Sexy, TOP Do I Get Two Days

In the episode that aired COME TO PLAY TV station MBC, one of the Big Bang, TOP telling his unique experience after a pretty sexy photo session with actress Lee Mi Sook.

August last year, TOP successfully eliminate a significant age difference between himself and the senior artists, and appear brave in ELLE Magazine. TOP, born 4 November 1987, must undergo a photo session as the boyfriend Lee Mi Sook, born on April 2, 1960.

TOP remember these moments, where he underwent a photocall after he could not get up for two days. "After we finish potoshoot, we went to dinner. I went home that night and went straight to bed. I can not get up for two days without any logical explanation at all," he said.

With a laugh he added, "I would be exceeded by the energy and enthusiasm!"

In addition to the story, the star also revealed some secrets about the couple co-star in the film IRIS and INTO THE FIRE.