Penelope Cruz

Although repeatedly urged Penelope Cruz, but still will not comment on rumors of an engagement between him and Javier Bardem. The reason only one, this Spanish actress did not want to talk about personal.

"I do not feel comfortable discussing personal issues in public," he said with a laugh when David Letterman hold up Penelope directly with questions about this engagement. But David does not seem to give up and try to probe further about the relationship with Javier Penelope's two-year-old. Unfortunately once again Penelope would not answer.

"There's one thing I do not like. I do not like talking about personal problems. This problem is sacred for me. This is my life but I do not want to talk about this because I am allergic to things like that," said Penelope, as quoted by Splash News .

David Letterman finally gave up and did not continue the 'interrogation'. Rumor engagement with Javier Bardem Penelope was started when someone saw Penelope wore a studded ring sapphire and diamond on her finger in October