With Hollywood celebrities Sexiest Tongue!

In addition to his lips, and shape the body, the tongue becomes one of the things that often become the sexiness of a woman. And it seems like Hollywood celebrities following so aware of it, so they often show the shape of the tongue to the public. Anyone agree that figures such as Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Ali Larter is the celebrity and a woman who has a perfect body shape. As if to make other women jealous, they also form the tongue so sexy. Do not believe it? please look and careful not to drool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X896Q09oMwA&feature=player_embedded#t=0s

Harass employees, Sharon Stone Sued for Green Table

For alleged racist acts, Sharon Stone had to deal with the law. Basic Instinct star is considered to be prosecuted for harassing a former employee ethnicity. As reported by the Dailymail, former nanny named Erlinda Element alleges Sharon often peppered with racist words while she was working for him. Filipino bloody woman is claiming that Sharon is often called the Filipinos are the stupid people. Elements also revealed that Sharon is often forbidden to talk to their children because their children would not talk like element. In addition, Sharon is also often accused elements meal paid for, so often asked Element return the excess salary he had received. Element itself claims to have worked long enough for Sharon. In 2008, he was even promoted as a nanny so the head is always encouraged wherever Sharon and her children go. But ultimately, he was fired in 2011. Responding to this case, attorney Sharon said that this is just one of the tricks of former employees to earn more money. Because last year the element was sue Sharon for different cases, but did not win.

Lady GaGa Ready to Respect Culture Indonesia

Lady GaGa is actually not going to stay silent about the endangered Little Monster can not watch the concert in Indonesia. In order to hold one of the biggest concerts in Asia this year, the Lady GaGa willing to respect the rules and culture prevailing in the country. "So we, as with other artists, we also establish communication with the management of Lady Gaga. Especially relating to this and now it has become the world's Trending Topic. Lady GaGa The management has also been able to absorb these aspirations so that we also got one statements from them, that they expressed willingness to respect the rules and culture prevailing in our country. And Lady GaGa's management also intends to provide a show that will never be forgotten is, "said the representative of the promoter, Ndang Mawardi, while speaking at the event Television, Metro Today. [Info for you: "All the news KapanLagi.com be opened on the phone. Make sure your GPRS or 3G service is already active, then open your mobile internet browser, enter the address: m.kapanlagi.com"] Big Daddys as party promoters actually have anticipated the possibility of going to the pros and cons of Lady Gaga concert. Ndang admitted his side had discussed this with Lady GaGa party long before this volatile issue. "Actually it's the communication we have done since the first time we get confirmation of the arrival of Lady GaGa. And there we have also stated how the name oriental norms. Moreover, here also it is more than 85% Muslim population. It was so caring and they also been able to absorb it, "explained Ndang. As previously reported, the concert was due to be held on June 3 at the Bung Karno has received stiff opposition parties. On the other hand, the enthusiasm of Indonesia is very large music lovers to watch GaGa concert in Indonesia. This makes the police seem to take days of giving the show permission.

Modify Dark Queen Kristen Stewart So Snow Black

Kristen Stewart appearance in the film SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman not only riveting, but also succeeded in changing the image of Snow White that seem to be more powerful weak. But what would happen if Snow White was turned into a beautiful Snow Black? That is what appears when a woman who is also acting in the movie TWILIGHT is present in the film premiere of SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman. As reported by The Sun on Tuesday (15/5), Christian seemed dressed in all black. On that occasion, the Christian looks fun joking with the cast Queen Ravenna, which is also compact Charlize Theron wearing a black shirt. Laughter full of intimacy is clearly not we meet in the movie Snow White which they starred. Whether intentional or not, they wear a costume theme is quite similar although the model is clearly different. With a transparent black dress both sworn enemies in front of the screen can still display their sexiness. Surely not just the two of them who attended the show. In the midst of their compactness, Chris Hemsworth is also a moment and then join your fellow players and to show solidarity

Lady GaGa Dada Exhibition Through Twitter

Lady GaGa again cause fans shocked by his actions. Having made ​​the costumes and unusual newfangled, now 26 years old singer comes with seductive poses that would make anyone staring. As reported by the Dailymail, the singer of this song Born This Way looks posing with photographer Terry Richardson. In the photo intentionally created black and white, the GaGa look so lowering the clothing next to her chest clearly visible In addition to holding his chest, GaGa also increasingly contrived poses hot with a passionate expression of the display. Meanwhile, Terry, who seems to hold the waist GaGa also features claw style and ready to pounce. Terry is a style that is displayed was not without purpose. Pounce style is nothing but a form of admiration for Terry on the GaGa is known for his artificial claws. This photo was uploaded GaGa shortly before the owner's name is Stefani Germanotta record with 24 million followernya twitter. Perhaps this is one way to celebrate GaGa. :

Public curiosity about the shimmering rings that are used in the present moment Angelina Jolie Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) some time was finally answered. The ring is proof that he has been engaged to Brad Pitt.

As quoted from Aceshowbiz, the couple finally announced the happy news via his spokesman. This news came shortly after the rumors about their wedding preparations widely heard.

"Yes, it confirmed. This is the promise of the future and the children they look very happy," said Cynthia Pett-Dante on a media crew on Friday (13/4) afternoon.

Pett-Dante also revealed that Brad Pitt was the one who designed the ring to be happy for the moment. Collaborated with Robert Procop, he also managed to create a spectacular engagement ring for Angelina Jolie.

"Brad had a clear vision for this ring, which is a manifestation of a long-term collaboration. He wants perfection in every aspect ...," said Robert Procop who claimed to have been designed in such a way because of the ring finger Angelina looks beautiful in it.

Although news of the engagement has been announced, but they have not announced exactly when they will marry. Previously, the couple had vowed not to marry if it has not legalized gay marriage around the world.

Although it looks like they will be violating their own oath, but we should be congratulated for this couple.

Pose Topless Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton does have the curves of her perfect body. Therefore is not wrong if it believed lover Leonardo DiCaprio to star in new product ads Victoria's Secret. As reported by The Sun, in the ad this time Erin will appear more hot with toplessnya pose. Without wearing a bra, this model would pose while wearing the pants in a variety of products.
Erin Heatherton, 23, parades her admirable physique in new shots for Victoria’s Secret. The freckly blonde beauty’s latest modelling assignment sees her posing in two-pieces from the lingerie firm’s summer range. And she does a mighty fine job, firing smoking eyes at the camera and flaunting her jaw-dropping body. Her Hollywood boyfriend Leo, 37, must feel like the cat that got the cream after adding another model to his CV of pin-up girlfriends. The couple began dating last December after meeting at a Victoria’s Secret show in New York. Titanic star Leo has previously dated Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Israeli lingerie star Bar Refaeli and Gossip Girl beauty Blake Lively. In one photo, she posed wearing only striped panties, while both his chest covered with a sleeve. Teased hair and natural make-up that would make anyone amazed when I saw this photo. In others, it appears Erin posing with his back to camera wearing red underwear. Selan, there are some sexy poses that will make anyone's eyes widened to see the beauty of her body. The girl is 23 years alone have a relationship with Leonardo since last December 2011. The two began a relationship is established after a memorable meeting in the Victoria's Secret party held in New York some time ago