Attract AirAsia boss, Madonna Will Open Night Club and Bar

After opening a fitness center business, it looks like Madonna will soon have a 'toy' new in the business world. The diva reportedly will soon open a series of nightclubs and bars, after he was discussing with a businessman from Malaysia, who was none other than the founder of AirAsia.

The superstar is said to have met the multi-millionaire, Tony Fernandes, Thursday (6 / 1) in a night club owned by Tony in London. From this meeting, reportedly the Material Girl singer will soon expand its business into the world of entertainment tonight, by setting up several bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, in cooperation with Fernandes.

"She (Madonna) has been discussing with several partners that have the potential, including Tony Fernandes. Tony has the experience and money to realize one's ambitions to open Madonna's worldwide entertainment business that will be attached to luxury," said a source close to Madonna.

Late last year, the singer opened the first branch of the gym he owns in Mexico. In addition to these businesses, Madonna also has a trade mark in fashion, the Material Girl, who founded with her daughter,