Angelina Jolie Be Directed

Starting from an initial step into a documentary film director in 2007 and, now Angelina Jolie bring myself to work on larger projects. Angelina would be a romantic drama film set in the Bosnian war in the near future.

Until now there is no information about the intended title of this movie, but Angelina seems to be taking local actors and actresses for this movie. If all goes well, this film will begin shooting later this year. The story itself will be around a love story that happens when the role of Bosnia in progress.

Angelina did not want to own this movie as a movie considered political. In an official statement released by the UNHCR, Angelina Jolie says emphatically, "This movie is a drama of love, not a political statement."

According to Splash News, recently Angelina Jolie was flying to Sarajevo in Bosnia to meet representatives of the UNHCR Naveed Hussain and Haris Silajdzic and seek shoot in various locations in the country.

Miss Thailand wins Best National Costume Miss Universe

World beauty contest Miss Universe 2010 was held today at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. The event was hosted by Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales.

Before the 10 contestants started the competition was announced the winner of best national costume, who won Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul, who also won Miss photogenic.

Ten contestants who entered this round of judging are Ireland, Albania, Philippines, Jamaica, Mexico, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Guatemala and Australia. The ten contestants will be selected to enter the top five. And all five contestants will answer questions from the judges. They will also demonstrate evening gown.

Addictions Lindsay Lohan Not That Serious

Actress Lindsay Lohan will soon get out of the nursing rehabilitation this week, without having to spend a period of 90 days in a place like that was decided before the court.

Doctors in rehab did not find symptoms of psychiatric disorders 24-year-old actress, so Lindsay will be out this week, and just get outpatient treatment.

The actress is often problematic since August 2 and was overhauled at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric rehab, and doctors ultimately concluded that he did not experience bipolar disorder as previously thought.

The doctors who handle the movie Herbie star was yet to write the final medical report of the star. However, these doctors found that Lindsay only Adderall drug addiction that is not a serious matter.

Until now Lindsay's lawyers are still trying to demand the release of his client. (Ant / ddr)

Britney Spears Lazy Change clothes and wash hair

Who knew that Britney Spears has apparently had a filthy habit. This famous singer rarely change clothes and wash your hair, until finally her boyfriend, Jason Trewick irritated and refuse to come out together before Spears to change her habit.

As quoted from Bang Showbiz, Spears had a habit of changing clothes in a few days and rarely wash my hair. A source said that Spears chose to use a scented lotion. "She hated to wash her hair, sometimes up to smell sour. He used to take any outfit and use it two or three times a week," explains this source.

Still according to this source the boyfriend finally took action, Trewick refused to come out with him if Spears had dressed. Luckily the singer wishes her boyfriend.

Recently, Spears was seen wearing the same orange jacket in a few days. According to his friend Spears just kind of lazy, he also behaved the same time still married to Kevin Federline.

Erykah Badu Pay Fines of U.S. $ 500 Due to Open Shirt

Soul singer and R & B, Erykah Badu has paid fines and penalties imposed six-month trial for undressing in a music video filming Dallas, Texas, where former U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated more than 30 years ago, said an official of the city, Tuesday (17/08).

Music stars 39-year-old had been accused of committing acts seronok in April in connection with the shooting in Dealey Plaza naked video for the album Idol teranyarnya Window Seat from New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh).

Erykah agrees with the prosecutor in his hometown, Dallas, to undergo probation, which ends on February 11. He also must pay a fine of U.S. $ 500 at the end of last week, said a spokeswoman for the city of Dallas.

On the Window Seat, Erykah stripped all his clothes during sang songs while he walked and ran along the plaza. At the end of the video, the sound of gunfire rang out and he collapsed to the ground naked, while blood flow to create a word groupthink.

John F. Kennedy was shot in November 1963, when a convoy of vehicles through Dealey Plaza in downtown was also

Janet Jackson: There is nothing wrong dating Young Men

Janet Jackson's definition, there is nothing wrong with dating younger men. This 44-year-old actress said that this is his prerogative if he wants to date younger men. He also added that age is not a reason to love others.

Janet, who is the youngest in the family of Jackson, who is also brother of the late Michael Jackson, recently rumored to date with billionaire businessman named Al Mana Wissan almost a decade younger than him.

As mentioned problems have toy of the younger men, Janet responded, "It's terrible, very cruel. My mother always said that age just a number. Age mentally just about your position and how you judge yourself."

Janet also added that recently he was more confident.
Janet herself had been associated with serious music producer, Jermaine Dupri during the seven years. "There are times when you do not need to think about what other people said. You do what you like, not selfishly, but with wonderful," he added.

Qory Sandioriva Forward to Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas

Puteri Indonesia 2009 Qory Sandioriva, 18, was carrying the name of Indonesia in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, United States. Qory leaving the country, Uncle Sam's on Friday, August 6 last. He was accompanied Kusumadewi from Yayasan Puteri Indonesia.

In Las Vegas, Miss Indonesia from the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam had to compete with 83 beautiful women from around the globe to seize the queen universal predicate.

Round of global pageant event that begins August 7 last. The night will climax on August 23 dihelat later at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. So far, many activities undertaken are the University of Indonesia student. One of them, lead a photo shoot with swimsuit and evening gown. Posing with swimsuit, such as previous experience, a thing that was quite sensitive in the homeland.

But, it must still be done by participants of the Miss Universe, including Qory. Because, swimsuit photo shoot using an administrative requirements. If not, participants will be disqualified. "But, actually it does not contribute a great rating," said Head of Communication Department Angkasa Mega Miss Indonesia Foundation. As done previously in Puteri Indonesia event, Qory finally chose to wear one-piece bathing.

Concerning the national dress that is brought, the girl that day coincided with the anniversary of the birth of Indonesia's taking inspiration from the beauty of women Asmat of Papua. "Clothing that he wears is made from environmentally friendly materials. The goal, describing its environmental awareness. There tassel that comes from dried leaves and bark. Garnishes head made of bird feathers to fall out," said Mega.

Mother Qory, Fariawati, said it strongly supported the steps of his daughter compete in an international beauty competition. Helped deliver the nuclear family Qory departure. "Before leaving for the airport, we all gathered together in his apartment Qory. We prayed together for his success. She was crying asking his blessing," said Fariawati last night.

He did not want to burden Qory with a heavy target. Importantly, Qory can carry themselves well in every event and interaction with your fellow contestants. Fariawati added, he always reminds Qory to preserve the integrity of prayers five times a day. Therefore, when asked the object that was delivered to Qory, Fariawati replied, "Mukena and prayer rug."

Fariawati understand that the schedule for the Las Vegas Qory definitely solid. But, that's no reason to leave the prayer. "Prayer can dijamak Kan," replied Fariawati. What about the fasting of Ramadan?

"Alhamdulillah, Qory still fasting. He's not affected by the number of activities. From the first Monday Thursday he was accustomed to fasting," said Fariawati which establish communications every day with Qory through international phone lines. In place of quarantine, he added, Qory a room with Indian contestants

Lindsay Lohan To Work Again Impatient

Lindsay Lohan must now undergo a court order to do rehab for 90 days at UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles. And the actress is now in good health. His lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley stressed about this.

Holley's lawyer said that if Lohan is currently in very good condition and healthy and looking forward to working again. "Ms. Lohan looks very good. He looks healthy. My client was trying to return to work on many creative businesses after leaving the treatment facility," the light of this attorney.

Other news related to Lindsay Lohan is the resignation of a judge handling the case, Marsha Revel. The judge was accused of a discussion with related parties sepengatahuan case without a jury. And now Lohan's case was replaced by Judge Elden Fox. But Lohan's lawyer asserted that his client would follow any court decision related to this case.

Lohan is currently undergoing a 90-day alcoholism-related treatment. Previously he had been in prison for 13 days. This actress must berkasus in court over violations of court orders that happened to her DUI case in 2007.

Jennifer Aniston Sexy Scene Shooting at Venue Closed

Some time ago had time to spread the news Jennifer Aniston will show off the body beautiful in a new film. The actress' representatives had denied the news, if there is a scene called the 'provocative' but not nude. And reportedly shooting scenes this is done in enclosed places.

A source quoted by E! said that if the former FRIENDS star is filming a scene where he is seen almost no clothes. But for the sake of convenience, shooting scenes this is done in enclosed places in LA and so secret.

In the new film is titled Horrible Bosses, Aniston (41) plays a sex-obsessed dentist. He was harassing one of its employees which resulted in resentment.

Eva Mendes released his own sex video!

Eva Mendes released his own sex video! But do not get me wrong, this video is just a joke created for the website Will Ferrell comedy. The Hitch star was to appear with the underwear in bed with the style of Paris Hilton.

Obviously Mendes video releases is not without reason. After finding the 'Eva Mendes sex tape' a top search on Google, the actress found the idea of a joke is to Ferrell's FunnyorDie.com website.

In an interview this sexy star says, "Eva Mendes sex tape on the top Google search even before the goods there. Now, English is not my main language. Did not take a genius to know that kind of record!"

Mendes as long as it's known as an actress who dared to show off the body. In some films he's naked for sex scenes. The actress has also stripped naked for Calvin Clients and ad campaign of PETA.