Dancing With The Stars Unique Demands Pamela Anderson and Kristie Alley

Los Angeles - Dancing With The Stars contestant Pamela Anderson can show and Kirstie Alley. The requirement must meet the unique demands of these two famous aging star.

Citing TMZ, Wednesday (26/9), this is a unique requirement on behind the scenes that prompted Pamela and Kristie.

Sources close to the production said, "Pam asked possessed trailer filled Beyond bottled coconut water. Beverage packaging, the brand is imported from Australia and is almost impossible to find in the United States."

"Meanwhile, Kirstie refusing to eat prepared meals. Reasons, he was undergoing an organic diet programs. To that end he hired people," added the source.

Ketikkan teks atau alamat situs web atau terjemahkan dokumen. Batal Contoh penggunaan "": diterjemahkan oleh Google secara otomatis Inggris Bahasa Indonesia Arab Alpha 2NE1's Park Bom Photos Without Make Up Earn Attention Netizens

A photo selca (self camera) from girlband 2NE1 member Park Bom which was recently posted online and received high attention from the fans.

Monday (24/9), Bom selca posted a photo on her me2day account with the words, "Everyone ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello ~ ~ ~ While I was in Korea, I felt confused day and my night. For some reason, when it was night and if on Saturday, I was so excited,

Lead vocals 2NE1 also stated that she had enjoyed the music in the evenings, but if enthusiasm faded when the day and the sun appeared.

Netizens who saw the photo Bom selca immediately responded, "I like your selca in the morning," "With a little makeup, you look more sweet," "Even in the morning, you also still look cute," and "I'm very happy because imutmu could see a smile, "

Currently bomb is being preoccupied with 2NE1 activity. Where 2NE1 had started the title of their first world tour concert in Seoul. 2NE1 is also rumored will come to Indonesia for a concert.

Photo "Topless" Circulating, Heidi Klum Ready Hover Lawsuit

Feeling cornered by the bias continues with his bodyguard, Christian Martin, a former supermodel Heidi Klum celebrated lawsuit intends to spreading topless photos (topless) himself.

The photos are spread across several online sites showing Klum was on holiday in the South of France, with a new girlfriend who is also his personal bodyguard. In these photos, Klum was seen wearing a bikini while sunbathing topless with her ​​lover.

Knowing photographs circulated, Klum was deeply emotional. Therefore, he is entitled to bring a legal because it felt right to privacy has been stripped by the photographers.

Klum admits that they figure out what media disseminate original photographs when he was on vacation.

Efforts made Klum, admittedly inspired by Kate Middleton businesses demanding French magazine for spreading similar picture. About winning or losing in court later, he just wanted to give a lesson to anyone who tries to disturb the privacy space.

Amanda Bynes: Do not Call Me Lindsay Lohan!

Lately the traffic problems it had struck Amanda Bynes. As a result, the public was dubbed Lindsay Lohan second. How did Amanda react?

As reported by Aceshowbiz, the label is apparently infuriated him. Because the star is EASY A felt he was much better than Lindsay Lohan.

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"Amanda was very upset because compared to Lindsay Lohan, who incidentally has a long history of drug abuse and other problems," said spokeswoman Amanda.

Lindsay itself before it had curse Amanda via Twitter. MEAN GIRLS star protested that Amanda was acquitted of driving under the influence of drugs.

"Why am I jailed because of driving while intoxicated, while a Nickelodeon star is not even punished at all," wrote Lindsay...

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Circulating Even in Ireland

Once published by the French media, topless photos of Kate Middleton getting circulated widely. Now, turn the Irish print media and publishing.

As reported by Digital Spy, Irish Daily Star becomes the second media publish pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. Previously, the photos have been published by the French magazine called Closer.

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Measures Irish Daily Star is arguably very brave. Because the royal party had threatened to sue Closer to the alleged violation of privacy. The same thing can happen of course Irish Daily Star.

"The Duchess is no different from other celebrities such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga. Candidate She's not the queen of Ireland, so the only country worthy angry ya just English," said one source of media.

Topless photos of her circulated on Friday (14/9) yesterday. Ironically, the news comes as Kate and Prince William were visiting a mosque for the first time in Malaysia

Kim Kardashian

Although it has never been rumored pregnant, 31-year star is rumored to have a baby is so cute! Babies who? Funny what a little baby did Kim Kardashian? 

 No need to wonder. Because Kim's baby was not human babies, but baby cat. With pride, Teacup Persian kitten is the display of via Twitter. As reported Aceshowbiz, white cat was named Mercy. The name was taken from the title of the song that Kanye West is dedicated to Kim. In addition to Kim, 

Khloe Kardashian also showed off the sweet photo with the cat. He also expressed his love for animals that look so innocent and full of curiosity. "Who does not like a little white cat?" Khloe wrote.

Info : Katy Perry

Celebrities who love to experiment with color and hairstyle to complement the costumes and stage act superseru? Katy Perry, of course! We love Katy and her unique fancy hair history.Selebriti who likes to experiment with color and hairstyle to complement the costumes and stage act superseru? Katy Perry, of course! We love Katy and her fancy hair unique history.

Kate Moss

This famous supermodel is known for his wild style. Moss in addition to using cocaine, Moss has also reported  life, he preached love threes

Kate is an English model who is known for her waifish figure and popularising the heroin chic look in the 1990s. She is also known for her controversial private life, high profile relationships, party lifestyle, and drug use. Moss changed the look of modelling and started a global debate on eating disorders, and her role in size zero fashion. In 2007, she came 2nd on the Forbes top-earning models list, estimated to have earned $9 million in one 

Hwayoung Release Clip Rap Posts Alone

The former member of girlband T-Ara, Hwayoung post a clip in which he displays his talent for rap fans.

Hwayoung post on Thursday (6/9), "Even though I'm still not perfect in many ways, I'm practicing writing lyrics. I worked hard to meet the expectations of fans, so I'm still waiting for a new, more mature image.'s Day T-Ara appear comeback, please give them a lot of support, "as reported by allkpop.com.

In the posting, Hwayoung also includes a sound clip lasts 51 seconds in which he was doing rap. The song was made ​​by Lishbeats with lyrics written by Hwayoung.

Hwayoung name within two months was busy talking. After he was released from T-Ara, rumors are growing that Hwayoung intimidation of members. Even appearing on T-Ara dissolution movement because the effects.

Meanwhile, in other news, T-Ara's comeback to the music industry is now K-Pop with a mini album entitled MIRAGE-7 with the main track, Sexy Love.

Old, The Hollywood star is Crazy!

Age seemed never hinder these Hollywood actresses look crazy. Evidence, increasing age even make their behavior intensified.

One example is Madonna. At the age reaches 54 years, the singer's stage presence even seem brutal and controversy.

Besides Madonna, there are a number of other artists were getting old getting into. Who are they? Find out the answer through the review below!

aylor Swift Earn CCMA Generation Award

Taylor Swift 'stole' a main event ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards which will be held on Thursday (6/9) tomorrow.

Shown Want Sexy, Girl Bikini This fact stricken Shit

Their bodies are sexy in her bikini makes many glaring eyes. But this time, which makes people interested is their ridiculous actions. Bikini girls experiencing sucks shameful incident in public. Not the pain they are feeling, but an incredible shame. 

What kind of embarrassing incidents that befall these bikini girls? Check out the video below! 

Pregnant Big, Megan Fox insisted Hide Pregnancy

Gestation who have reached seven months makes Megan Fox is not possible to hide the pregnancy. But surprisingly, he still insisted pretend not pregnant. As reported by the Daily Mail, the 26-year star passing in Burbank, California on Thursday (30/8) afternoon. Reluctant at the camera, 

Megan tried to cover himself with a paper bag containing groceries. TRANSFORMERS star it does not walk alone. Her husband, Brian Austin Green looks faithful companion and escort him to get in the car. Although already pregnant, this is the charm as Hollywood stars never fade. With rosy red top combined with black leggings, Megan is still as beautiful as ever. Until now, the couple was never given an official statement about the pregnancy. New last June, Megan openly shows her pregnancy in public.