Manohara Odelia Pinot with Daisy Fajarina

Manohara Odelia Pinot is one of the many women of a country in the ill-fated neighbor Malaysia. This is recognized by the Manohara Arriving in Indonesia (31 / 5). He also does not understand why Dubes RI in Malaysia, he said OK.

"But also a lot of the same boat with me. So what's this?" he said while asking.

This is certainly a bad precedent to the performance of Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur. And this is for cases of migrant workers, especially in Malaysia TKW all hang out.

As the Manohara forced to sleep four hours a day because there are feelings of fear of the danger that suddenly appear. Several times he had to receive injections tranquilizer by force. He should face punishment sexual every night. "I want to kill themselves if there is no God, and also because I know mama continue fighting," he said.

Mano know what made her mother Daisy Fajarina of a helpmate who really want to help him. Because since the case itself mencuat, both newspapers and TV can not jamah it again.

All communications channel is turned off. "But I ostensibly do not know. If they know, a pity he (adjuvant)," he said.

Virnie Ismail get married with someone

Even though the road is rarely seen with lovers, Virnie Ismail was already ready to go to married. So guests at the event have Untung Budi, Virnie admitted that he planned to marry this year. To perpetuate meried, Virnie hope to get appropriate desires.

When asked the question that guided towel and Ari Budi Untung, Virnie acknowledges that he will soon be married. "Events have Untung Budi is exciting, I do not stop laughing. The question I also surprised the info accurate. Where do I become suspicious. Lagian everything is correct, I would like to start from meried this year, are the same ngefans Purple vocalist," says Virnie found in the studio Jaktim Cawang, Friday (29 / 5).

Virnie assert himself if will married this year and male offspring get Java. "meried Allah this year, but many also have dirapiin. There deh, that the Javanese. by name F. met three years ago with friends," he said.

Virnie want their own wedding with the Islamic way. "Want no theory, there are show, each procession is dzikir. Not free to marry next pregnancy, birth and the child would kuatin foundation of religion. The point I have no hesitation to marry," Virnie deception.

Artis Sandra Angelia

Holds the title as Miss Indonesia is not easy matter. Despite a feeling of pride, but their mission and bring the shoulder a large responsibility as the representative of women in Indonesia. This is be confirmed by Sandra Angelia, Miss Indonesia 2008, which many claim to get a valuable lesson because of their status.

"Learning many of them. Say the gratitude of what Sandra achieve this. It's nice to be able to represent India and Indonesia to become ambassador in place in the international Miss World yesterday," said Sandra, when found in the Hard Rock Cafe, on Tuesday (26 / 5).

Given the crown that is now dipakainya will soon move to the hands of the new Miss Indonesia, Sandra hopes that the successor will be better than himself. And most importantly can mencitrakan a woman of a good.

"Create the future regeneration, would be better than Sandra. Must be able to give a more positive impact to the community. Indicates identity of a woman well, also the international course. Intelektualitas should have, a good personality, that's OK and good in all areas, "he said.

During the year to be 'ambassador' for the women of Indonesia, Sandra that time to meet friends and family diminish. This is due to be Sandra 'Hijrah' while to Jakarta, while his family lived in Surabaya. Will be subject to privacy?

"I have Nggak. Time with friends is less, but closed with the other. Sandra can be roads, social activities, around Indonesia to foreign countries as well. So incredible experience, although only one year. Fair short," augment him .

Meanwhile, for the matter of appearance, Sandra also claim to have changed much. As a public figure, must always keep his appearance.

"Now more women to be, should really do pay attention. not can wear thong, T-shirt, shorts. I'm not possible deh," he said.

The Artist and Model Andhara Early

widow by the artist and model Andhara Early was not making them depressed. Women who have not been long divorced from her husband David Lukmansyah this Cessa even ready for the faithful if candidates can not find support.

"Why, I already have children. Children can also find my father who was forced-forced to be his father. Let him who only manage," Early word is found in at Senayan City, Jakarta Selatan, Selasa (26 / 5).

For the issue of marriage is not reverse the hands. According to him, to himself at this time still live with kesendiriannya.

"I still enjoy life like this. For I am still happy, even just good," said the woman who once dikabarkan establish links with these Ariel Peterpan

Artis Rahma Azhari The section on New Film

The kind of horror movie it is still strong in the national film industry. Production Partners terbukti again produce a similar film bertitel The Pocong KAMAR. This film is a production partner to the 8. This time the producers mendapuk Rahma Azhari as the main stars. Elements of the section to be withdrawn treat. Target is 400-500 thousand.

"In fact there are some names that go through the process of casting. Rahma then selected because we think he has the advantages in addition to akting section. And as a producer, we are optimistic the target can be achieved," said Zainal preskon as a producer at Planet Hollywood on Monday (25 / 5).

Meanwhile, for the main film Rahma Pocong KAMAR The challenge becomes. This is the debut film in the genre Horror Rahma. Scenario and director, Farah Mandala into consideration Rahma accept this bid.

"Most difficult challenge here is not akting nangisnya in life because I often experience sadness, remember to stay only a few can be directly. But the problem, crue very difficult to be fun nangis," said Rahma.

Rahma addition, the film takes place syuting in Jakarta and Bogor for 15-20 days is also dibintangi Reza Pahlevi and Andrew Ralph. "Movies will run simultaneously throughout the country on 28 May," said Zainal.

Artis Asti Ananta

Ambassadors to be a One Man One Tree aka ambassador to plant a tree-form appears to create beautiful actress Asti Ananta feel surprised. He is a plant like this will not actually expect to be appointed ambassador, but eventually he must a new task.

"Surprise is because I was so new ambassador earlier morning, plus one more task. Here we are volunteers because they are not paid," said Asti time in the roundabout HI, Sunday (24/05) pagi tadi.

Asti confess though busy, he certainly get time to flush the plant. "Surely, if there is time for this," he said.

Then what is its duty as Ambassador to plant trees? "Yes socialization in the community and also mengimbau people to plant trees. Originally aja at home, I was also impressed with residents Kebon Kacang, although limited but they still try to make IM. This is real evidence of public awareness. I had felt the difference when the HI is quite hot, into the Kebon Kacang Adem once, "explained.

Asti feel very own global warming began to threaten the earth. "Yes indeed I feel like before, a new day is sweltering 8. This is the only way of prevention, namely the planting of trees. Yes I hope that there is concern in all communities. Finally, this earth can be detached from the global warming," his him.

Artis Titi Kamal

Already melodist Titi Kamal toss song hitnya, restless TanpaMu with Anji Drive feat. Seem different but, when the wife of actor Christian Sugiono was present as guest stars in the concert event of Bank Mandiri. Titi switch pair appear.

In the event that took place in the Grand Indonesia, Blitz Megaplex, Wednesday (20 / 5) that, Tikam, so called normal, appear accompanied sinetron stars Handika Pratama.

"I'm not always the same Anji possible, even to my own, emang sih been a few times, because the time is right with the same event Anji," said the woman will soon hold the wedding reception.

"What happens one Dika management, and he also have time," added Tikam affirm.

While Dika own claim to have not had training before, but that first experience can be passed smoothly. "Earlier I had time to practice with, this first experience ama Titi Kamal," said Dika confess that often appear off the water, and will soon release an album in the near future that

Artis Kikan

As a mother, Kikan Cokelat so sure the children in their lives. Even so he was more motivated to work because of children. Kikan often invite girls to conser

Kikan that often take their children to konsernya. This way he can hope susahnya teach children about the money. "Yes I often get. papa let children know how money search. So he can just relax doang. I'm free the children to socialize, meet the same people even though he was brave," said Kikan found at at Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia.

Invites children to the concert, Kikan also for fun. "Concert accompanied the child comfortable, more so the spirit. Moreover, if he took tough jump-jump, and I sing make sure to fight for children. And this is also for ransom if they were to stay I am often out of town," said Kikan.

artists Uli Auliani beautiful

Disconnect in love with the man who indeed can change the way someone lives, such as that experienced by artists Uli Auliani beautiful. Uli confess himself was frustrated with life as a result dropped out of the boyfriend, Robert Sean King, or that known as Bob King, origin Australia.

To remove the shadow of the former lovers, as frustation Uli often drink alcoholic beverages and smoking.

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"If diputusin is rare, but regret that I came too late. I do that is easy to forget the 4 years together, until finally I smoke and drink as pelariannya," said Uli to media in homestay Purnawarman in Residence, Cirendeu , Tangerang, Friday (15 / 5).

"Aja Emang coincidence, because the first love of wine that was once a month, fit the occurrence frequency I tingkatin. If you drink every day is also the most in a month 3 times a week, but I do have a drink outside rarely, if I drink at home most , "Uli go.

Uli runaway with menenggak diversiform drink wine rather than hard not to reprimand from their parents. However, according to Uli, both parents eventually understand that if alcoholic beverages were consumed only a daughter angcle wine only.

"Parents know their exact negur is one way to see her son. Yet they also know a free wine aja, nggak Jack D, whiskey and dry alcohol is not heavy," his him.

Artis Alena

Perhaps not many know that Alena has been married three years. However, so long after the ship home with popo Fauza it also was not baby. Alena has no plans to leave at a later career has momongan.

Singer asserts that this itself has been married for three years. But still continue to try to get. "I like married three years ago. If the child is both of us agreed to delay but I do have children often ngomongin to him. I also I often read books about the birth of the child," said Alena found on Jl. Kembang Sepatu, Kramat, Central Jakarta some time ago.

Alen-ahead at this time his career, he is planning section for a total time soon after the children have them. "Maybe later when I have my child will be my profession. I spelled that right now as a savings account for my child to wait," he said.

Maha Dewi

When making a video clip for their second single, the Mahadewi will out of the management that they still want to finish their contract with the Management of the Republic of Love.

"We are more professional. Yes we nyelesaiin first contract aja, abis itu ya pikirin us," said Tata found time in the making of the clip Do With Love at Studio Sparc, Cijantung, East Jakarta, Friday (15/05) yesterday.

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Whether this preference actually Mahadewi to get out of management? If the two Purie this procedure and it is not fit even though they actually have enough career success?

"We still superficial (short, red), we still continue to learn and dig more," said Purie the disahuti by Tata, "The point we are still seeking their own identity. God bless you if we have a success. But if we as the performers have not yet achieve success. We have not climax, still learning. "

Angelina Sondakh and Adjie Massaid

Happiness couple Angelina Sondakh and Adjie Massaid pleated double. Both official married on 28 September 2008, states that any official in the eyes of law on 29 April 2009. They also pass the House of Representatives seats occupied. And, when this so-Angelina Angie this name-pregnant young.

Maya show mentioned, sister Angie uterus, fetus age adiknya at this time 14-16 days or about four months. Maya said, the pregnancy was greeted by both parents who is called during the call-in does not support marriage. ''(Angie parents) very happy. They were happy that Angie Adjie and happy,''he said at a press meet in Bagaya owned boutiques Angie yesterday.

To complete the happiness, the two families have agreed to plan the reception after the presidential election (pilpres) this year. Planned reception was held twice, in Jakarta and Manado, Angie home. Family''(both parties) have a meeting, syukuran family, gathered, gathered in Bali. That is done after the akad merried. Discuss the reception that one of them,''clearly Maya.

Maya also turn that parents do not agree to Angie merried with former husband Reza Artamevira it. ''After the wedding, the parents we have gathered several times, including in Bali. They (both parents) are very Akur, let alone together like golf,''he said.

However, when the wedding happens, Maya recognizes that parents Angie did not attend. Himself to be one of the witnesses explained, weddings take place in one of Angie's house in Jakarta. Mas''thr ring beautiful ring with diamond eyes and a set of tools Prayer,''explained.

Maya is very personal feel grateful and support the household with Angie Adjie. According to him, marriage is based sense of mutual love that is in. Marriage''they really sacred. They love each other,''he said

Artis Sheila Marcia Joseph

Braided love affair between Sheila Marcia Joseph and Jupiter Fourtissimo quite surprising, because both 'ignites' in a short time, ie, shortly after the artist sinetron is separate from the Roger Danuartha. Begitupun perpisahannya, there occurred a surprise, several months after completing the sentence Sheila.

Sheila reject the contention that just as Jupiter pelampiasan, once separated from the previous boyfriend, Roger. According to him, all that happens is God's providence, outside the plan.

"Not pelampiasan, but the first plan of God, the real special, but if I'm not comfortable dipaksaain," said Sheila found time in the event Matta Band album release, in the MU Cafe PERMATTA Sarinah, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (13 / 5).

While Jupiter in the process approach has been to sacrifice, with the always mengunjunginya during the punishment. Victimization that is not likely to be something more important to remember that by Sheila. Thus it deems as part of of Jupiter, who want to find himself at that time.

"If we see the name of profit, because the need of love, I am the same Jos (Jupiter Fourtissimo, red), although we are not together anymore, but you is the most special," explained.

Ciara porno in Vibe magazine

Show bugil indeed be a new trend among celebrities to push up a success. But the maneuver promo pose pornol with Ciara in Vibe magazine, even bear of sorts for him. Penyanyi accuse this editor to change the photos display photos with seksinya naked.

R & B stars make this shooting for the music magazine in the October 2008 edition. Magazine cover in this image is visible in the squat bugil. But Ciara magazine boss claims not to use the photos you have them agree. And he does not feel comfortable with the picture of himself by in the magazine. Now he will no longer decide open-open shirt in front of the camera.

In an interview with the New York Post it is said, "Photo is actually proud of myself that with my body. And the changes indicate that there is, but does not run as planned. Experience is not like that kuyakini will kudapatkan."

"The images that are not there photos taken. Not only that, but not like that should happen - more, even change something so that should not. But you really can not control everything, so you just have to continue," added.

Artis Vivy

Beautiful, interesting, and successful, three words that may be appropriate for disematkan to a Luna Maya as a celebrity. And can not be denied, many artists who make the Luna as one of the most popular reference seleb this country, both the long-Wara wiri especially in the entertainment world for artists.

Vivy for example, artists who have played in several sinetron this figure so the artist who is also a beautiful KapanLagi.com these icons.

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"Luna Maya is beautiful, successful, and a lot of negative gossip menimpanya. I always know he is a kayak," said Anissa sinetron stars this time found in the Hotel Crowne Plaza, Semanggi, South Jakarta, Saturday (09/05).

Vivy also hope, with the young age of success a la Luna Maya will get it later in his career entertain.

"Hopefully I can get a better career path to the future, of course with the image of good also," pungkas chick berpostur this 163 cm/50 kg.

Artis Ingrid Wijanarko

Ingrid Wijanarko several times already in contact with the art world role. But this is not official presenter recklessly when deciding to take the role. Such as when deciding participate hate disco star, Ingrid decided because he took the film director, Rako Prijanto.

Asked, why had a role in the film, Ingrid confess he believes the director of this film. "I like to believe the same director, and if we play movie

we must believe the same director. Well here I Rako Prijanto same, he is nice person, even if we will improve him, "said Ingrid found in the launch of the film hate disco FX Plaza, Jakarta, Wednesday (6 / 5).

Ingrid also not itself disprove that the Rako. "We have to respect the people who have talent. Because most of the world with a film we should be men-sejatinya support. What can be advanced film Indonesia," he added.

Marcella Zalianty

Council of Marcella Zalianty back JPU submit to the council retreat agenda demands it. And the trial judge agreed to diundur Thursday (14 / 5). Marcella despite the objections with the council this down they can not do anything.

Marcella lawyers have cast the doubt in the claim submitted at Marcella. "We see there is skepticism from the public prosecutor public prosecutor, to Marcella on demand, because the fact is weak. We freed Marcella aja," said Marcella power law, Firman Wijaya found in PN Jakarta Pusat, Kamis (7 / 5).

This lawyer expects prosecutors to free Marcelal only. "Because there is a valid principle of justice in one. If it happens eg skepticism can be accused. I hope the prosecutor ngelakuin it. I hope the prosecutor is ngelakuin. So today I am reading say retreat agenda demands," he added.

Ferry Irawan

Despite the Ferry Irawan assert there will be no way of peace, but his wife's side, Noviana Shintawati also refused to be any reason for the divorce Ferry. However, if divorce occurs, expect the Noviana Ferry participate pay off debt.

Novi lawyer, Asfa Davy Bya, affirm that they will disprove any reason for the party proposed for Ferry divorced. "From us, talking a matter of substance not talk sense. When they make a separate claim, for any reason, we will disprove the reasons later. And it's later chamber judge will decide what," said Asfa when found in the PA, South Jakarta, Wednesday ( 06/05).

However, if divorce occurs later, Novi ask a fair distribution of debt. "Both parties did not discuss property gono gini. If the property is debt. He asks for help so that Ferry took the debt to pay. Temponya Date of fall today," said Asfa that the journalist ask this because on the Ferry so far have not met with the men that.

Foto Hot Artis Kim Kardashian

Sosialita section that comes with a very minimal cost kalendernya at the latest. And, the photos are displayed on the calendar, none that is not hot. Hot.

The owners of most famous butt in the world also shows that slope is the famous chest. He was in action in front of the camera like a professional model section.

what's in the mind kekasihnya, hockey star Reggie Bush, a calendar with hot Kim Kardashian. Can be proud of, can also not like. Who are like the body section diumbar girlfriend in public. But, Kim Kardashian has a special way to make Reggie Bush happy. He created a special version of the calendar that he only gave it to kekasihnya.

Pose pose-sexy Kim Kardashian been this photographer Troy Jensen. Some of the photos for a calendar Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian while also saving some for the collection masterpiece.

Fajarina Daisy : Mother of Manohara Odelia Pinot

Some people may ask where the money Fajarina Daisy, why she can continue to survive this far. But up to now known Daisy does not have fixed income. Mother of Manohara Odelia Pinot is not working. Questions such as this that often appear very dimaklumi by the Daisy.

As said by Rudy, former manager at Manohara is still active in the modeling world that is now devoted to assisting Daisy Fajarina go anywhere, is aware his side when people start mengulik the other hand, Daisy. But Rudy reminded that the background is not the careless Daisy, still have blue blood flowing in the body.

"Both mother's and father, the mother of Daisy still has Bugis noble blood, not different with Kelantan. But the kings in India only in the area of course, not like in Malaysia, "said Rudy when confirmed by phone, Monday (4 / 5).

In addition, Rudy said, living in Europe during the high economic Daisy quite strong, as her husband, Reiner Pinot, business class is unique. That can be evidenced with the video during a video-Daisy is still living in Europe.

"Mrs. Daisy is also a collector diamonds. He also has a necklace of pearls and it was sold to survive. And pure for this cost only depends on the mother Daisy from the remnants of savings. So if people say that the mother of Daisy's life Tengku endorsement is not correct, "said Rudy.

News that is awry as anticipated Daisy is ready, so he was also down as well. Fortunately this is now support for Daisy, especially from large families in South Sulawesi make it more solid. And this time they have gathered in Jakarta.

"In addition, the mother of Daisy will also try to open the restaurant business, because he was aware perjuangannya not be known until the end and when he must continue to survive until the ideals citanya-achieved," said Rudy.

Artis Laudya Chintya Bella

Artis Laudya Chintya Bella time the former, Raffi Ahmad, who is now engaged with news singer Yuni Shara Former lovers Ananda Mikola also said if the stall is no longer associated with Raffi. Bella is recognized, nearly all the time himself to meet with the presenter in one of the music station is private.

"I still often to meet. yesterday also met with children of BBB (Not Ordinary Stars) other," said Bella.

Former lovers have a girlfriend, apparently did not want to make Bella less. Gosip, Bella also appeared to have lovers. "New boyfriend? Baruku This I love, is yes," said Bella appoint assistants, while.

Life Story Manohara Odelia Pinot with Daisy Fajarina

Manohara Odelia Pinot fate was no better than his mother. He worse than the mother. Married with a son of Sultan, people will think Mano gelimang happier with the property, was not. He even and tortured.

"I bernasib better than Mano. I used to wander the property, but I do not lose the freedom of my husband. When I want to meet, my mother with longing, second husband, she also gives me the opportunity to go," said Daisy Fajarina, mother Manohara, time kediamannya in the area in West Jakarta, Thursday (30 / 4).

While in Europe with Reiner, Daisy and her children lived in Villa Alicia, Avenue Des Percheurs, Cap d'Antibes, Nice, worth 2 million euros. Daisy life be regarded luxury, Milan, New York and London is a cool shopping place. Cars sport also in the garage. Reiner is because all the speakers at the event - event prestius in Europe.

"To finance the education of children each month we have to spend 2600 Euro. Dewi Mano and schools in the International School and Vice President of the company's international caliber. So that may not have the life we used to say ditopang Tengku Fakhry," said Daisy while the Mano a few photos while active in school activities.

Daisy started life changed when Reiner stumble case with France Tax Authority. Reiner lose in court. And their beautiful villa in the seizure in 2003.

"We were forced to leave the villa, and I still remember how tegarnya Dewi Manohara and at that time, I am very proud of them. We leave our house outright. One thing that is important children have a very good moral, they can accept the fact of life , if God will have to take the property we want is that no one can prevent, and we realize that, "said Daisy.

Daisy exam does not just stop there, in October 2006, Daisy's father died after suffering a stroke because of coma for 10 years. July 2007 household Daisy and Reiner diterpa problems. They also agreed a separate good.

And now the most important is to restore a Daisy Manohara happiness as they are. Wealth is not everything for him. If he was more like the material, he may not have to live in a house contract with car loans as well.

"If they say that I have received money and how many billion of apartment, I see the evidence that says like that. Allow all such accusations directed to me and I will receive. But help is there at the end of a human child should be assisted to get their rights back. And from the beginning until now only that I want, "his him.