Wow Sexy Female Fight Club Members, None Dare to Fight?

Wow...Ever watch a smackdown? Definitely knows how hard a battle of two muscular men in the ring right? What do you do if that is the woman?

Women who fight, usually relying shout, slap, or pulling hair. What about those who are in the fight for women's club? See the thrill on the next page ..

Lawrence - Hoult So end connect Newest Celeb Couples

Enough is enough news off-again couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Hollywood now has a new off-again couple. The couple was none other than Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

Although both have been rumored break up, Jennifer Lawrence caught on camera walking around with his ex, Nicholas Hoult on the streets of Montreal, Canada. Exactly a month ago, they decided to end their relationship.

The two became close again since Thanksgiving feast completion of the filming process X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The film will be released next year featuring Jennifer as Mystique and Nicholas as the Beast. Both have been dating for two years before finally deciding to part.

Prior to photograph these roads, both equally promote DAYS OF FUTURE PAST at Comic-Con event along with the other players. If it is true they are in a relationship again, it stands to reason that they will be performing together on the red carpet premiere of the movie. For now, they prefer to not attract too much attention and hide about their relationship.