Kate Beckinsale's breasts have problem

There was a problem with Kate Beckinsale's breasts. Although already done a boob job, Beckinsale was less satisfied with his performance today. Yes, about the breasts as well.

"I always had doubts about the appearance. Most women have a problem and I'm one of them, "he said as quoted Beckinsale Showbiz Spy.

Beckinsale expressed doubts about this appearance by saying that he had an awkward moment came the rumors that said, breast surgery done to achieve the high pay in the new film.

"Suddenly everybody discuss breasts, not the brain. I felt at some point people like that just to get me, "complained Beckinsale.

Beckinsale was felt had performed perfectly after breast surgery. However, when all people discuss and exaggerate it, he felt less comfortable

"I began to wonder why everyone is so concerned with things that are not problems at all,"

Angelina Jolie do not hesitate to spend money

The celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do not hesitate to spend money as much as U.S. $ 100 thousand for Christmas presents this year. Who received a Christmas present this is not a family or close friends they were but the children orphaned in the Florida and Illinois.

Money of U.S. $ 100 thousand was handed over Brad and Angelina at the American Foundation SOS Children's Villages, and this money will be used to fund the adoption Justify Fullprogram of children in Florida and Illinois. Not too surprising because so far the couple had also adopted several children from different countries.

"We ourselves have witnessed how the SOS work in raising children orphaned, abandoned children and allow them to feel the warmth of the family," said Angelina Jolie was quoted as saying by Splash News. Brad and Angelina alone until now has three adopted children, Maddox from Cambodia, Pax from Vietnam, and Zahara from Ethiopia. Later even if Angelina had preached mean increasing the number of foster children even though the idea was not approved by him.

Eva Longoria with parfum

not enough just to take part in the world of acting, Eva Longoria plans to spread wings in the business world. He chose to crawl the perfume industry with the product given the same name is Eva, who will be thrown into the market next year.

34 years old actress, actress Gabriella in the famous series Desperate Housewives will be launching her perfume collection in April 2010. While the composition of the perfume is present in citrus, neroli, bergamot tea, and aldehydes.

"I never knew how complex produces a unique scent creations, which never existed before," says Eva told WWD that was launched back Splash News.

"But, I enjoy the process. (I want) to create your own perfume scent, shiny, fresh, and unique. I think the scent of a woman was synonymous with sexiness, and I am sure that this perfume could prove it," said the wife of basketball star Tony Parker is.

Successfully Alicia Keys career in the field of music

Can not be denied, at the age of 28 years had just been successfully Alicia Keys at the height of his career in the field of music. But even many who think Alicia has come to the peak of his career, this singer still has not wanted to foster households because there are many who think he should accomplish in the music world.

"Obviously I want to build the home. Being a mother is certainly the most beautiful moment in life. But I felt if I had not reached the peak. There are many that I can achieve. I still want to grow and express myself creatively," says Alicia Keys was quoted as saying from Splash News.

Until now, Alicia Keys has produced recorded four studio albums and one live album. The fourth album was always produces platinum debut album, and even able to reach six platinum in the United States. In 2005, this singer also managed to steal five Grammy trophies for categories including Song of the Year.

In the world of acting, Alicia also played in three feature films and television series 9 movies. The last singer of New York-born beauty was reportedly were having an affair with a named producer Swizz Beatz.

Emma Watson

Although only 19 years old and only the last ten years to his movies, but Emma Watson is listed as an actress with the largest income in the last ten years. All that could not be separated from the popularity of the Harry Potter series that catapulted her name.

Emma Watson first went into the film through the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the year 2001. At that age she had just ten years. Since then, the character of Hermione so inherent Emma and irreplaceable role to Harry Potter entering the seventh.

It is said, according to Splash News, any movie starring Emma average produces about 554 million Pounds Sterling. This fact raised the name of Emma Watson to level with the actresses on the Hollywood board as Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts.

Reportedly, since the first played the film to this point, Emma Watson has collected no fewer than 10 million just from her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. Just below the name of Emma Watson, actress Keira Knightley after the popular through films Pirates of the Caribbean.

Victoria Beckham Shopping Christmas Gifts

Victoria Beckhammendapatkan police escort to help her during the Christmas shopping in London. 35-year-old star is asking for help aid the police when she visited the store Marks & Spencer in St Pancras Station, London.

A crowd of people watching over the singer who became a designer of this profession as she shopped in the store. And Victoria seem to be bothered.

A police source quoted by Splash News says, "Victoria was a walk in the store when he approached one of the police. They were talking and he asked the police to accompany him to M & S."

A spokesman from the police saying that this star did not ask for the escort, but police escort due to decide at the number of paparazzi that follow.

Keira Knightley Pose Bugil

It's pretty ktris to didaulat nan artistic posing naked in the edition of Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood. With them, Tom Ford joined in the cover of the magazine because he was only as a guest art director for this edition. Initially, the offer falls pose naked on the actress 29-year-old beauty, Rachel McAdams. But the actress who played in the Red Eye's resignation.

"She really wanted to do, and when he was in the picture settings, he suddenly felt uncomfortable do that. Of course I also do not want to make people feel uncomfortable," explained Ford.
Another case with Knighley and Johansson, 2 young actress seems to be comfortable-comfortable posing nude.

If it does not appear in a newspaper story published in English, may be no one will know if Keira Knightley recently posed naked for a painter named Mitch Griffiths. Not yet clear whether this Keira naked painting will be auctioned or will be privately owned.

"An honor to be painted by Mitch. He is a highly respected painter and now he is making a lot of work to be exhibited next year," said a source as reported by Splash News.

According to the same source, Mitch liked Keira would pose naked for painting models. "He liked Keira agreed to be his model," said the same source. According to Splash News, this painting will be exhibited at the Halcyon Gallery, London, although so far there is no clarity whether Keira painting will be sold to the public. To be sure, now Keira is still busy with the play schedule in the West End.

Britney Spears looks birthday to-28 with Jason Trawick

As if to prove that there is no quarrel between them as the media reported some time ago, Britney Spears looks birthday to-28 with Jason Trawick, her lover. Both were seen together at a place on the western side of Hollywood.

"She (Britney) looks happy. He also looked very excited to spend the morning with Jason," said a source as reported by Splash News. Not only myself, they were also brought his two sons Britney moment. "Britney looked happy to be with Preston and Jayden. The children knew his mother's birthday. They also seemed happy to see Britney's birthday cake," continued the same source.

Previously, Britney and Jason dirumorkan fight because Britney wanted to get married while Jason seems not yet ready to build the home. It is said that after the incident upset Britney and Jason, who then drove back to America and did not resume her tour with Britney finish in Australia. Britney refute recent news by releasing a statement through his spokesman

Beyonce Knowles

in the midst of busy life, Beyonce Knowles appears to plan to take time for yourself. Beyonce wants to enjoy himself, went to Egypt without a bodyguard.

In an interview on a music website quoted Splash News, the star says, "I promised myself when it's time to smell the roses. I'm going to break - hopefully - a few months. I will not make any plans. I will join the class art, I will visit the museum and I'll watch a Broadway show. "

Beyonce (28) will complete the event in February manggungnya. "I will make a visit to a place - probably Egypt - without anyone, without security, and focus on the things that always wanted to do."

Beyonce also revealed about the career sacrifices. "I give life. Can walk freely in the streets and making mistakes and not make a record forever. Having a relationship and a common date. It is normal, things that normal people never even think about. Sometimes it's hard. I have not had a long time other than a few months of my life, ever since I was 15 years. But I grew up with valuable ideas all require sacrifice. And when everything is too easy for me I got scared, "he added.