Catherine Zeta-Jones Very beautiful on his birthday

Catherine Zeta Jones' decision to pose in birthday-40 turned out to receive full support from Michael Douglas, the husband. Michael did not mind his wife photographed and even he commented that his wife's nude photos it looks beautiful. Even Michael did not hesitate to say if he was proud of his wife is still worthy of being photographed while she was already stepping on the head four.

"The photos look beautiful. I think he wanted to show another side of himself. The photos are amazing," said Michael Douglas, as quoted from Splash News. Of course this is not a routine activity and therefore Catherine's photographs could be considered something exclusive. "He's not very often do that - at least have about ten years - so I am proud of what he was doing," Michael continued.

Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta-Jones own in the past 2000 years and until now this pair has been blessed with two children: Dylan who is now nine years old and the new Carys aged 7 years. In the same occasion, Michael Douglas also expressed his desire to visit Wales, land of her birth, in the near future

Julia Roberts Sewing To Stay sane

Living life as an actress and a household with three children is not easy. Julia Roberts also admits that his job as a celebrity as well as housewives sometimes makes it almost lost my sanity. One way in which Julia to maintain his sanity, it turns out, is by sewing. Not only can survive stay sane, she can even make a few pillows and shorts for her husband.

"Sewing is my new skills that are useful to maintain my sanity. I can also make great pillows for my kids and shorts for Danny," said Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey in an interview some time ago. After telling the trick in a household, she also tells how ruwetnya situation at home especially with the three children in the naughty-naughty. But of course these children are not only made Julia dizzy but also brings its own happiness for this beautiful actress.

"They were very pleasant and beautiful - the chaos that happened in our home once peace is in it," the story of Julia Roberts later. Julia Roberts himself was married to Daniel Moder in 2002 and then and until now have been blessed with three children: twins Hazel and Phinnaeus who is now five years old and Henry was only two years old

Courtney Love Lesbian amit Dealing With Kate Moss

Courtney Love seems really fond of throwing a tantrum. Having had time to disclose her husband had an affair with Gwen Stefanie, Gavin Sossdale, she now claimed to have a lesbian relationship with Kate Moss.

In an interview with Interview magazine, Love told him if Moss had a love affair with him. Not only that, Moss is also said to sleep with my friends girlfriend in London.

Kurt Cobain's widow said that she made friends with Moss and nearly bought a house in London. "It's a good story to tell the grandchildren. Kate is not a lot of drugs. That's just what happened in Milan in the 90s. It does happen and the only pleasure or something. He told me about this and I hope he's not mad at me revealing. I feel like combre. but even so she amazing! Kate's best friend. I almost bought a house in John's Wood, London, "said the Hole singer was.

Hollywood Celebrities Bikini Idea 2010

Summer, hear these words going through your mind the wide expanse of sandy beach, a light breeze that hit his face, joy of children playing on the beach, passing by tourists who are looking for sunbathing spot. Hmmm ... the smell of the beach seemed to satisfy your mind. And of course, a vacation is the most suitable event after many years struggling with the job that make you bored at work.

If you are still confused and rocked what you will wear. Peep some of the style of Hollywood celebrities who decided to enjoy the summer, sunbathing on the beach with this beautiful bikini. Grab your feeling sexy, honey!

The Yellow, worn by Whitney Port

Even for just sunbathing and swimming, beautiful artist on this one do not want to look messy. He set up a pair of bikini beautiful and cheerful yellow. With some accent wrinkle his thin disguise. With that accent the body looks more filled out, and of course sexy!

Monokini, worn by Eva Longoria

For those of you who do not want to expose the body is too open, you can peer style of Eva Longoria follows. Where a gold-colored monokini with chain accents and abstract patterns bandaged his thin frame. Chain around his waist detail make this give the impression monokini sexy and glamorous. Abstract at the chest line also serves to maximize the size of the chest, especially for those who have a mini chest.

Orange Lace-Up One Piece Swimsuit, worn by Janice Dickinson

One piece swimsuit worn by Janice Dickinson makes summer more fun. Moreover, the rope accents tucked in the abdomen to the chest. Sexy is smart! Halter strap that hung around the neck there are two parts to the sexy, which makes one-piece swimsuit is the more perfect. You who have a body maxi, could menyuplik Janice idea for a one-piece will hide your abdomen and waist. While the dumbbell gives the impression sexy and slimmer.

Solid print Bathing suits, worn by Kate Hudson

Simple and still look beautiful. This is the idea of Kate's an interesting blend between the detail of lace and the bikini's bold. The red color also makes it bak chosen flower that blooms beautifully in the summer mood. A perfect mix of events sunbathing on white sand beaches.

Pirate Sarong, worn by Michelle Rodriguez

here he is the lover of nature, creative ideas from Simona who entrusted his appearance on Zebra motif pretty turquoise leather worn on bright. Zebra accents provide a condensed natural shades. While maximizing the look sexy halter neck and expose the shoulder.

ready sunblock, sunglasses, comfortable mats, beach sandals, a cold drink and a camera to capture your beautiful moments. And be prepared to enjoy the most pleasant summer vacation on the beach. Do not forget to invite all your friends. Happy summer gals!

Uchitel Willing Nude in Playboy

Former Women's Savings Tiger Woods
Rachel Uchitel has not stopped making sense. After shocking the world of golf and the people of the United States in particular, following an affair with a professional golfer Tiger Woods, is now reportedly agreed to Uchitel nude in men's magazine Playboy. Thus the reported TMZ.

Despite objections to comment when asked Uchitel TMZ, the site has received confirmation from someone close in the magazine that Uchitel still entitled to withdraw before a photo session done within three weeks.

Uchitel (34) is a New York girl who has a reputation for dating many celebrities. The figure who never loses her fiance due to September 11, 2001 the victim was working as a Manager of VIP in a number of elite New York nightclub.

This sexy lady is known for sex maniacs. This is what makes him a mistress number one Woods, who did want the "service" as given Uchitel. In the magazine OK! in December last, he said about the relationship with the number one golfer.

"In every story there's always the good guy and bad. I was portrayed as villains. People call me many domestic crushers, matre girls, beggars, and prostitutes. I was doing wrong, but I do not like people say. I am a good person -good. We judge the whole country, it is very difficult. It's horrible, "Ashrafi said the magazine OK!, at the time.

Finally, Uchitel appear again in news as a serial infidelities Angel star David Boreanaz.
Uchitel affair between Boreanaz and wife actually took place when Boreanaz, Jaime Bergman, is pregnant.

Kim Cattrall: Without Clothes In, Ventilation More

Hygiene can be done in various ways. Cattrall Kim have their own way to maintain their health, namely to provide 'ventilation' is more on his body without wearing underwear. In addition to maintain the health of Kim's body was also satisfied with his performance, no matter if the present age have five heads.

This 53-year-old actress claimed that she was pleased with his appearance and had no desire to look younger. In this interview with Look magazine she said that if the age of the 40s he was getting warm and the time has now reached the age of 50 he was already in high places. A different world, he said.

SEX AND THE CITY star also has tips for keeping her body, that is without underwear. "Advice from me the most luxurious fashion that has been proven to significantly is if you're not wearing underwear more ventilation and it's probably more healthy.

Naomi Watts is going to be Marilyn Monroe

If the news is true then this is the second time Naomi Watts plays the character who actually existed. Having chosen to play Valerie Plame in the movie FAIR GAME, Naomi Watts is believed to play Marilyn Monroe back in the movie that reportedly will take title blonde.

Blonde himself lifted from a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and published in 2000. Books that could be this controversy is actually a fictional story that takes real character as a character. Later, the film will also follow the journey of life Marilyn Monroe since she was still unknown until her death in 1960.

According to Splash News, the blonde is will be directed by Andrew Dominik who also had Brad Pitt in film directing assassination OF THE Jesse James. So far there has been no information about other stars will also be placed in this film. Blonde is also unclear when this will be circulated because until now Naomi Watts still have three films, MOTHER AND CHILD, FAIR GAME, and YOU WILL MEET A Tall Dark Stranger, who all signed in the year 2010 this showtimes.

Rituals Beautiful 'SECRET' Hollywood Artist

What do you think sexy Hollywood actresses was born as a beautiful woman and perfect with a long nose, lips filled, soft smooth skin or beauty boobs? Could be, containing the red lips and split lip that is original, yes, like the lips of Angelina Jolie's red and adorable.

But how do they keep the skin and body's beauty? Calibaration have calibaration, it turns out they mengakalinya with secret tricks in the style of Hollywood stars.

What's their secret trick?

Julia Roberts: olive oil is my secret!

Reportedly, Julia Roberts, the artist who is also a former board of this model utilizing the properties of olive oil for beauty care for hands and nails. According to Julia, olive oil will keep your nails strong. Is the composition of fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin K, which causes the nails stay strong and beautiful. Kulitpun soft and healthy.

Catherine Zeta Jones: washing hair with beer!

What? Beer? Yeah, right! Catherine washing hair with beer. Beer mixed with honey and then applied to the hair while shampooing. And the result, "the hair softer and radiant," concluded Catherine, as quoted by The Sun.

One more beauty tips that do. Catherine always eat an apple after a meal to clean his teeth. Hey! not if you want to clean your teeth, you need to brush your teeth? Yeah, it's true every day at least we brush teeth twice daily. But apples contain substances that can make the teeth clean. Try as you eat an apple, you feel as though your teeth like it had been polished. Clean and rough, right?

That's why she always looks white teeth, clean and shining.

Halle Berry: foot scrub disposable coffee

If you drink coffee, do not throw away its dregs. But use as a scrub to your legs and thighs. This is done by the sexy actress Halle Berry. She scrubs her legs and thighs with coffee grounds, massaging for a few minutes to remove all the orange peel look of cellulite and that often makes us so confident when not wearing hot pants.

Caffeine contained in coffee may keep us awake, but caffeine can also help the cells in the body to more quickly metabolized. So that will not accumulate fat in the thighs and legs were still smooth.

Claudia Schiffer Nude Pose

When a model is a model of the world cult, pose like anything else would be interesting and have a high selling value. Claudia Schiffer, a supermodel of the world, recently doing a photo shoot with a unique pose. He appeared without clothes when she was seven months pregnant. Later, Claudia photos will be used as the cover of Germany Vogue magazine June edition.

To capture images, Claudia mempercayakannya to his close friend, a designer Karl Lagerfeld. Karl shots photo shows one side of Claudia with her hands covering her body. Pose like this has also been popularized by Demi Moore for the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991.

A baby who was conceived by Claudia This is the third son from his marriage with her husband, film producer Matthew Vaughn. They are now blessed with two children, Caspar (7), and Clementine (5), as preached Hollywood Life.

Other celebrities who willingly posed nude but not in pregnancy is Britney Spears on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and Christina Aguilera who appears on the front page of Marie Claire.

Lindsay Lohan hired a personal bodyguard

Stars that is now being dimmed in his career, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly hired a personal bodyguard. According to some reports, Lohan has hired thugs to guard it from the target of paparazzi

THE MEAN GIRL star is said that he was followed by the trail wherever he went and had previously been accused of excessive media attention has affected on personal issues, including his arrest in 2007 for driving under the effect of alcoholic beverages.

However, Lohan is now hoping to buttonhole of the groom who had a frightening height 1.8 meters and weight 136 kg. Lohan bodyguard will certainly make the ignorant fear of the photographer. Information is obtained from the gossip column of The New York Post page six.

The publication reports that heavy guard is seen accompanied Lohan to a party at the hottest party in Los Angeles, Las Palmas and warned one of the stalker who tried to get closer to Lohan. A source told the newspaper, "Lindsay Wherever go, he will follow."

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Video will be released

Sex video of Hollywood stars always bring excitement. This time a video of former Playboy model, Kendra Wilkinson who is doing the strip in circulation. X-rated videos are apparently made before the famous Wilkinson.

This erotic video is predicted to sell in the market. A source tells U.S. magazine OK!, Said that Wilkinson looks hot, which will surely make this video is sold on the market. Video is owned by the distributor sex porn films, Vivid is planning to release it later this month.

Although Vivid parties insisted they had the video was officially and legitimately in the eyes of the law, Wilkinson will take the fight to ask for legal counsel team in LA Lavely & Singer to prevent the circulation of the video.

A source who has seen the video titled Exposed Kendra stated that Hugh Hefner's former lover stripper extraordinary, also looks hot in that scene.

Wilkinson had just given birth to a baby boy last December. Now she is married to U.S. football player Hank Baskett.

Sandra Bullock Selected As Sexiest Single Mother

Sandra Bullock referred to as the sexiest single mother in an online poll. BLIND SIDE star who adopted a baby boy earlier this year, was at the top in this poll.

Almost 65% of men chose the single 45-year-old actress is, while 55% of women are single, also approved this choice. Like the USS Weekly reports, thousands of people participated in the poll held dating website, date.com, matchmaker.com and amor.com's Avalanche, LLC's.

Some women are considered sexy are Kate Winslet, who was elected as many as 15.1% of males and 4.4% of women. Reese Witherspoon on the next position with 2.5% of males and 20% of women agreed. Pamela Anderson was chosen 6.4% of men and 3% of women. Madonna gets 1.5% and 20% male voice female voice.

Victoria Beckham, Celebrities Most Glamour

For many years the word glamorous self is always attached to Victoria Beckham. Hardly ever we see celebrities on this one appeared without make-up or dress modest. The results proved that this glamorous image is still attached is evident from the results of a survey that puts Victoria at the top position melibas other names such as Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley.

No half-hearted, three thousand women were surveyed by Max Factor and the result is Victoria Beckham in the top position while Dannii Minogue was in second position followed by Angelina Jolie who was in third position.

"Victoria Beckham has always adorned the pages of fashion magazines for years. He never left the house without make-up and expression without his smile has become his trademark," said a spokeswoman for Max Factor, as quoted from Splash News.

In addition to Victoria Beckham, Dannii Minogue and Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley's name, Myleene Klass, Michelle Obama, Kim Cattrall, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, and Leona Lewis also made it into the top ten list that was released this Max Factor.

Rihanna at France Stopped by the Sex Shop

Rihanna is currently touring the world, apparently do not forget to have fun. The singer was seen stopped at the sex shop in Paris. Rihanna is currently playing in France for his tour in Europe.

In between time show, instead of going to a place famous Champs-Élysées, the singer called Riri is familiar even to make the fans and photographers who followed him in surprise. Riri stopped by the sex shops, Toy's Me. Wearing a long coat and boots with ease Riri entered the store with his bodyguard escort.

He was seen buying sexy lingerie before laughing while holding a pink sex toy. It is not known exactly what the singer was when he bought out of the store surrounded by bodyguards.

Paris Hilton sues U.S. $ 1 Million

The film titled pledge THIS! the movie was hardly a success. The film, starring Paris Hilton is reportedly did not bring in profits for the buffer fund this film. Therefore they are now trying to sue Paris Hilton for U.S. $ 1 million or equal to the fee he received when signing a contract to play this movie.

Today, investors pledge THIS movie! This reportedly filed a lawsuit to court in Miami and demanded that Paris Hilton's return fee of U.S. $ 1 million that he received when I signed the contract in 2006. They accuse Paris failed to fulfill their contract by not attending a number of events including promotions for this film comes in several chat shows, radio promotion and media in the U.S., UK, Japan, Russia, and Germany.

According to Splash News, before investors could also sue Paris Hilton with claims for compensation of U.S. $ 8.3 million, but this claim was rejected by the judge. Paris Hilton's own party refused to be called not fulfill the contract because during this time Paris has also conducted promotions everywhere he went.
In the same news was also mentioned that the film Pledge This! was only able to collect as many as 2.7 million Pounds Sterling and aired in only 25 theaters. It is unclear how loss incurred by the parties but the funders see the above figures seem to suffer losses they are also very large.