During pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor

In a matter of days, Kareena Kapoor will give birth to her first child. Throughout pregnancy, Kareena hardly encountered many problems, both with health and his career in the entertainment world.

But there is one thing that often makes Kareena disgust at this moment of the first pregnancy. And he suspects that it will continue until the child is born later. What the heck?

"I hated it when people have started knowledgeably and advised me about the child, keeping the pregnancy, life would be changed, morals and so forth," said Kareena as reported from Bollywoodlife.

How not annoyed, I and Saif have not even any shopping for the baby. We also do not think about the name because the want to enjoy this time. Saif also apa2 not talk, he just told me to keep myself and respect my choice to keep work and activities. Why do other people excited? "He continued.
Kareena who might not feel the same way when pregnant. But Kareena has always had a way to overcome sebalnya, namely with a lot of work and forget about what people talk.

Kareena really enjoyed her pregnancy with enjoy. He did not limit his work, and do all the things he liked and supported by her husband.

Okay Bebo, hopefully lahirannya smoothly ya ...

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Kendall Jenner Picture Action

Beautiful and stylish, fashion tastes owned Kendall Jenner is already no doubt. Encountered in each occasion, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have always had a way to steal the attention of people in the vicinity, as well as this time. Appeared on a beach in Miami, Kendall looked desperate not wearing a bra. 

BOLLYWOOD Deepika Sign Top 10 Highest Paid Actress In The World

Towards the end of 2016, Forbes magazine released the list of highest-paid actress in the world. Eighty percent of them filled by actresses of Hollywood, with Jennifer Lawrence as.

Reporting from Pinkvilla, during the year 2016 Jennifer get paid no less than USD 46 million or around Rp 609 billion. The total is down from last year's pay USD 52 million or around Rp 689 billion.

The surprise is the inclusion of the name of a top Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone in the top 10 highest-paid actress. Save Bajirao MASTANI it is in the order of 10 and so new entry this year.

Throughout 2016 Deepika get paid no less than USD 10 million or around Rp 132 billion. This fee is not only he got from the film, but also from advertising and various other projects.With the amount of revenue, this year has exceeded Deepika paid Hollywood actress famous like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart. This year the ranks of top Hollywood actress it failed to enter the list of highest-paid actress.In addition to Jennifer Lawrence and Deepika, the following is the list of highest-paid actress in 2016's:1. Jennifer Lawrence - $ 46,000,000 (2015: $ 52,000,000)2. Melissa McCarthy - $ 33,000,000 (2015: $ 23,000,000)3. Scarlett Johansson - $ 25,000,000 (2015: $ 35,500,000)4. Jennifer Aniston - $ 21,000,000 (2015: $ 16,500,000)5. Fan Bingbing - $ 17,000,000 (2015: $ 21,000,000)6. Charlize Theron - $ 16,500,0007. Amy Adams - $ 13,500,0008. Julia Roberts - $ 12,000,000 (2015: $ 16,000,000)9. Mila Kunis- $ 11,000,000 (2015: $ 6,500,000)10. Deepika Padukone - $ 10,000,000 (New entry)No wonder that Deepika in the list of highest-paid actress this year. Success Bajirao MASTANI followed by a film contract XXX: THE RETURN OF THE CAGE Xander and Padmavati savings Deepika had filled with an incredible amount. 

Delevingne Curhat Problem Virginity

Cara Delevingne may have ended his career in the modeling world and continues to focus on acting, but he still could not escape from the career he made his name. Until now, the way they often undergo a variety of shooting.
How recently even become a model for Esquire magazine. Hot posing in front of the camera, this blonde haired beauty did not hesitate to appear naked nude alias, as reported by the Daily Mail.
Not wearing a single yarn, Cara seemed to sleep on my stomach. He proudly showed every curve of her body in front of the camera. Unfortunately, because it is too vulgar the photo can not be displayed.
Even so, the cover of Esquire this time also wear a photo that is not much different way. But there is only visible pieces of side boob to her beautiful face. That's where you can see the charm that is so sensual way and were able to make him fail to focus.
Not just posing naked, Cara also had to undergo an interview about his past. There he delivered if adolescence was absolutely dismal. How had severe depression and continue to take antidepressants.
At the time tried to stop taking the drug, How to actually lose her virginity. He felt sick should continue taking the drug and depression entangled in age is still 16 years old. Suicidal thoughts even haunt head way at the time.
But now, the way of life has changed. No longer depressed, he has received a lot of love from the fans and the people around him. Well, who would have thought if supermodel class mellow How have stories like this?

Make Rookery Fans, Kendall Jenner Umbar Intimate Area on Instagram

Not Kendall Jenner name if not steal the show. Kardashian family members that this is indeed always had a way to be a public debate and media materials.

This time, Kendall returned to stir the fans. What exactly is done by gorgeous models this 20-year-old? Reported by the Daily Mail, it turns out he was just uploaded a sexy photo on Instagram.

It was there that looked Kendall who was to show what the appearance of her breasts in front of the camera. Of course, this being a direct view to create an account Instagram Kendall flooded with comments.

Wearing a plunging black gown, Kendall appeared without wearing a bra. No wonder if his private parts when it really direct steal. Moreover it is also posing while holding her chest.

Not only showing off his chest, the woman who had reportedly close to Harry Styles also shows prominent collarbones visible sign that he really has a slender body like other Hollywood supermodel.

I did some investigating and discovered that this photo immortalized when Kendall attended the after party White House Correspondent's Dinner (WHCD) on Saturday (30/4).

There's a reason Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2016 Met Gala?

There are so many celebrities who attended at the annual Met Gala that was held on Monday (2/5) yesterday. But among artists, models, famous designers present, invisible nose Miley Cyrus.

If in the previous year Miley managed to steal the show with outfitnya is so hot, now he did not even attend the event. Investigate a investigate it turns out Miley was deliberately to be absent from this year's Met Gala.One source also revealed the reason why the singer's Wrecking Ball chose not present at Hollywoodlife. And in fact, the biggest reason is Liam Hemsworth.

"It certainly was Miley would be happy if it comes at the Met Gala, and she knew I'd be cool with the theme this year. But, along with Liam thinks is more important," said the source. Instead of attending the Met Gala, called Miley prefers to spend time with Liam. In fact, the same source also said that Miley does not want to go anywhere without Liam. So sweet really does?

"For Miley's important for proving that his relationship with Liam is a priority. Miley will not go-go without Liam. That's why he did not come at the Met Gala," added the source.

Selfie Topless Before Bed, Rita Ora Shown Seductive

Already all the time, Rita Ora never hesitate to show off her beautiful form. Evidently, on various occasions the singer of 25 years was often wearing a skimpy outfit and open.

And recently Body On Me singer was back in the spotlight because of her looking so tempting. Not when appearing in public, but Rita hot posing topless when going to sleep, as reported by the Daily Mail.Rita topless photos uploaded to the account Instagramnya. 

 There you will see how fantastic charm of a woman born in Kosovo. Already curious?

Can you see in the picture Rita did look very fantastic. Moreover, he showed facial expressions as well so sensual. It is certain deh many praised his performance.

Sure enough, from the comments field clearly visible netizens who praised the beauty and sexiness of it. Since 14 hours of video uploaded, the photo also get like 140 thousand more.

It is known, that Rita posed topless in a hotel in Milan. Besides performing hot, Rita also looks flawless with makeup on his face. Beautiful!

New Info : Upload Kim Kardashian Selfie,

Selfie Kim Kardashian  photos uploaded yesterday (8/3) on his personal Instagram account is horrendous. Kim is known to spit like her beauty sexy in their social media accounts.

However, many were frustrated by a series of celebrity Kim behavior that is considered to be not a good example for the younger generation. After strong protests from the young actress Chloe Moretz, now turn harsh satirical Pink mother of North and Saint West.

Through Twitter account, this duet partner Nate Ruess write more or less the same message as Chloe. He advised all women to not only show off her beauty to attract attention. This message was conveyed in celebration of International Women's Day which falls exactly on March 8.

 "Attention to all women around the world, to better utilize his intelligence, strength, work ethic, and the magical powers of their birth. The things it does not make you the center of attention and a lot of money, compared to when you show off body attractiveness. women like you do not need to draw attention to the way it is. at some point you will feel that the results of your hard work will bring the respect of others and self respect, "he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

As if not received, Kim also reply to the negative comments. According to him, there is nothing wrong with  selfie pose and show off body attractiveness.

"I'm not a drug addict. I like to drink (alcohol). I was never involved in crime. And now I'm an example that no good as proud of my body alone? I'm proud of my body. I'm proud of sexuality. I'm proud of my skin. I want to show it all to the world and I do not care caustic comment that you give, "confidante as reported Aceshowbiz. Well, the war is getting heat alone.