Watching Soccer, Victoria Beckham Confused action

Although originally a singer Victoria Beckham is a recent but Victoria's name more closely with the fashion world. As one of the fashion world a respected figure, Victoria certainly do not want to perform with makeup that does not quite fit. Because it was also puzzled when he could be watching a football game with her husband.

That day Victoria Beckham was already planning to watch a football game in Brooklyn, his son. Create a David Beckham, this is absolutely not a problem but for the opposite Victoria. He does not want to miss the game ball but he also knows not have to dress up like anything.

"Want to watch football! Wear what??? Vintage jeans! Looks like I have to buy new! T-Shirt too! X VB x, 'Victoria Beckham wrote via Twitter. After thinking about it long enough, eventually dropped his choice at Victoria faded jeans and a T-shirt. According to Splash News, the day that Victoria looks very casual in jeans, T-shirts that read 'what goes around comes around' and casual shoes. (SPL / rock)

Lady Gaga Wrap Dress Her body with Raw Meat

Lady Gaga if it does not appear eccentric. In the event the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2010 hrs yesterday morning (13 / 9), the singer was 24 years do not just buy up eight Moonman trophies.But it also makes the audience stare Gaga see costume. Present at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, where the event, Gaga wrapped herself in a gown of raw meat. Has a head dress accessories, shoes, and purses are also of the pieces of meat. Gaga wear the dress when received the gift of the best video.

Elizabeth Hurley Sleep Every Night With Dogs

Elizabeth Hurley seems to be very close to the pet to the point that every night, sleep was accompanied by the actress her beloved dog.

45-year-old star was married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar. But when I woke up in the morning was not her husband who got the first kiss but a dog. "The first thing I did when I woke up was to kiss the dogs. All the bed above me. Living in the countryside meant that I should try to walk or run with my dog every heart. I have three Labrador and a Spaniel, all more fit than me," he said .

But despite more loving dog than her husband, Hurley claimed the first dance at your wedding with Nayar is the most romantic thing to make it touched.

Christina Aguilera Love For Husband Leave a Message

Christina Aguilera had a lot of ways to warm loving relationship with her husband, Jordan Bratman. This singer every day to write messages of love to her husband when she left home.

During an interview, Not Myself Tonight 'singer is said that he is also using lipstick as a means of giving the message.
"I leave a mark with lipstick on the bathroom mirror for him when he wakes up, and I wrote a small note with lipstick on the glass and in the shower. Note the small, small cards, the words 'I love you' in there, here, just to make all fun and lively, "bright star of this section.

29-year-old singer has been undergoing marriage for five years until now and has a son from, Bratman. Aguilera has his own recipe for maintaining the household, which is still making his marriage interesting. The presence of their son, Max Liron (2) also makes this pair even closer. He also stressed the importance of providing a space for couples.

"Everyone has a bad thing, everyone grew up and we are all experiencing change. It is important to give space to grow and accept them as they are," he explained.

Victoria Beckham Fashion Awards to the UK Met

Tomorrow Victoria Beckham will fly to England, his native land, not to return home but to pick up the fashion award conferred to him the British Fashion Council.
This nomination is clearly a matter of pride for terlanjut Victoria already in love with the fashion world.

"Finally!! I'm off to England tomorrow," writes Victoria via Twitter hers. "I can not wait for fashion week!," Continued Victoria that seemed to be happy. According to Splash News, Victoria Beckham was nominated for the grace of Designer Brand of the Year from the British Fashion Council.

"I feel honored nominated designer brand of the year from the British Fashion Council said Victoria !!!!," again, closing his writing with," In love and light x VB x. "
This time Victoria Beckham is going to compete with big brands such as Mulberry, Burberry and Pringle who is also nominated for the same.

Drew Barrymore Best Drunk Love Scene

If you read the biography of Drew Barrymore, you'll find that at one point in his life, the actress is now beginning to explore this realm of directing ever entered rehab alcohol addiction. Although it is a bleak period in her life but at least no good when Drew should also starred in Going The Distance.

"One of my favorite challenge was the scene drunk," explained Drew Barrymore, as quoted from Splash News. In the film should portray Erin Drew, a woman who was vacationing in New York but ended up finding yourself in love with Garrett, played by Justin Long.

Drew Barrymore even had time to discuss at length with Nanette Burstein, the director, about the type of drunk how the most fit for this scene. "It was the most enjoyable time at work because I can really relax," said Drew Barrymore who had twice entered rehab alcohol addiction. Previously, Drew also briefly commented that during the filming of Going The Distance is he laughing incessantly.

Kate Hudson Believe Love

Never failed in the marriage did not kill Kate Hudson's romantic side. This Hollywood actress admitted that she still believed in love and not stop to keep looking for love.

In an interview in Elle magazine, Hudson revealed that she believes will be the existence of love and recommend that people do not shut yourself in the presence of love. "I think many people feel the fear of love and stop experience. I never want to feel tired. I believe in love. I believe when you open yourself to love, it is the most beautiful thing," the light of this sexy star.

Hudson is now having an affair with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. He praised his new girlfriend as a fun person and they are now getting to know one another.