Keira Knightley Pose Bugil

It's pretty ktris to didaulat nan artistic posing naked in the edition of Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood. With them, Tom Ford joined in the cover of the magazine because he was only as a guest art director for this edition. Initially, the offer falls pose naked on the actress 29-year-old beauty, Rachel McAdams. But the actress who played in the Red Eye's resignation.

"She really wanted to do, and when he was in the picture settings, he suddenly felt uncomfortable do that. Of course I also do not want to make people feel uncomfortable," explained Ford.
Another case with Knighley and Johansson, 2 young actress seems to be comfortable-comfortable posing nude.

If it does not appear in a newspaper story published in English, may be no one will know if Keira Knightley recently posed naked for a painter named Mitch Griffiths. Not yet clear whether this Keira naked painting will be auctioned or will be privately owned.

"An honor to be painted by Mitch. He is a highly respected painter and now he is making a lot of work to be exhibited next year," said a source as reported by Splash News.

According to the same source, Mitch liked Keira would pose naked for painting models. "He liked Keira agreed to be his model," said the same source. According to Splash News, this painting will be exhibited at the Halcyon Gallery, London, although so far there is no clarity whether Keira painting will be sold to the public. To be sure, now Keira is still busy with the play schedule in the West End.