Breast Maggie Q Burned!

Accident when filming sometimes can not be avoided. This is what happened to actress Maggie Q, which accidents are pretty unpleasant as well as embarrassing.

How could I not, if the victims in this shooting accident was her breasts. The accident happened when Maggie live action series starring shooting, NIKITA.

When taking pictures for the shooting scene, Maggie had to use a gun as one property. Not unexpectedly, the technical error occurred, and the bullet it leads to his chest.

"When I was filming for the NIKITA, using a gun. The bullet flew to the right and one of them accidentally into my bra. As a result, my breasts on fire," recalls Maggie.

Fortunately, Maggie could still see the good side of a pretty tragic accident for these women. "Now my breasts are very swollen, that I should wear a bra with a cup size bigger. Not bad! (