Cheryl Cole claimed that Lady GaGa is a role model in a matter of style

Themselves often become the style icon but Cheryl Cole claimed that Lady GaGa is a role model in a matter of style. Him, Lady GaGa is an unconventional artist, and he confessed to the fashion-obsessed singer who often provoked controversy.

"If I may be honest, I never actually had a style icon before but this time Lady GaGa is my role model. I think people do not see Lady GaGa as a style icon or an artist but I am slightly obsessed with her appearance. He really really original, "said personnel are Girls Aloud.

About his appearance that is often praised, especially for a slim body, Cheryl Cole admitted in fact not so maintain her figure. "Actually I do not have time to exercise, but I more often dancing," he added later. As for food, it was her mother who is more often concerned about this one. "My mother always gives a multivitamin.

Jessica Alba

Because his son wanted to be able to use two languages, Jessica Alba had begun to teach their children in English and Spanish and even since her daughter was still small. Looks like Jessica did not want her Mexican blood was passed on to the princess.

"I am a mother who stuffed a lot of information on my kids, sorry for him. I sing a song for him about the colors in Spanish and English when I was cooking. In fact, I sort of put the elements of education in all activities," said Jessica Alba is quoted from ContactMusic.

Not only that, the wife of Cash Warren was also planning to bring her daughter's new 15-month-old was to Africa to get to know the culture there. "Actually I am very enthusiastic about the trip to Africa for the first time with my daughter and introduced a culture completely different and take him to learn from the experience of life," said Jessica later.

Julia Roberts

Do not want to cause controversy, Julia Roberts decided to go to a Hindu priest before he began filming his latest movie, EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Fortunately, the Hindu priests responded quite well and even gives a lot of advice for Julia who was also interested in studying the Hindu religion.

Film EAT, PRAY, LOVE this story about the life of a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert who felt depressed since her divorce from her husband and decided to visit three nations, Italy, India and Indonesia to enjoy life. Elizabeth went to Rome for dinner, to India to pray and to Bali to find love.

Fear of things are sensitive religious issues, she then visited Swami Dharam Dev, a high priest in there to ask for blessing. "When she came to ask for blessings, Swami asked Julia to become a sadhvi (woman saint) in real life when he felt the turmoil in his life," said Rajan Zed, one of this film as advisers ContactMusic reported.

Tyra Banks to Porn?

Nudity seemed perceived as a separate comfort for the former catwalk star, Tyra Banks. This sexy star confessed often seek privacy in his own house to get naked.

Banks was determined to maintain the clothing while he was in front of the camera, but he likes his own nakedness while at home.

As quoted by Contactmusic, this announcer says, "I always felt great when I'm not dressed. I always felt comfortable that way."

"Sometimes for certain clothing, when I took it off and did not match fit my desire, that's the point where I choose self-conscious," he added

Christina Aguilera Living with a violent father

Violence does not always produce a child into a wild child or evil. The proof, Christina Aguilera. He admitted if living with a violent father even helped him become a successful singer.

Beautiful chanter is a victim of violence themselves as parents and teenagers have a subscription for him to see his father, Fausto, hurt her mother, Shelly.

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Do not want to lose direction, Christina had 'run away' to the music track in order to treat a sense of trauma. He was so tough that can make life bitter story was the inspiration to reach his dream.

"I witnessed so many things that are not fun. A lot of violence and strife, and a painful thing," said Christina Contactmusic quoted.

"I grew up in an insecure feeling. Do not have the strength was the worst feeling in the world. I was turned into a singer. The pain was in the house I was brought to my music and be an inspiration," he added.

Christina's own mother penah revealed that he had seen Christina, who was 4 years old, his father beaten until bloody. He left her abusive husband's.

In the epic documentary, Shelly said, "I see my daughter and say, 'Oh my God, what is this?" Christina told me, 'Dad pengen nap and I was too noisy.' "

Several years ago, Fausto apologize to Christina. Unfortunately the heart of the diva has been closed. Christina had refused to contact her father again. "I had wanted him with me for a moment, but then I realized he was not important in my life," added Christina.

Queen Latifah the rapper amateur girls

Concerned with the least amount of girl rapper, Queen Latifah makes an audition for the rapper amateur girls to accompany the tour later. If there are interested, they live recording their best results with a duration of about one minute and upload the results to a personal website Queen Latifah, of course, after first registering.

"Throughout my career, I've never had a career dominated by men like this. It's not fair if I did not try to help the prospective new entrants this girl rapper. It was weird if there were no more female voices in hip-hop music," says rapper who had a real name is Dana Elaine Owens.

Can not blame also because once there's enough time rapper, but finally drowned girl shifted by the rapper guy today. "There used Lyte, Salt-N-Pepa, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Eve, and it seems now there's only one person," he said as quoted from ContactMusic.

So far, Queen Latifah has had 25 scheduled in 25 different cities and he wants in the end he will be forming a rap group there was a girl, or at least one successful rapper girl in the world to his rap career.

Artis Wanda Hamidah

The arrival of Maria Ozawa or Miyabi known to Indonesia to kidnap miyabi filming on the upcoming October began seriously the various parties. One of them came from a beautiful model who is now struggling in the political, Wanda Hamida. According to Justice Raoul Cyril's wife or Chiko should not have to accommodate Miyabi obviously porn star in his native country. He also regretted the attitude that the media exaggerate the arrival of women's bloody three countries.

"Not without reason I rejected it. Because it's no secret the country is Indonesia's largest Muslim country in the world. How could the country's film starring porn star? So which our morality as a nation? Indirectly carried portraits and tarnished the country even though he not play pornographic films,

Found in one of the foundations in the region of South Cipete, southern Jakarta, Wanda said the community should give a moral sanction if Miyabi still live filming for the comedy-themed films.

"Even if he was filming, I have put just sanction of morality. Do not watch the movie," he emphasized

Kate Moss is said to be acting up again nosy.

From the latest news as quoted by ShowbizSpy, she plans to spoil the birthday celebrations of the Simon Cowell-50 with the singing there.

British supermodel who has been close friends with the AMERICAN IDOL judges for several years it seems intended to give a surprise appearance for a party will be held at the upcoming October 7.

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However, 35-year-old model was not too confident with his ability to sing.

"So he had a choice to sing in the style section when Marilyn Monroe sang" Happy Birthday or a song that can really sing is Not Fair's Lily Allen, "said a source.

Simon himself has invited 400 friends to enliven celebrity birthday will be held in Hertfordshire's Wrotham Park.

Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, Kevin Spacey, Denise Richards, Kylie Minogue, and many other artists will be invited to the event.

And she had to make sure he could carry the song well in the evening. Moreover, she'll perform with several top singers such as Leona Lewis.

That's what Lily Allen felt

Happy but also scared. That's what Lily Allen felt when he was asked to be the main actor in a stage drama called Reasons To Be Pretty to be staged at the West End. To make sure he does not look embarrassing, Allen was prepared to learn acting from teaching at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

"I've finished my schedule in March and I am ready to do something different," the singer commented about his involvement with the drama production this stage in the UK. Fortunately, the theme of this drama raised not too far from the life of Lily Allen and he was not too difficult to explore the role he played.

"Drama is talking about something that I understand, about the dangers in an effort to look pretty common among girls. They want me to be the main actor and it was fun but also pretty scary," said Allen, as quoted from ContactMusic.

Fearing that Lily Allen also ask for an acting teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to prepare for this new challenge

Angelina Jolie camp in Dadaab, Kenya border

Angelina Jolie made tears while visiting a refugee camp in Africa, on Saturday (12 / 9). Famous actress who served as UN ambassador to spend a day in the refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya border. His visit aims to see 285,000 people who suffer from hunger Somalia.

The camp has only 90,000 homes built to prevent terror from their own country and fled to Kenya.

Jolie is hoping to bring public attention to the problems faced by Somalia. He met with several families in the camp.

As quoted by Contactmusic, the actress says, "If this is a better solution, then why be in Somalia? The toilet began to overflow. There is not enough space for waste disposal so people living in the garbage. What's amazing is the more people who came to the camp, Somalia families continue to receive a sincere little things they have, even if it means having one of the eight water they need so their children do not suffer from dehydration. "

"The families I met Somalia today is filled with warmth and affection. I wish more people could see them because eventually they will have a strong hope to get help," explained Brad Pitt's partner.

Heidi Klum Google Images

Heidi Klum Google ImagesThis German supermodel was photographed with no clothes back by the photographer Rankin for a book titled HEIDILICIOUS. This is not the first time Heidi Klum worked with Rankin and comments for the photographer is only one. "He was always able to make my clothes off."

"It's very naughty," he commented when interviewed briefly LA Confidential. This HEIDILICIOUS reportedly will be released in October next month but so far not clear how the image will Heidi contained in this unique book.

Problem work with Rankin, Heidi says that they've worked together long enough and therefore claimed Heidi comfortable working with this photographer. "I've worked with Rankin for seven years and I think working together is very exciting photographers because he can always make me look different," Heidi said as quoted by OMG

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston for communication is the key to strong relationships. And he said 'reluctance' to be the cause of the failure of romance.

40-year-old actress was divorced by her husband Brad Pitt, he also failed in a relationship with several men, like Vince Vaughn, model Paul Sculfor and singer John Mayer.

As quoted by Contactmusic, the actress says, "Why romance can leave the relationship? I guess because of laziness. Really I think so. I think a good relationship is about collaboration. It's how through a relationship."

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar this, Jen also revealed that he believes the key to strong relationships, and also believed most of the problems faced by the couple, is revealed about what you do not make happy.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock may indeed be a subscription-film role in romantic comedy. But this beautiful actress has advice for young girls not to look for Prince Charming in the real world.

As quoted from Parade.com OMG, Bullock says, "I love a good romantic comedy, but there are many more in life than just looking for the right guy."

Talk about a romantic comedy starring, this actress played some time ago in THE PROPOSAL with Ryan Reynolds, who had earned U.S. $ 33.6 million in its opening week in June. And now he's paired with Bradley Cooper in the movie ALL ABOUT STEVE which began airing in the U.S. on Friday (4 / 9)

Rihanna was close to a man named Travis London

Although the news is still loved Chris Brown start to appear again to the surface, but Rihanna has reportedly been a new trailer.

Latest news mentioning if Rihanna was close to a man named Travis London. Printer hit Umbrella was reportedly spent a romantic evening with London at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica last week.

London itself had previously dated Mary-Kate Olsen.

Meanwhile, the mother Chris Brown, Rihanna's former lover, claiming missed since the tiny singer Rihanna and her son no longer together.

"I love him," said Joyce Hawkins. "He's like my own daughter. He's like our family. Rihanna celebrate Christmas with us two years yesterday."

Katherine Heigl could finally reach

Katherine Heigl could finally reach his wish again. Not about the job, but his ambition to fight the bad habit of smoking. The struggle was not in vain, as a result he was able to relate to nicotine for a month.

Knocked Up star 30-year-old is desperate to avoid a sense of his addiction to tobacco for months, after he realized that if the cigarettes had been 'robbed' of his life. Not long ago she said, "I started smoking since I was 24 years old, yes because I'm an idiot. I do not really enjoy it now because I feel like a slave kok cigarettes. I do not like my life when I'm smoking.

" But now, all that bad habits are gone. He said, no longer smoking since last July. And of course her health was getting better. Contactmusic quoted a source from Us Weekly magazine reveals, "He (she) felt much better today.

Natalie Portman dream to become a queen

Natalie Portman dream to become a queen finally come true. At least in the 'empire' itself after he bought a castle in the plush residential area in Los Angeles.

After paying U.S. $ 3 million for his new property, Natalie became the owner of the house which was formed like a castle, which contains four bedrooms and two guest houses.

Real estate tycoon Richard Stanley reveals to In Touch magazine, "Natalie wanted to have the property in accordance with the character and also his dreams, something really special. This house is so perfect for him ... the most prominent house of his neighbor."

According to Contactmusic reports, its neighbors are also not random. Because the house was located near the home of the legendary Hollywood such as Cecil B DeMille, WC Fields, Charlie Chaplin, and Carole Lombard.

It's not Victoria Beckham is usually seen without make-up

It's not Victoria Beckham is usually seen without make-up. Usually the former Spice Girls personnel who now cultivate the fashion world it's always appear complete with makeup. Some time ago, a photographer managed to take pictures of Victoria when without make-up and now the photograph being hunted by collectors.

Some time ago, Victoria, now choose to live in America seem to feel no need to wear make-up as he headed for a workout gym. Although not enough time but it seems a lot of paparazzi managed to take pictures of Victoria who performed this plain.

Daily Mail announces that includes rare photos now so sought after by collectors even though not yet clear how the pictures 'rare' is appreciated. If the UK is considered rare photographs, the American public itself did not seem too think the picture special. OMG says that with or without make-up, the wife of David Beckham is still looking pretty Victoria Beckham.