jiung restaurant in Penang Bistro, in the Oakwood Apartments, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Senin (16 / 3) yesterday.

Eight winners in the quiz include Andi Yatno Al-Zubair, Nata Hendra, Hetty Muliasari, Galuh Ariani, Mian Saragih, Josh Edward, Dadang Benny, and Ocky Dwi Octavianti can not hide the feelings of happiness to meet with the idol, which is probably never imagined they could be one table together.

Dinner took place while diselingi small chat-chat between Sandra and the winner. No lag celetukan-celetukan from Jiung comical, is also able to make the winner must have a little stomach ache because holding laughter. Sandra was trying to seem more juxtapose themselves against the winner of the notabene is penggemarnya.

Not felt, the dinner lasted two hours since starting at 19:05 WIB's already finished. After the sample desert ice mixed black sticky rice, the event was resumed with a quiz game with prizes two mobile phones. Wow, who is not interested. Sandra Dewi already met, can be mobile too. Two winners also get prizes after a few questions about the content of the material is content and Sandra before bed.

Another case with Hetty. The winner came from the Jambi suspect if it can not meet with the movie stars QUICKY express it. Although the road was pitched off, but ultimately to himself can be met in Jakarta and the idol. "I was detained for 5 hours in the airport because of delays," he said.

Almost all the winners can expect to get back to dinner with Sandra. Kapanlagi.com also welcomes the willingness to consider and will try to create a similar event, of course, with the winner of more.

Artis Kiki Fatmala Pro with Saiful Jamil

After already the pretty play Kiki Fatmala and the singer Saiful Jamil of the artist's hostility. A day around was launched by him their film, PIJAT ATAS TEKAN BAWAH, both of them chose to reach an agreement and finally shook hands. Beforehand, Kiki pointed at Ipul has deliberate squeezed-squeezed his waist underside during syuting this film. "A previous day we indeed met and discussed concerning peace between us, and Saiful also has apologised." Basically we have forgiven each other the matter of the incident yesterday, said Kiki to the reporter, when being met in Platters Café, Setia Budi, Jakarta, on Monday

After already the pretty play Kiki Fatmala and the singer Saiful Jamil of the artist's hostility. A day around was launched by him their film, PIJAT ATAS TEKAN BAWAH, both of them chose to reach an agreement and finally hand-shaking taNamun Kiki claimed still felt disappointed because of the video that depicted concerning the insulting has circulated widely. "As casualties, I only wanted this incident to be not repeated again.

" Will as an actor be limit-limitation him. I only could not receive with the circulation of the video, said Kiki. And Kiki also still was leaving disappointment, when the scene squeezed-squeezed circulated the area in the internet. "I will be able to be startled also, why could the video circulate." In fact as my casualties did not want to increase this problem. All this would, initially from the video circulation. So at this time I only want to that circulated the video was arrested after having the request sorry, pungkasnya.ngan. Beforehand, Kiki pointed at Ipul has deliberate squeezed-squeezed his waist underside during syuting this film. "A previous day we indeed met and discussed concerning peace".

Artis Julia Perez with Damian Perez Contra

Artis Julia Perez really felt emotions. After said if Damian Perez has become his past although their divorce still in the process, Jupe also said that WIL that was had by Damian was the stupid woman. During was contacted via telephoned on Monday (16/03), Jupe felt Jupe was challenged to fight by the girlfriend the husband. "I struggled for Damian but easily he introduced his new woman," he said.

Jupe personally could say that before himself was rumoured to have affair with Gaston, Damian has dared to walk with the other woman. The woman it was reported was the businessman in Jakarta. The latest news mentioned this woman came from Malaysia and was named Aisya.

Artis Lia Waroka

Reluctance matrix child artist Lia Waroka, Asril, to live together with her mother was him by Lia. According to him, his son has been washed so created otaknya hate himself.

In that opportunity, sister Emma Waroka matrix model that also has to rebut if the emphasis on Asril. "Nggak no pressure. I also give freedom but with the rules that apply in accordance with the hours and learn Asril," Lia said in evasion.

Lia also confess disappointed with what has been done by Henry successfully create Asril hated himself. "Henry is quite successful. If I be within 3 days I will return it all as they are. Because I know, Asril really only want to stay with me," he said.

Lia also of if Asril let him sleep on the floor, such as greeting Asril. "Each child's sleep I always hug me. Spoofery So if sleeping on the floor. In fact, I always kiss him, and even I want dicium papanya. So I may be because he is my darling," he said

Artis Jupe and Gaston Casano

Artis Julia Perez and the aggressor Persiba, Gaston Casano, in a coast, increasingly proven with several photographs in the different situation. If in the photograph beforehand, Jupe and Gaston middle berasyik masyuk in one boat in the coastal bank, this time two pesohor from two different worlds was seen engrosseded in playing the wave at the coastal bank

Still in his section's bikini, that this time was red, Jupe was seen increasingly sexy with the low discount in the chest part, and the small rope at the back. While Gaston was still being seen casual with shorts a knees were white. Th.e player Persiba was numbered the back 32 this did not hesitate embraced and joked with Jupe in the middle debur the wave. To one of the photographs, Gaston was seen tied the Jupe bikini rope that possibly was freed, now Jupe apparently held tight his sensitive part.

Wulan Guritno get married with Adilla Dimitri

Before married in a true manner, Wulan Guritno and his prospective spouse Adilla Dimitri received advice from the Urusan Agama Office (KUA). Simultaneously that, both of them also received the training opportunity underwent ijab Kabul opposite the village chief.

However nervous that was experienced by Wulan was not as great that Adilla, because indeed mempelai the woman during ijab Kabul only listen to then. "Adilla that trembled, because he that said ijab Kabul, if I will be just quiet," he stressed. Wulan Guritno and Adilla Dimitri will undertake the marriage reception in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan this coming March 29 2009. While the marriage ceremony will be spread out in his house, in the Indah Hut region, Southern Jakarta, on March 27 2009.

In the marriage both of them this, the artist Wulan Guritno had the wish to go on a honeymoon to South Africa. However all of them were still being waiting for the opportunity, the reason still many works that must be completed.

Wulan Guritno was counted while seven years underwent the life was widowed. Along same the descendants's Solo woman, in the search found the best couple. The last choice fell for Adilla Dimitri, after beforehand established relations with the racing driver Ana you Mikola. Wulan admitted to having some consideration chose Adilla.

Artis Lia Waroka

Lia Waroka
Jakarta, 08 Juli 1967

Was apart from the child Marcel (9) made the artist Lia Waroka difficult stress. Moreover the model full sibling of Ema Waroka must terbaring in his bed because of being sick. Marcel currently indeed lives with his father that also the former husband Lia, Henry Restu Putra. By any means, Lia was ready seized had his child from Henry's lap.

Only was not separated, Henry, still Lia's words also incited his child to not follow his request. Moreover, Marcel was then spoilt by being given anything that he asked. "He was spoilt with was bought various toy sorts." Apparently his brain has indeed been washed. His servant also not had treated correctly. My child even thinner because of being not treated, said Lia. In fact, between Lia and Henry indeed was reached the agreement for his child's care.

Lia explained that Henry could meet Marcel for two days in time seminggu.dengan the child Marcel (9) made the artist Lia Waroka difficult stress. Moreover the model full sibling of Ema Waroka must terbaring in his bed because of being sick. Marcel currently indeed lives with his father that also the former husband Lia, Henry Restu Putra. By any means, Lia was ready seized had his child from Henry's lap.

Artis Alice Norin and Dj Riri

Although the age of the marriage for quite a long time but the child has not still been owned by the couple Alice Norin and DJ Riri. His article the activity continued to whip them. Alice arranged the house plus syuting, while Riri was active nge-DJ. Namun like that communication can possibly continue to the road including arranging time among their activity.

About collaboration with his husband, Alice admitted to being happy at the same time somewhat nervous. This the reason for music that was played by them was different. He worried not all that received the address from clubbers. "Usually Riri plays two to three songs previously then I." So collaburation. We also tried to combine the genre that was different between us, he continued.

Be the same. Riri said that among them as well as possible must communication in order to have the problem immediately look for the way out. Moreover he understood the number of works that dilakoni Alice.

The freedom Artis Sheila Marcia from Drugs Narkoba Casus

Sheila's freedom seconds were preceeded by the presence of his mama, Maria Joseph around struck 20,25 of WIB. Bersama their party prayed thank heavens, just around 15 minutes afterwards Sheila emerged from over the main gate was followed by the crying 'explosion'.

Seen by feeling on Sheila's face, while crying he embraced his mama and for a moment moved the embrace to Jupiter Fourtissimo. With the lip be shaking and was full confused, Sheila said thank you and is grateful for his freedom today.

Around struck 20,40 WIB, on Friday night (6/3), the artist of illegal drugs of Sheila Marcia Joseph of the case accused official free from the Hut detention centre of Bambu Jakarta Timur. The freedom of this film star was welcomed by parents along with his new girlfriend, Jupiter Fourtissimo.

Was full of the happiness, Sheila afterwards shouted as fast as possible while embracing et cetera entered the car towards the leased house his mama. According to the latest report did not yet have the official statement or preskon from the family. Up to now the reporter is still being waiting around the leased NY house. Maria, that was not far from the Pondok Bambu Detention Centre.

Kiki Fatmala and Saiful Jamil

VIdeo sexual insulting against the artist Kiki Fatmala that was done by pedangdut Saiful Jamil circulated in the circle pewarta entertainment. The video that came from the film quotation of PIJIT ATAS, BAWAH KENA that was not used that was pointed out as a deliberate sexual insulting was carried out by the former husband this Dewi Perssik. In the video that had a duration of approximately 1 the minute, Ipul was depicted was memijat Kiki's back part that in the naked situation, telungkup on the coloured sofa chocolate.

The further Ipul scene immediately squeezed-squeezed Kiki's bottom that was covered by cloth was green bluish. Alhasil the owner at once pulled the Ipul hands that were engrosseding in squeezing Kiki's bottom. The scene, the next one of Kiki at once abused Ipul while ask for kameramen to not stop the camera.

During it was confirmed about the legality of the video that circulated in this entertainment reporter, of Kiki during in met KapanLagi.com in the Bamboo sum of Apus Cibubur Jakarta Timur, on last Thursday (05/03) agree to if this incident had been experienced by himself when syuting with Saiful Jamil.

In the meantime, Ipul that tried to be contacted KapanLagi.com through his property mobile phone did not promote the call. But when being patrolled in his residence in an apartment in the Kemayoran sum, Jakarta Pusat, Ipul also did not want to emerge. However through one of his servants, Ipul sent the message to to the reporter who for a long time has been waiting in his residence. This Ipul messenger explained that the former husband Dewi Perssik for the moment did not yet want to give the comment about insulting that the implementation against Kiki.

Tamara Bleszynski to Support the boxer Chris John

The full support was given by the pretty artist Tamara Bleszynski to the boxer Chris John. A day before competed in America, the former wife Teuku Rafli Pasya could telephone the boxer from Semarang. "I indeed could monitoring the development of Chris John and witnessed each one of his exercises." During a day before the match, I could also telephone him, but evidently he was the exercise, said Tamara when being met after picking up Chris John in the Airport Soekarno Hatta, Cengkareng, on Tuesday (3/3).

Although indirectly spoke with Chris John, Tamara continued to be able to speak with his coach. Tamara said if with himself, many Indonesian peoples that sent greetings and so that Chris John could defeat the match. Equally his matter like Maia, Tamara also claimed disappointed on results that were gained by Chris John. "Necessarily indeed he could win, not the series like that was met," said Tamara.

Mozza Fani Meilani

Since his first album the IMAGINATION (2004), the dropout's singer Asian Bagus 1998, Mozza again released the GILA LOVE album (2009). There is around five years, the former Krisdayanti vowel backing 'rested' from the musical stage. "Because I want preparations for the second album riper, not wanted perfunctory made the album." Because of being easy to make the good album, said the owner's woman of the complete name of Mozza Fani Meilani.

"Because indeed the love was mad, made us mad and so the suicide." This also told how this album whole contained the love story, he stressed. The Gila love was one of the hits in the album with the same title. This project diproduseri by Nagaswara, where his videoclip was middle in the process produksi.album first him the IMAGINATION (2004), the dropout's singer Asian Bagus 1998, Mozza again released the GILA LOVE album (2009).

There is around five years, the former Krisdayanti vowel backing 'rested' from the musical stage. "Because I pingin preparations for the second album riper, not wanted perfunctory made the album." Because of being easy to make the good album, said the owner's woman of the complete name of Mozza Fani Meilani.

Intan Nuraini

The hobby wrote evidently became preoccupation personally for the Nuraini Diamond. Moreover in his activity gap the tour at the same time promoted the new album that was issued some time before, the former girlfriend Sahrul Gunawan this was doing the writing of the film scenario.

When being touched further on by the matter of the scenario, the Diamond reluctantly explained including whether in this film he will be the player especially. "Oh, if that was waiting casting previously," he said while laughing. Then how with this year plan? Would made the album spiritual like last year? "This year I will sing several songs from the available album last year," said song the Ruler of the Man who at that time imposed Muslims's blue fashion young.