Successfully Alicia Keys career in the field of music

Can not be denied, at the age of 28 years had just been successfully Alicia Keys at the height of his career in the field of music. But even many who think Alicia has come to the peak of his career, this singer still has not wanted to foster households because there are many who think he should accomplish in the music world.

"Obviously I want to build the home. Being a mother is certainly the most beautiful moment in life. But I felt if I had not reached the peak. There are many that I can achieve. I still want to grow and express myself creatively," says Alicia Keys was quoted as saying from Splash News.

Until now, Alicia Keys has produced recorded four studio albums and one live album. The fourth album was always produces platinum debut album, and even able to reach six platinum in the United States. In 2005, this singer also managed to steal five Grammy trophies for categories including Song of the Year.

In the world of acting, Alicia also played in three feature films and television series 9 movies. The last singer of New York-born beauty was reportedly were having an affair with a named producer Swizz Beatz.