Virginie Caprice Porn Star: detecting Euro

In the Euro 2012 title is a lot of 'seer' surprise, there was a llama from the UK, elephants from the Netherlands, to a pig in Ukraine. However, of all fortune-teller seemed, could never beat the performance of the oracle of the French one. For animals not provide forecasts, but a porn star in a way that heat is also in giving predictions. French adult film actress named Virginie Caprice, he often predicted score game match at the Poland-Ukraine with a writing score on the body beautiful. Then he soon was posting her picture on his Twitter account. We're willing to bet, the men certainly not going to bother the accuracy of prediction of the Caprice.

Little Monsters Cool action Indonesia To Lady Gaga

No question as to what Little Monster Indonesia disappointment when he learned Lady Gaga canceled a concert planned Sunday (3/6) then. But instead of crying disappointed, they chose to do something more useful. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of Little Monster and held a flash mob with Gaga wearing stage costumes. A proof of one's appreciation of the work. Without the need to satirize or force, peaceful and memorable. Indonesia remains the spirit of Little Monster! Little Monsters Cool action Indonesia To Lady Gaga

Lindsay Lohan Incarnate So Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan is back ins the game. Having suffered a lot of problems with drugs and must undergo rehab for some time, the actress who used to amaze the audience through his acting in Mean Girls is now playing in movie LIZ & DICK as a legendary figure, the late Elizabeth Taylor. Recently, an official picture himself as Liz in the movie was released. In the picture looks Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor was making out with Grant Bowler (TRUE BLOOD) as Richard Burton.